Need to know Laws or Rules and Procedures of detaining a

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Need to know Laws or Rules and Procedures of detaining a

Postby deesand » Sun Jul 17, 2005 7:05 pm


I everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew if what if any laws in California there are when detaining a child. When I got arrested, I had asked them to call my husband and they said no, due in because they were thinking about charging him with some charges, so then I asked if my son could go to his Nana and Papa's whom had prior been approved by CPS backround checks and all due to a 3 month case we had with them 3 yrs ago. They said no he had to go to a receiving home because of a new law. Well, come to find out Nana and Papa were outside my house the whole time and now are filing for defacto partenting.
And today I called CPS acting like I was just wanting some informaton and inquired about the same situtation and she said there is no such new law. My son has never been anywere but my house and his nana and papa's and this is very painful for me to accept that they would let him go to foster care if they could have brought him home. Our belief is that my husband would have gone to there house and demaned him back and they would have to give him back so they they thought they would get him through easier through the system. So, now not only do we have to fight CPS but we have a Defcto trial. It's all so sad,
GOOD NEWS THROUGH 6 of my charges were dropped :D , all the ones that my father in law wrote about me. and one of those charges was 300g No Provision for Support, which means I did have somebody there for him to be take car of. I just want to make sure there is no law before I write a letter to the women who detained my son and lied about it Thanks for all your help.

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