HELP! Non-custodial parent and step dad

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HELP! Non-custodial parent and step dad

Postby lovelife1121 » Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:07 pm

How do I go about gaining favor in placement of my children in my home CPS has no problems with me except my husband because of violent criminal past history. He has been a good boy for 8 years, no violence, no drugs, good income. What do we do? They keep showing favoritism to my ex who has an astonishing 30 days clean. at the time of separation he had the house so I figured temporarily that would be the best place for them until my living situation improved........ and now this has happened. WHAT DO I DO? Should I just take him to family court after all this is done if they end up letting my children go back to him. This is just not right I gave birth to them, they (CPS) knows I'm a good mother and provider WTF! If anything how do they go about determining who the children are placed with after we have all jumped through their hoops?

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