Unbelievable Unjustice

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Unbelievable Unjustice

Postby grandmasandy » Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:52 pm

I think I posted this is the wrong place before-
I just joined the group. I am a maternal grandmother of 3 children who have been involved in with Defacs because of domestic violence. My daughter always skipped the court hearings to get her husband endicted. She separated and moved out and later he kidnapped her and the 3 kids and took them from North Carolina to Georgia to his sisters. When my daughter went to get the kids back with the deputy, the family called CPS and REQUESTED they be put in emergency custody to prevent my daughter from taking them back to NC. We go to court on Tuesday and we just found out who the court appt attorney is....I looked him up and he is a social security, disability lawyer.
#1- it was illegal for them to claim deprivation- why did the judge allow them to go back to the sisters atthe first 72 hr hearing? He had the kids in the court room and my grandson started screaming saying he didnt want to go back to the aunts cause her boyfriend was beating him. The judge sent the other 2 kids back and sent him off to a 10 day pshcy eval.
These people are just evil.
Please help

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Re: Unbelievable Unjustice

Postby jscfaith » Wed Dec 07, 2011 8:53 pm

First there is no reason for this lawyer to represent you. You need a lawyer that is in family law. This is what they do they put a incomputant lawyer for because he don't know how the system works. I know because they did the same to me. You need to contact a lawyer on this websight.Do not try and fight with this lawyer because it will not turn out ok

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