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Just Recieved Notice of Appeals JV-800

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:58 pm
by fatalwine222
So I just got my letter of Notice of Appeals in the mail.

I go online again to search what to do next. I found a page titled "GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT DEPENDENCY APPEALS".

Located here: ... ppeals.pdf

What am I suppose to do next?

Do I write a letter about why I want to appeal the judge's decision? Where do I send it if yes?

If no, then do I just wait for another letter denying or approving my appeal?

Am I able to file anything in the meantime? Like what if yes?

How do I know if the appeals lawyer will really help considering it's with the dependency court?

Im so frustrated and sad!

When does the best interest of my kids actually become the focus?

I am attending the BEYOND THE BENCH conference here in Aneheim, California Dec 2,3 and 4th. Will that help me in the eyes of the judge if I can file anything they give me there for attending?

Thanks Linda for always responding too, I really appreciate it!!