Agents flat out lying to justify the ends....

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Agents flat out lying to justify the ends....

Postby KC666 » Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:45 am

My daughters mom is now going thru a divorce and pretty sure that the ex, called Dhs and filed some false accusations against me. When I went there to talk to the agent in charge of all this bullshit, the asshole was already giving me
Attitude like I was guilty already. Pretty much have to prove urself and are guilty until proven innocent. Then I go to an appointment with the agent, and giving me this condescending attitude the whole time and can tell he doesn't even hardly wanna listen, but has already came to his conclusion before it even began. So then he begins to tell me that he wants me to do a UA and I can't see my daughter without my baby mom there or someone. How can an asshole like that just take the word of anyone who wants to make up any story? It's freaking insane... Then to top all of this off... I tell him, fine... I'll take ur UA's and whatever u need me to do, I'll do, to put all this stuff behind us ... Then shockingly I get a call from my daughters mom later that day, and she told me that the agent told her, that I was uncooperative and refused to do any drug tests for them. Fortunately, she didn't believe that and told me that also. So I go in there and tell them I'll do anything they want me to do, and then they flat out LIE to my daughters mom, to try and cause tension, and get it so I get in trouble. What the fuck is that kind of sh*t?!? Did they take any ethics classes in college? So basically they lie to get whatever they want to done... And as long as the ends justify the means that's good enough for them? Those fucking lying, manipulating fuck3rs... Anyone, what do you think the course of action I should take from here? Just want some feedback on what you might do, or even the right thing to do...

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Re: Agents flat out lying to justify the ends....

Postby whosechildrenarethey » Fri Sep 26, 2014 1:34 pm

You failed to mention what state this is happening in and what the allegations are against you? Federal laws regulating child welfare cases aside, each state has their own statutes, laws, codes etc.

I can tell you that DCF has no authority on their own to make you do anything and when you voluntarily do so, they can use it against you. Ever heard of false positives?

Basically the way this works is that if DCF had anything other than an anonymous hotline tip, which is never the probable cause DCF needs to get a court order to remove your child - Barring an emergency or exigent circumstance threatening the life and limb of your child(ren), DCF can't remove them right now so they are on a fishing expedition to find something, anything they can use against you. Hence they want you to voluntarily pee in a cup. I dont know what state your in but they have x amount of days within which to conduct their investigation and either get the court involved or close the case.

You've stumbled onto this site and that is good. Here is another link to a site I found to be very helpful in figuring out how DCF works and what you can do to protect yourself and your family:

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Re: Agents flat out lying to justify the ends....

Postby missing_my_kids » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:38 am

They like to try to force people to take UAs. They tried it with my husband. He already had a court appointed lawyer at the time who wasn't afraid to get involved and nasty to avoid it (because it was a "fishing expedition").

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