Due Process

How does one recover from trauma and PTSD? This area is for people who have been attacked by CPS and are having a hard time getting over it.

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Due Process

Postby DTalent » Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:54 am

15 years ago CPS labeled me a bad mama. They made a Founded Finding against me which has literally ruined my life. Unfairly judged, ridiculed and downright treated like a petiphile.
This Finding has effected my career, I lost my grandson because the Dept used this Finding against me. Now CPS is sniffing around my family and yet again this Finding is being held over my head. Apparently Im not safe enough to have my 9 yr old granddaughter around me even.
I called the background unit to see why the Dept is using this Finding against me so harshly. We discovered that I wasnt given "Due Process" that I wasnt given a Fair Hearing. So for 15 yrs DCFS has had my Unfounded Finding in their system and because I wasnt given Due Process.
I think I need a Lawyer!!

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