H'elp, I don't know what to do for next....

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H'elp, I don't know what to do for next....

Postby deesand » Sat Jul 23, 2005 4:57 am

I've been on this board from time to time and have gotten some good advice, in fact I hired a lawyer who cost me over $12K and if I hadn't done the work most my charges would not have been droped. Yea! That was a good day in court, but good days are short lived.
Now I am facing a current situtation that I need help with, my In-Laws are filing for defacto parenting, and I can prove, they never had financially or phyical taken care of my son more then 50 % of the time. The problem I am having right now is they want(the judge and cps) to have my son stay their for foster care. It then came to my knowledge that they were just outside of my house during this whole 3 ½ hour search. It was also brought to my knowledge that the CPS worker was seen talking to them for almost an hour prior to her making contact with me.

Was it them that did not want to take their grandson in? Did they want him placed in foster care? How could one who loves there own grandson want him to be put through all that tremendous amount of pain he suffered those first few days?
The Judge dropped the charges of 300 g because of the fact that I not only had his father to call to pick him up, but his grandparents were right outside my house. Not only that his aunt and uncle, an uncle whom is a Sacramento Sheriff, were there too. It’s a shame that so many family members were just out of arms reach but yet not one was able to save my son of TRUAMA he will never forget.
Also, for a while the judge gave them supervised visits because he was acting out towards me, and saying things a 3 year old does not say and when someone would ask him he wouldl say his grandma and grandpa told him, this will be there 1st unsuervised visist and theres nothing I can do to help him. They are messy with his mind something to do with spiders because on our notes my sone says "I don't want to go to mommy and daddy's?" and the supervisor asks "Why" he says" Because there are spiders all over there house" Then if you look at there report my mother in law takes him outside to look for spidesrs, where she is not superivised as to what she says, then another day she has special spiders for him to play with. I don't know what to do, but anyday they are going to place hiim there so I need any advise, I will file any paper wrk. IF anyone know what paper work I can file to stop this That would be great. Thanks in advance

Mind you these grandparents were outside my house during the raid of 3 1/2 hours and did not come in and take the baby, also they did

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