Hard to take care of self....

How does one recover from trauma and PTSD? This area is for people who have been attacked by CPS and are having a hard time getting over it.

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Hard to take care of self....

Postby monkette31 » Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:47 am

Lots of times I feel awful. I gotta take care of myself better. I don't know how. I don't know if I need meds or not, this anger seems to be just killing me the last few days....to the point where I feel out of control with the world. No balance. Sleep is a giant factor.
I'm not a lawyer but will try and help you any way i can. My postings may seem harsh but they all stem from personal experience with DCFS. I am not a victim and take responsibility for my part in my life, but I will always help ANYONE learn about the corrupt sick system.

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Re: Hard to take care of self....

Postby Eljay » Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:18 am

I'm sorry.... the pain has got to be awful. :(

Do you need a distraction? A hobby? More/any meetings?

Maybe I'll take you to lunch next week and give you an attitude adjustment (hug). :)
Advice & opinions provided are no substitute for genuine legal assistance. Laws & rules vary by state/jurisdiction so do your homework and get
an education in CPS laws, rules & practices so that you can FIGHT for your children's rights. I am not a lawyer. Your mileage may vary.

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Re: Hard to take care of self....

Postby noroses4u2c » Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:04 pm

I really think that there needs to be offline support groups for people who have been victimized by the government.

When I was a child the most memorable lesson I had involved this large group of people with an adult running the group. The others in the group were mostly adults as well. For some reason, I was rarely around kids my own age in social situations. But anyway, the adult running the group, a woman, held up a pencil and made a speech about people trying to take a go at life alone. Then, she broke the pencil to demonstrate what happens to the people trying to do it alone.

Then, she held up a bunch of pencils that were bound together with a big rubber band. She held up the pencils and made a speech about people sticking together. Then, she tried to break the pencils and couldn't. Then, she passed the pencils around trying to get all the people in the room to break the pencils. No one could break the pencils.

I have no idea what the meeting was about or why I was there. I did not know a single person in the room. I was often dumped off at weird meetings/get togethers like this while I was growing up. I only remember two of them though. This one stands out the most. I always carry that lesson around in my mind; however, I am often rejected by others. As I got older I had some weird hormone problems and grew a beard and had really excessive body hair. People shunned me from the time that started until present. It is hard to socialize when so many cannot make it past first impressions.

Offline support groups for those who are victims of government corruption are important. However, government MO is that any time a group of citizens bands together the government infiltrates the group in order to break it up. So, members of such groups need to be educated of such things and also vetted to be sure they are who they say they are. The government does various things to break up the groups. At the minimum they start rumors within the group to cause disfunction and then the members leave on their own. At the extreme are cases like the group up in Michigan (cannot think of the name right now, but I studied about it in my criminal justice classes) where the government actually frames the group for being a violent militia and smears the group in the news media. In the case in Michigan one of the government agents admitted to falsifying the documents and the government bound the ones to a nondisclosure agreement in order to ever release them from prison. In other cases the falsely accused are either gunned down by SWAT members or spend the rest of their lives in prison for crimes they never did. I learned about things like this from my criminal justice classes. Some of my professors even held jobs in the government and talked about some of the stuff they'd witnessed. It was quite an eye opener to have tenured college professors teaching me about things I had laughed off before as crazy talk.

If we were offline I'd give you a hug. I know the anger you speak about. I walk around varying between anger and total meltdown. Knowing I am as powerless as I am is quite shattering. I know what we are experiencing is a normal human reaction to intense pain and injustice, but that doesn't really make it easier to experience, does it?

I've had to call suicide hotlines recently. I have been so close to ending it. I don't even know why I still hold on. I even live with ultra dread, because I know these monsters are not done with me yet. They want to destroy people.

I care very much about you. I know we will probably never meet, but I still care about you.
My child was abducted by the government. They demanded a ransom (the case plan). I paid the ransom and my child was kept anyway. It isn't much different from stranger abduction except that the government uses its power to make the abduction legal and unpunishable.

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Re: Hard to take care of self....

Postby MaggieNYC » Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:58 pm

CPS trauma has to be the worst of any trauma. I know, I've been there. And, I have survived many things including 9/11 in NYC. A year after CPS entered my family's life (we won hands down without going to court and our names have been cleared in the Central Registry) I went to a therapist who was a great help to me.

Although he had recommended perscribed meds to take the edge off, I was able to do without them. I realize that some people can't. It has been four years since the CPS (ACS) problem we had in NYC and sometimes, I still shake awake from awful dreams.

My only advice to you is to take it slowly. When one's children and one's freedom are so aversely affected, it will take time to become whole again.

Hey, I'm not quite there myself, whole, I mean. But I am better.

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Re: Hard to take care of self....

Postby Sarah79 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:18 pm

When I was going through the most severe hell I did break down and go to the doctor to get on an anti anxiety pill. I only took them occassionally for about a month but it took the edge off. I would just get insane with anger and grief over what had and was happening to our family. I don't know how I made it through. Now I am dedicating all that energy into awareness and making sure this does not happen to anyone in our county again.

Pray, pray, pray...

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