4Th admendment rights violated?

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4Th admendment rights violated?

Postby Sarbear84 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:41 pm


I moved out of a home owned by my father after family tensions and poor conditions of the home cost me my children. I found a new home and although I was sleeping at the new home ..I was still in the process of getting all my belongings out.

My mother who had moved out approximately a month and half maybe longer .who is not married to my father..who was not on the lease nor was the home owner trashed the home beyond belief and then invited the CPS caseworker in the home to take photos that were used against me in court and represented as the way my family and I lived. Even though CPS has been in our lives for months prior and had inspected the home on many occasions. They went through my personal property! I feel as if my rights have been violated.

1. I was not finished moving out

2. There was no warrant to enter the home.

3. The children had lived in the home for weeks.

4. The person who invited them in was not a resident of the home.

What do you think? Should I include this information in the Declaration of facts I'm working on and about submit at my next court hearing? Or should I take it a step further?

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