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Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:45 am
by Nancy Hey
If you really want to help children, I believe you should quit your job with CPS and go into private practice doing family counseling. There are clinics that do this, or you can start your own. You might even find that the pay is better. The hours of work may be longer, but you would be doing more good for the families, and they would be more willing to cooperate with you if you were approaching them to actually help them with problems rather than accuse them of worngdoing.

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Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:38 am
by treytrey1
I just wanted to add that our son was hit by a cps worker while under his care. We were not informed until months later when we got copys
of the medical records and it was in the reports. Our children lost weight in foster care so much that you could see some ribs.
We were actually lied about by one cps worker that we were able to prove untrue and then she tried to lie her way out of it again.
You people are a peice of work. I know a mom now whose son was born on drugs and she was allowed to keep him and never made to take
any kind of rehab. She almost killed him months later in a car accident going on drug run and she still has him. We are church going people
that worked hard to get our kids back but were still lied about in the end. Our worker had worked previously with my brother inlaw
but never concidered it a conflict of interest. Cut your crap, you are all the same.

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Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:53 am
by Daruma
Hey, Kerbs, I think you're probably feeling a bit shocked and overwhelmed by the negative response here. I hope you'll read some of the stories that were written before you joined the forum. All the anger will make more sense if you understand where everyone is coming from.

We're still looking forward to reading your responses.

Now, for future reference, I'd like to suggest a couple of books you can read at your leisure.

The first is Wounded Innocents by Richard Wexler. This book is not an anti-CPS rant, but rather a measured evaluation of the way the system fails, the effects of its failures on children, and what can be done to improve the system. The author is the founder of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, and his accompanying blog is I highly recommend both the blog and the book.

The second book is The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout. This one may seem a bit "out there", but please bear with me. Sociopaths--people with no conscience, who enjoy making other people suffer--are often drawn to career fields like yours, fields that offer a high degree of power over others with a low degree of accountability. Maybe you will never meet a colleague who's a genuine sociopath. But don't be too surprised if you do, someday. You'll be better off if you're able to recognize her (or him) for what she is.

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Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:06 pm
by Daruma
QUOTAS. Okay, I said I'd get back to you on the quotas.

Here's an article that explains how states get federal funding if they exceed the previous year's level of adoptions from foster care: This is generally what people are talking about when they refer to quotas: not that local CPS offices have to confiscate a certain number of children within a given time period, but that the state has an adoption quota to meet annually to qualify for federal bonuses.

In addition, [the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997] introduced the concept of an adoption rate, which is derived from comparing current year adoptions to the number of children in care at the end of the previous year. States receive additional money if they exceed their highest foster child adoption rate for previous years back to 2002.

The article included the 2009 bonus amounts:

The Adoption Incentive program gives states $4,000 for every foster child adopted above their 2007 baseline, plus a payment of $8,000 for every foster child age nine and older and $4,000 for every other special needs child adopted above the respective baselines. In addition, states receive $1,000 for every foster child adopted over and above the level of the state`s highest foster child adoption
rate for previous years.

And what do the states do with these bonuses? According to the article, "States use the funds... to enhance their programs for abused and neglected children." I don't know what that means, exactly. I suspect it goes for worker salaries and benefits, office and equipment upgrades, etc. Notice that it doesn't go to the kids, it goes to the programs... maybe it goes to snatching more babies for more adoptions, in an endless cycle, forever.

If you ever hear critics accusing CPS of buying and selling kids, or taking kids for profit, this is part of what they're talking about. There's additional federal money for the states as long as a child remains in foster care, but that's a topic for some other post.

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Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:10 pm
by facfcps
I HAD TO ADD TO NANCY'S EXPLANATION, a part she's left out: the psychological evaluations!
When I was in college as a psych major, I was taught about many various forms of iq tests, which the so called "psych eval" is a form of;
and, I know for a fact, that these 'psych evals' are nothing but cps' way of using a PhD in Psychology to weed out more info that the cps workers & company can use against parents in that bogus court of kangaroo family law;
ALSO, another known fact to me, and I can list several cps court cases, as well as list a few psychologists who had been black listed, as well as lost their license to counsel or to perform any more psych evals, that if cps workers or supervisors DO NOT LIKE what the psychologists write in their reports, the cps worker or supervisor merely THREATENS the licensed psychologist that he or she will lose her/his license as a psychologist if the psychologist does not CHANGE THEIR EVALUATIONS OF THE PARENTS to reflect badly on the parents, in order for cps to proceed in that bogus court of kangaroo family law, to eventually have the parents' rights terminated, in order for the child[ren] to be adopted out; why?
In order for the state to collect about 13 thousand bucks off the social security fund [title iv d], that's why.
Deny this, I dare you.

But, ya won't, cos ya know that all of the parents, here, at least, know the truth about cps, and that every single cps worker who does not have a conscious cares only for the paycheck, as the best interest of the child is moot, for these cps workers work for the BEST INTEREST OF THE STATE.

Re: New here

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:54 pm
by facfcps
I guess my last post didn't get on the message board???
Massive adoption fraud in USA for Bush federal adoption funds

KERBS86, you didn't mention what state you're in, but we all know that every state, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere on this planet, cps works for the state to remove children for profit, and continue to lie in court, under oath: herewith the video that tells it all, yet cps workers, like you, continue to remove children for $$$$ and only for $$$ NOT the best interest of the child; CPS WORKERS REMOVES CHILDREN IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE STATE:

BTW: this Pat Moore sued KY CPS, got $380,000.00, by claiming that KY CPS forced her to illegally take children to be adopted out, YET now works for a non profit for more $$$$, and continues to illegally take children to be adopted out for profit!!!
TOTALLY BRAINWASHED!!! she sued cps for a wrong that she continues to endorse, just like you and other cps workers!!

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Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:00 am
by family_man
I understand the animosity many people have towards any and all caseworkers. However, as a moderator of this forum, I would like to ask that everyone who posts to this thread tone down their rhetoric. Accusing someone of being "seriously deranged" or a "sociopath" is not helpful. I welcome and applaud Kerb's input, and I hope she has time to continue the dialog. It could be very constructive.

Now for my 2-cents. The ostensible goal of both parents and CPS is to act in the best interests of the children. However, make no mistake, CPS and parents are adversaries. Why? It is as Nancy Hey wrote:
The reason why most parents don't want to cooperate with CPS investigations is not because they have anything to hide, it is because the investigations ARE done in an intrusive manner to the families, by a worker who also already assumes that the parents are guilty of something.

The vast number of personal experiences of people who have dealt with CPS investigations shows that it is simply not true that CPS makes every effort to keep children with their families. The family courts are biased, and there are no juries or rules of evidence. The burden is always on the parents to prove their innocence, not on CPS to prove them guilty.

I have seen from personal experience the truth of what Ms. Hey wrote. Even if the courts rule in favor of the parents, it still can take years for the case to be heard and the family reunited. In the meantime, untold unnecessary harm is inflicted on the children in the form of emotional trauma, physical and psychological harm and financial hardship.

When I post advice on this forum, it is to level the playing field a little. I'm one of those people who advise families not to let the CPS investigator into their home on the initial visit. I don't do this to waste her time or to force her to burn more gasolene. It is to remove the element of surprise and give the family a better chance to "look normal." I know from personal experience how unwashed dishes in the sink or clean laundry not yet sorted can be written up as "unsafe, unsanitary" conditions. If families are given fair warning that they're being investigated, they will have a better chance to make the best possible impression on the investigator. I hope more families read this advice and follow it. If I had followed it, it could have saved my family years of heartache. CPS investigators should treat families with respect, and try to make an appointment to see the home. They should give families the benefit of the doubt, and assume they are acting in the best interests of the child until proven otherwise.

Ever since the Gates decision, Texas CPS investigataors are supposed to be briefed about 4th amendment rights. Is this happening? The last time we were investigated in Texas, this seemed to be true. The investigator was very courteous at our denial of entry. The interview was later resumed in his office.

I'm also one of those people who routinely advise the secret recording of all interactions with CPS. Why? First of all, it's hard to remember afterwards everything that was said. Attornies will want to hear any incriminating statements that were made. Finally, if CPS blatantly misrepresents statements parents make (which is very common), a transcript of the actual converstation can be made and entered into the record in most states.

Kerbs wrote:
CPS makes every effort to keep the child with family whenever possible. The simple fact that your child has been removed and your rights terminated is not grounds to take away a future baby if there is no threat to that future child's safety. If there is a threat, then CPS still makes reasonable efforts to do anything it can to prevent a removal

Actually it is grounds to have a future child removed. I quote Texas Family Code:
Sec. 161.001. INVOLUNTARY TERMINATION OF PARENT-CHILD RELATIONSHIP. The court may order termination of the parent-child relationship if the court finds by clear and convincing evidence:
(1) that the parent has: ...
(D) knowingly placed or knowingly allowed the child to remain in conditions or surroundings which endanger the physical or emotional well-being of the child;
(E) engaged in conduct or knowingly placed the child with persons who engaged in conduct which endangers the physical or emotional well-being of the child;
(M) had his or her parent-child relationship terminated with respect to another child based on a finding that the parent's conduct was in violation of Paragraph (D) or (E) or substantially equivalent provisions of the law of another state;

Other states have similar provisions. This is why I advise any parent who has had his/her parental right terminated in the past to leave the state and not tell anyone about their past. Better yet, leave the country if possible.

Finally, Kerbs also wrote:
By policy, we have to audio record all interviews with children (yes, even if they are 17 years old.)

Actually, this is correct. It's in the Texas CPS handbook, and I think it's a good policy. It should be applied in all states.

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Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:45 am
by Daruma
Thanks for your input, Family_man. As always, you've given sound and level-headed advice.

But I'd like to clarify one thing: I wasn't calling Kerbs a sociopath. I don't think she'd be here if she were one. I was warning her that in her line of work, she has a good chance of encountering a colleague who fits the description of a sociopath.

Possibly I'm reading too much of my personal experience into it. In our case, trying hard to be as objective as I possibly can, I'm convinced that my son's caseworker displayed a number of sociopathic characteristics.

However, on reflection, I realize it was counterproductive to bring the topic up in this thread. Yet maybe it's good for Kerbs and her co-workers (who, for all we know, may be reading this thread over her shoulder at the office, maybe even printing out copies of it to puzzle over during coffee breaks) to understand how their intrusion often exacerbates a family's problems rather than solving them, and how raw the wounds remain for a very, very long time afterward. All the anger on this forum didn't arise in a vacuum. I just hope Kerbs isn't so dismayed that she decides it's not worthwhile to come back.

Edited for grammar, clarity, etc.

Re: New here

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:48 am
by family_man
Actually, Daruma, it wasn't your post I was criticizing, but another that mentioned "sociopaths". Your posts are always very level-headed!

I plan to move this thread to the "Caseworkers" section, after it stops going viral.

Re: New here

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:04 pm
by Beatthescammers
Respectfully submitted

The Mayo Clinic site says this about those with Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopath):

Symptoms may include:
Disregard for right and wrong
Persistent lying or deceit
Using charm or wit to manipulate others
Repeatedly violating the rights of others
Child abuse or neglect
Intimidation of others
Aggressive or violent behavior
Lack of remorse about harming others
Impulsive behavior
Poor or abusive relationships
Irresponsible work behavior

Kerbs may or may not suffer from this disorder, but this diagnosis definitely describes the social worker that investigated my family for minor kitten scratches and a large number of case workers we have all read about on this site. ... N=symptoms

Re: New here...KERBS*^ is interesting....LULZ to follow!!

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 12:51 pm
by GuyForcheese
After reading the diatribe by MISTER Kerbs...born 1986. ..24 years old..I decided to Google...NO HACKING here...just Googles many people use the same personas/usernames all over the internet...DUMB!! LOL

So what sort of wonderful person is MISTER KERBS...aka Paul Kerbow, San Antonio, TX ....that one is DEFINITLY our boy...says he works for CPS in TX...LOL
Also, I am looking for discretion in the relationship. I work at Child Protective Services and want my personal life here to stay away from the place I work. That is why I do not have a pic on my profile. I will send you a pic upon request

I'm 24 years old looking for a woman for NSA fun. FWB is preferred, but not required. I don't care about looks or age. All I care about is a willingness to have fun and try just about anything. As far as the bedroom goes, I am looking for women who like:

1. straight sex
2. rough sex
3. bondage play (safe words are preferred)
4. forced fantasy play (safe words are required)
5. more than one or all 4

Ideally number 5 would be the one I'm looking for. Realistically I don't think I'll get many replies for number 5 (prove me wrong please, hehe!) So if just one describes you then please mail me.

SO WHY EXPOSE ALL THIS??? show what a little deviant that is not even married.....HOLD THE PRESS...he IS married.....SO HIS CREDIBILITY IS NIL!!!! ..... let alone have children wants to hide his perverted sexual peccadillos from his employer AND US...passsing himself off as being morally superior and highly educated...he has a Bachelor's in Psychology...HA HA HA...that's about as rigorous as a degree in Home-EC...VERY little math required.

I am 24 yo and live in San Antonio. I am married, skinny and have blonde hair and brown eyes
from: [url][/Quote]

I've been fantasizing about the whole bdsm scene ever since I was a little kid. More recently I've developed a rape play fantasy as well. Now that I'm essentially on my own I can enjoy the fantasy in real life. I am in a married semi-open relationship. My wife will know what I'm doing if I go and meet some of you so be assured that there will be no drama involved with me. Speaking of drama, I would like to avoid it as much as possible
OOOPPPSS!!! This might be rather dramatic for him...LULZ this REALLY someone you want safguarding children????....a YOUNG guy with RAPE FANTASIES???....would you feel safe with YOUR DAUGHTER being interviewed off-site with him????

Guess that's enough for now, XD

I have a GENUINE disgust for these little psych cases at CPS....and from whaty I've seen, he is TYPICAL of the low character of the people there! I even had a lil miss caseworker batting her eyes and trying to come on to me..NO THANKS...psychobeech XD ...I love exposing these people...maybe we should build a database of KNOWN crroked caseworker/investigator blast them with the truth of their OWN hypocrisies and deviant lifestyles....don't tell me your encounters with CPS people gave you the impression they were normal...ALL I had misfortune of meeting were CLEARLY very warped...including the district administrator.

Kerbs86, people that live in glass houses should be VERY careful before throwing stoines at might just break your own damn house...and really I will be VERY surprised if someone does not report your deviant PUBLICLY expressed desires for rape and cheating on your spouse to CPS in San Antonio!

Anonymous, final boss of teh interwebs...LULZ MOAR!!!!

Re: New here

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:40 pm
by Beatthescammers
Thank you, Guy, for finding the filth on CPS caseworker Kerbs86. He recently has developed rape fantasies.....what an absolutely sickening piece of crap!


Re: New here

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:49 pm
by Beatthescammers
I screen shot this sick post. If he deletes his post from the sex site, it will remain on this forum.

Screen shot 2011-08-27 at 8.45.46 PM.png
Screen shot 2011-08-27 at 8.45.46 PM.png (115.98 KiB) Viewed 1694 times

Re: New here

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:59 pm
by Beatthescammers
This is Kerbs86 on PlentyofFish.

Re: New're welcome beatthescammers

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:29 am
by GuyForcheese
I haven't even fully DOX'ed the guy...this was just available off his username...I have NO doubt a full investigation would yield MUCH MOAR!

These were just things he was WILLING to admit in unsecure forums to a potential sex hookup.
I do not just go around attempting to personally destroy people/ post their intimate details; BUT, four things prompted me to do so:

1. He exuded the typical arrogance and twisted logic that I have seen by those in CPS that I KNOW are corrupt....his arrogance and lack of ANY sympathy/empathy...and

2. He obviously does NOT have a big problem lying...that was his first impulse....and why exactly did he come HERE in the first place if it was not just a
demented inner NEED of his to feel superior and justify his tormented conscience...however weak it might be...have seen many at CPS that put their thumbs down on people (control issues) to make themselves feel more powerful...thus the authority makes them feel justified in a perverse other words..they wouldn't still have that much power unless they were still in the good graces of superiors, that turn a blind eye to keep butts in desk seats and in the field...FAR too commonplace.

3. The person deals with CHILDREN...all the way up to semi-mature and probably somewhat victimized to traumatized and his power trip and rape fantasies are ALL to sinister in his well, if it is a troubled girl, WHO WOULD BELIEVE HER if he carried out his RAP FANTASY on her???

4. The douche is least his wife deserves to know what kind of inbred monster she lives with...he described, in one post, his marriage as being semi-open...WTF is THAT??? LOL Obviously semi-open means half-open...and the open part being on his end of the vows..which makes him a liar in the worst way and could be a parents worst nightmare for their daughter.

HHhhhmmmmm???? I wonder if I should make a habit of DOX'ing CPS people now and see what I come up with???
I'll have to have some more cheese and sleep on that for a while...but bringing dirtbags that victimize innocent people or people that made honest mistakes could be QUITE rewarding.
But, for now, teh cheddar is calling my name...see you all around. B)

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Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:31 pm
by mysticmom
coming back to this thread tomorrow as i found it late but all i can say is wow...

i hope someobody bans this caseworker and the drivel that they are pouring out of there fingers from this board..

I am so offended by the orginal posters post and the stuff that was writen....

i have so much more to add, but its late and i have to see my children tomorrow but all i can say to that original poster is wow..
so cps workers are really delusional after all! :shock:

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Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:02 pm
by mysticmom
I was visiting my youngest child a few weeks ago in the cps office in the area i live..
while there , was construction workers working on the floor and they set off the fire alarms in the building.

after doing so they ran out and said its a false alarm and explained what happened...

well after that i got taken to court and they told the judge that i ran around cps like a nut and put all the fire alarms off...

2 of there own security guards back me up on this that is not what happened and nor did i do this..

cps has been lieing and so much more to my family since they fouled up the case from the begining...
since they they been trying to take my from my childrens lives and this was just another case..

i mean really, putting a fire alarm accident that had nothing to do with me on me simply because i was in the building..

there freaken NUTS!!

Re: New here

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:26 pm
by WhiteHaven
He sounds EXACTLY like the power tripping thugs I deal with.Think because they work for the government they can do whatever they want.

Re: New here

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:42 pm
by monkette31
mystic mom, this is a groooossssssssss injustice. I will always help you with these f&cks. Undr friggin believable, but I believe it, those sick fu*ks....i hate them for you....

Re: New here

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 5:55 am
by Nancy Hey
I really find it quite disturbing that anyone who openly admits to having "rape fantasies" would be placed in any position of supervising children. :x

Re: New here

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:20 pm
by mysticmom
Beatthescammers wrote:Respectfully submitted

The Mayo Clinic site says this about those with Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopath):

Symptoms may include:
Disregard for right and wrong
Persistent lying or deceit
Using charm or wit to manipulate others
Repeatedly violating the rights of others
Child abuse or neglect
Intimidation of others
Aggressive or violent behavior
Lack of remorse about harming others
Impulsive behavior
Poor or abusive relationships
Irresponsible work behavior

Kerbs may or may not suffer from this disorder, but this diagnosis definitely describes the social worker that investigated my family for minor kitten scratches and a large number of case workers we have all read about on this site. ... N=symptoms

this is cps and cps case workers through and through :(

Re: New here

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:30 pm
by mysticmom
monkette31 wrote:mystic mom, this is a groooossssssssss injustice. I will always help you with these f&cks. Undr friggin believable, but I believe it, those sick fu*ks....i hate them for you....

thank you, got back from court yesterday yet again...

and well got told that after more then 2 yrs of doing everything and anything they had asked me to do, and the very first time they ask me to do it....
i sat there while cps draws my case out even saying i didnt go to therapy and that when i did i was non compliant....

that i need a new psych eval, i have had 4 in a almost 3 yr time and each time im getting closer for my case to end i get told that i need psych eval with a total re evaluation of myself....and i need to go back into therapy since i was non hellp i went once week for 2 yrs till the therapist left the office she was in and it wasnt sooooo long ago

and i was very compliant..
cps only problem is , nobody is giving them the the illness THEY want me to have, the evals come back that i am "situationally depressed and this episode was brought on by me having my children removed .....

they keep telling the court im bi polar and delusional and am not taking medication...all i have disproved time and time again.....

so now the case had a chance to move foward they just backed me the hell up to the begining ans what gets me is why doesnt the judge stop this merry go round...

because now i have to get yet another eval and im they are forcing me to go to one of there places this time ( we all know what that is about) !! and they want me to months of therapy and they want me to do some other stuff i have already finished doing the other yr.....

it is a huge injustice and the worst part is there getting away with this bs.....

im losing my childrens childhood and my poor children are losing there childhood.....

cps is nothing more then hipped up losers who pull families apart without caring what the permanent effect on the whole and not caring how to fix something they broke in the first place....


Re: New here

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:27 pm
by brookeycookie
Happened to stumble onto this site after someone told you they were getting advice online? Bawahaha!!....Sorry, not buying that. Every case worker I know, including my family member who quit CPS because of the corruption, knows very well about this site. Up to and including talking about it at meetings. Guess how I found out about it? My ex CPS family member told me to look it up, that its extreme, but has a lot of very true and helpful advice/links. He even went so far as to say that its a worrisome site for some case workers, because they hate parents that know the law. He told me all his ex co workers, and in every other state too, know about the site and a few others. He left CPS because he kept getting in trouble for NOT leaving out helpful evidence in his reports, that would help the family. He quit because he was sick every night knowing to keep his job he had to lie against parents. He quit because he was naive and thought he was helping children. He witnessed staff meetings on how to lie without breaking the law. But it breaks the child. ..... it is easy to assume someone is a bad parent, shove services down their throat, pretend you saved a family. What is a little harder to do, is think about every report you ever wrote, what impact that report had on someone not getting their child back, then compare what you REALLY saw at their house with YOUR house. Let me come to your home unannounced, ten minutes after you ate dinner, before your kid got a bath. Let me come with an opinion already formed in my head that you are maybe not the best parent. Maybe a little trashy. Maybe unable to parent as good as me. Let me come in with authority and power to take your baby right then and there. Let me see the dinner dishes in the sink and spaghetti on your child's face. Let me write down the code for unlivable conditions and dirty kids. Oh, dang, I don't really mean unlivable but ya know, your kitchen IS dirty, and the code on my report sheet is broad. Let me leave out the part about you just finishing dinner when I knocked on your door. Let me come with attitude against you, based on the God syndrome my job gives me and the knowledge that you are trash because if you were high class then nobody would have called you in. Let me get defensive at YOUR defensiveness, after all, im only human. I mean, im just going into your home, accusing you of abuse/neglect, and threatening to steal your baby. Then let me take my half true report to the judge.

Look, maybe there are kids really being beaten, raped and not fed. But a half wit phone call, a predetermined opinion, and some dinner dishes laying around does NOT mean anything but this.....that the home is normal and being victim to gossip backed up by power. While you are watching tv tonight, pretend the doorbell rings. Pretend you are the one at the door with a call saying your house or parenting are unfit. Look around... did you scrub your floors today? Did your kids get in trouble today and are mad? Did they just come in from playing and haven't taken a bath yet? Did you skip last months dentist appointment because their teeth are healthy and case workers don't make the best money? Did the cat poop on the floor seconds before you answer the door? Was it your day off so you are still in sweats? Did you decide to have a wine cooler after 8 months of zero, and the bottle is empty on your table? Its Sunday, did you watch the game instead of doing the laundry? Look around. Im willing to bet if I was a caseworker with a report against you and an attitude, I could easily find something to twist. Sleep well.

Re: New here

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:33 pm
by DanZ
Dear Kerbs,

You've told us how you think we should not fight CPS. Please tell me what you think would be effective.

I don't actually agree with you about the money- taxpayer money or not, the CPS has a budget, and if they run over budget, they have a problem. I'm more than happy to use up as much of that budget as I can to protect my children and to protect other families. And, largely because of my own experiences, I don't really buy the argument that CPS deals with any serious cases at all, just about. I tend to believe that the majority of CPS cases are just as frivolous as ours was.

You think our strategies are misguided- which strategies would you recommend as being more effective? Realize that the moment you tell us, you'll probably be fired... but that's surely far better for your soul and for the world.

Re: New here

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 5:48 pm
by mysticmom
holy crap this guy is in a million sicko sex ads ... &q=Kerbs86