New Law to stop illigal removal

How does one recover from trauma and PTSD? This area is for people who have been attacked by CPS and are having a hard time getting over it.

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New Law to stop illigal removal

Postby [email protected] » Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:40 am

There needs to by new laws in stated giving parents the same right afforded to criminals ie the state must provide proof not just there word for it. All to often child pertection comes down to a he said she said scenerio in the court room and by position alone the social worker is assumed to be right. If she reports the home was filthy and inadequate that is taken as a fact, If she says almost anything it is taken as fact as if it came from God himself.
I am looking for someone with the legal knowledge and experience to make a law that makes social workers show proof of there alligations. If the home was filthy then the worker would have to show pictures of said filth. If someone said the parents shook or handled the baby roughly the worker would have to show a medical report indicating the baby was shaken, or have a witness swearing to seeing the shaking or whatever not just a worker stating a unnamed witness subosedly saw the baby being shook dispite no medical evidence of said shaking.

A law of this sort would save thousands of children from emational,physical,mental, and at times even sexual abuse and neglect while in state care. The few kids who are being abused that would have to not be removed do to the worker having to show proof would pale in comparison to the the number that would be saved by such a law.

My daughter was removed 20 years ago by the he said she said bullshit. They claimed someone said I said Id shaken her, dispite no medical evidence of her being violently shaken and a doctor note stating she had sleep apnea and his directions if she stopped breathing was to give a gentle wake up shake, if she didn't resume breathing imidiately start CPR and call 911. If anyone had made such a report it would of been someone overhearing me speak of an apnea event in which I followed the doctors orders. The note was unmissable in court do to the state saying she didn't have a doctor.Dispite the note stating all this indicated clearly he was her doctor. There was alot of simular allegations none of which they could prove including them claiming I was an alcoholic even though drinking a wine cooler once or twice a year is all I drink. I was ordered to go for alcohol testing and passed. But they still used this alligation against me. In the end I lost her the final lie they told to sever my rights is they didn't feel I could care for her with my mental illness sighting a mental illness I had never been diagnosed with. I was ordered to do a phycalogical evaluation which I did when the report came back confirming the diagnosis the social worker had made up I went to the office were the evaluation was done and ask to speak to the doctor who had diagnosed me to find out why he felt I was bipolar when Id never been diagnosed that before, the front desk said they didn't have a phycologist by that name, but they did have an intern by that name. I ask if an intern could do psych evals and was told no they could not they were not qualified to....

It's to late for me and my daughter and it's to to late for her younger brother who I raised hiding in the farthest corner of my home rocking back and forth crying every time there was a knock on the door, do to the sever PTSD I suffered from them stealing my daughter. If I abused or neglected either of my kids in any way it was my son not my daughter which they took. No child should be raised in constant fear of being stolen by the state with a traumatized mother who was to afraid to seek help for her PTSD believing if she dared say one child was taken and she was now suffering from PTSD symptoms they would take her son as well.

Please someone help me stop others from going through what I and my children went through, pass laws that would give parents the right to be assumed good parents unless proven beyond reason that the are abusive or neglectful.Make social workers prove there case not just make alligations that are taken as a fact.

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Re: New Law to stop illigal removal

Postby Imleelee » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:44 pm

I feel horrible for what happened to you and a similar thing is about to happen to my daughter! I pray for you to find peace and I pray even harder your children will eventually look for you and you will all be reunited in love!

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