HELP!!! CPS is ruining mine and my daughter's life

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HELP!!! CPS is ruining mine and my daughter's life

Postby SammieJoe_93 » Thu May 26, 2016 8:16 pm

CPS has been involved since my daughter was 2 months old (she is now 5 months) they came to my home I made the mistake of letting them take my daughter without a warrant they said they were there for accusations of me using drugs they walked through my home found no drugs then they turned to me and said they were taking her because of my juvenile record I know my rights have been violated I won't even have the possibility of having her back till she will be 8 months old ( next court hearing August 3nd) I need any help I can on finding my rights, an attorney, and how to sue the county? Please help me get my little angel back in missing out on her life

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