refusing case plan?

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refusing case plan?

Postby MissCatskill » Sun May 21, 2006 5:51 pm

Due to ONE indicated report, CPS wants me to put my children back into a case plan. After 11 years of harassment for CPS, I told them I would NOT put my children back onto a case plan. I imagine they will probably take it to court to force me to this case plan. Can they do this legally?

Let me tell you about this indicated report. I was on my way to pick up my younger children from visiting with their father. One the way to picking them up, my 14 y/o daughter started an attitude with me. I pulled over and told her to get in the back seat. After getting in the back seat and me trying to get back into the car, she would not let me in and kept kicking my seat forward. Finally I told her to get out of the car and start walking home. I told CPS if she behaved like that again, I will follow the same measures. She is mature enough to care for her siblings, just as she is sure enough to walk alone the distance of the road we were traveling that day. CPS looks for trivial shit to keep you in the system! Once you are in, it is very hard to get out, esp when you are a single parent (especially mother), with very little income.

I am sure this will be taken to court to force my children back into a case plan, but I have a surprise for them this time. :) This time I am obtaining my OWN attorney, rather then settle with a court appointed attorney that does very little for you! This I am sure will make them nervous and hopefully they will back off! I believe one reason CPS likes to target single parents that are with very little income is because they are not likely to fight back; or have an attorney to fight back for them... one that knows the laws and cares to fight in protecting them for you!

After 11 years and my five children still residing safely at home with me, you'd think they'd give up on the notion that I am abusive or neglectful. stupid!

Yes, if indicated, your name is in the registry til your youngest is 18 years old... from what I know in NY State. I have had many indicated reports and at this time don't care what they indicate me on anymore... it is their game they are playing to make money! But I will fight to keep my children here with me and will not let them in my home and will not meet them at their office. Like I told one CPS worker, you tell them to kiss my f***ing white ass! Sorry for the profanity, but after 11 years, I am exhausted with having to try and keep my family together.

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