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Free Legal Research

Postby MaggieNYC » Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:57 pm

If you are in NYC, you can go to the Business Library, part of the NYC Public Library, to access WestLaw, free. The library is located at 188 Madison Avenue at 38th Street.
WestLaw is one of the main databases of which attorneys go to for case law. It really isn't that hard to use.

You might also, if you are in New York State, access for free online "Slip Decisions" from the Appellate Courts and some local courts in New York State. This data base is not as thorough as WestLaw but it can give you an idea of what has transpired in NY State Courts concerning CPS. And, the info you find contained within might help to assist your attorney.

For the Slip Decisions, just google NY Slip Decisions.

Godspeed to all so adversely affected by CPS.

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