racial difference

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racial difference

Postby almwest_669 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 9:41 am

C.P.S. took my son Mitchell on September 8th 2005. We are a white family and they placed him with a black couple, is this legal? We all know how much racism is in our country and I believe my son Mitchell should have been placed with a white family. What can I do about this?
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Postby gideonmacleish » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:21 am

If I were you, I would seriously NOT pursue this angle. It will work STRONGLY against you in court. While you have a right to your personal attitudes and beliefs, please understand that making an issue out of this could be damaging as your case proceeds.

I'm only saying this to prevent you from finding out the hard way.

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Postby Dazeemay » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:52 am

I agree with gideon. You will only be opening up a can of worms.

This is not the issue however. Getting you child back is.
This is not legal advice;hopefully wisdom

To put it in simple terms…when the authorities ARE the perpetrators and the perpetrators ARE the authorities, there is no earthly justice or recourse, at the end of the day (unless the American people wake up).

Therefore, those who have achieved the highest levels of power seek to ‘enjoy’ the most grievous and extreme injustices. For many of those in the highest circles of power, the greatest statement of power is to perpetrate the greatest possible injustice…the savage, brutal traumatization and abuse of an innocent child.
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Postby Frustrated » Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:09 pm

Yes they can do whatever they want. THey can place any Children into Foster Care with any Foster Parent that are licensed by the State. But however, you can always sue for Religion infringiment if they were placed with Foster Care Parents that were against your Religion Beliefs. That would be different. I think there is a Law for Religion Right. But it is very hard to pursue, because they would argue they are doing this in the best interests of the Child. There is no Law that would stop them putting Children with a different race. Because of Discrimination rights, they can do whatever they want to place the Child with, but Religion Right, it is a bit different.

There was once a VERY STRONG AMISH Family here in Ontario whose CPS took all SEVEN CHildren and placed them with a NON Religion Foster Care Parents. They sued for Religion Infrigement, so they won the CAse and got the Children back. All of them, and I do believe that they are pursuing Law suit for Religion Violation. But you cannot sue for RAcial Discrimination because the Foster Care Parents are licensed by the State, so they are there to accept any Children. Even Gay Couples are Foster Care Parents today, and Lesbians. IT is an OPEN Country and they can DO WHATEVER they want! I know it is scary to say the least.

I would forget about the Racial Difference, and FOCUS on the Renufication Plan, to get your SON BACK! Focus on that. The others are right, you might open up the can of worms and prolong the Case more longer when you fight them. If you want your Son back faster, do the Renification Plan and do everything they tell you, jump all the hoops and all the services and get it done and don't miss them all because it can be used against you! Focus on that, and worry about the other details later once you get your Son back.
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