I have a friend of a friend who was a caseworker for CPS..

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I have a friend of a friend who was a caseworker for CPS..

Postby CPSptsd » Tue May 24, 2011 5:12 pm

I have a friend of a friend who used to work as a caseworker for CPS. Then she got her Master's in social work and was working training CPS workers. She got out of the CPS work entirely after being disgusted with what took place, now she is working independently and does pre-adoption home study as a freelancer.

She was moderately helpful to us when we were battling CPS but for the most part she was just shocked and horrified. She totally believed us though, which was something. She said that when they were training the future CPS workers they tried to weed out or discourage those with extreme views of any kind, those who were abused as kids and on a mission to "save babies" in order to heal their own childhood traumas, basically any who were not stable but that she knew that some nutjobs made it in regardless.

What's interesting to me is that she fully admitted that CPS workers do NOT have to have any understanding of child development, and I witness that first hand. I can't remember what exactly the discussion entailed now, it's been years, but I remember specifically having a discussion with our caseworker, in our living room, where I was horrified at her lack of basic knowledge about child development. I was no "expert". Just a mom, but I'd taken the time and effort to educate myself when I first got pregnant at age 19, even taking child development classes in college, and just reading all I could about parenting and what was normal and just trying to have a better understanding of how children grow and develop. This woman had no clue!

What's also interesting to me is that this "friend of a friend" with the Master's in Social Work has a child of her own, and while she's a nice enough person, like I said, and she is NOT working for CPS, it's noteworthy to me that she is IMO an awful parent. Not in any way mean or abusive, but the opposite extreme; one of those so afraid to discipline at all that the child is obnoxious and intolerably spoiled rotten!

Ironic huh?
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Re: I have a friend of a friend who was a caseworker for CPS

Postby Beatthescammers » Tue May 24, 2011 8:16 pm

She is probably terrified (having intimate knowledge of creepy caseworkers) that they will take her children for their logrolling industry.

There is a non-working CPS caseworker near my home. She is married to an wealthy man and she stopped working when she had kids. Her home is filthy and is also a fire hazard with lots of clutter. Her excuse for not cleaning is that if she takes time to clean then she is taking away time that she could spend with her kids. Go figure. I guess she didn't socialize well with the child kidnappers at CPS.

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Re: I have a friend of a friend who was a caseworker for CPS

Postby bss » Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:26 am

Your friend that was a caseworker for CPS is probably terrified to discipline her children. If word gets out, she could wind up being on the wrong end of an investigation. These caseworkers go so far over the top it's ridiculous. During the course of an investigation with me, I had the CPS worker write in my Service Plan that "I will not use threatening language with my child". She wrote that because she observed an incident between my son and I. My son took a pack of gum out of the cabinet (my son know the rules about chewing gum - he needs to ask for it before he takes it). I told him to give me the gum. My son became defiant and said "no". I told my son, "put the gum away or I will throw it away and there will no longer be gum in the house). That was the "threatening language" the CPS worker was referring to. And to your point, this CPS worker is a good 20 years younger than me and has no children. So obviously this little girl has NO IDEA what it's like to have a child or discipline a child. I did NOTHING wrong. To complicate matters, my son is on the autism spectrum. This worker knows NOTHING about autism and the behaviors associated with autism. Autistic children have meltdowns and sometimes they're violent. It is the opinion of this CPS worker that my son's meltdowns are the result of my poor parenting skills, not the autism. During our Family Group Conference, that CPS worker looked my straight in they eye and said to me, "you need to come to terms with the fact that your child isn't autistic". I have THREE neurospych evals from three very reputable board certified neuropsychologists that diagnosis the child as autistic. I tried, on several occasions to provide the CPS worker with the neuropsych evals, she wouldn't take them.

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Re: I have a friend of a friend who was a caseworker for CPS

Postby KDus » Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:24 am

My wife's therapist is a social worker in another county. She was a witness for my wife yesterday. She was grilled on the stand and wouldn't budge from her positive position. Afterword, she told my wife, I thought you were paranoid about them, but you're right, they really are out to get you no matter what.

A social worker of 14 years was shocked by the behavior of CPS. What does that tell us?

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