Please help I need any sugestions

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Please help I need any sugestions

Postby deesand » Fri Aug 05, 2005 11:35 pm

we live in Placer County, CA. I don't know if any of you heard about them but they are the one of the hardest County is all the States to get your child back, but that is not our reasoning, my family lives in San Mateo County, and My mother would take my son in for foster care. !At frist here he was in a really good foster home then they took him two days ago at 4:30 in the afternoon and that's when they notified us that they placed him with my in-laws who's turning our son on us, in fact our 3 year old has stated that "Mommy and Daddy don't want me to come home cause I am bad" and that is a reported by worker's who picked him up to visit us He has stated different kinds of statements like that to them on the way cause he is scared and the workers would so "oh on why would you think that?" "that's what nana and papa tell me. They are bad and they think I am a bad boy, these 4 different workers reported it and they still placed him with them? He also

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Postby good dad » Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:36 am

You can fight the placement with the in-laws, there is a stipulation in DHS guidelines that state, You can ask for a different placement if the foster parents are NOT for reunification..

Steering you child with lies that you say they are bad and don't want them would be considered fighting reunification
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Thank you

Postby deesand » Sat Aug 06, 2005 9:15 am

for getting back to me. He was finially comforable at his foster home and I know they will take him to a new one and I hate that for him he is only 3 and so confusseded it's so unfair but I know it critically to maintain our loving bond we had, we were so close it was unbelievable. Do you know what paper work I need to file out? I already put one it to the worker stateing that they run there household on religious beliefs that I do not want my son involed in. She assured me that he would not be attend there church that they go to 2 times a week, but their whole household struction is run on there religions beliefs you just have to walk in there house that In the letter I wrote her I put

Due to our difference in beliefs and how the Sanderson’s household is ran under there religious belief and they are constantly freely speaking of their religion. I here by state that my rights are being violated and demand my son be placed in another placement.

No other person holds this parental right to my child! Not even the STATE!

Noting was done, I didn't even get a response, so I don't know what paper work to fill out for court we have court on the 22nd.
I would like to get him out of there asap but if not at least on the 22nd, my mother where his sibilings are right now is willing to take him in but she is in a different county. it was brougth up in court and they said we would not have enough funds to keep our visition up, How they came up with that I don't know, we don't even ask them for gas vochers or any other type of assistence in fact we pay $250 a month to CPS for our son. Now that I no longer have a lawyer, after $15,000 gone who could image it would cost that much I aed help with what paper work to file. THanks again for your help, I am not sleeping or eating I'm scared to death to lose my baby.

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Postby rockdundee » Sat Aug 06, 2005 2:42 pm


One thing that you can do is to file an affadavit with the court. Put in it the same things that you put in your letter to the worker. The judge is ordered by law to read them, plus it gets put into the record. Include anything that is good for your side. Anything that you want the judge to hear. File more than one if you have to. But get your voice into the court record. Anything not disputed, on the record, will become fact in the case wether it is or not.

There is an affadavit form in the legal forms or legal self-help section of this forum I don't recall exactly where I put it. Copy/paste it into a word document. Add your , names, etc. Then file it with the clerk of court in your county or wherever the jurisdiction lies. Make copies to give to the other side when you get to court. Give 'em hell.
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