WILL this get me another CPS Visit?

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WILL this get me another CPS Visit?

Postby Frustrated » Tue Oct 18, 2005 6:01 pm

Just now, the Police came to my House for my Son 12 yrs old, for breaking Town Property, A Town Bus Stop Glass were shattered into pieces where they call it horsing around throwing rocks at each other with several other Boys. Now the Police had a talk with my Son and has to pay $350.00 in damages. Police is going to ask the Town to give him Community Services to work it off in paying the damages. The other Boys are doing the same.

The question is AM I going to get another CPS Visit because of this incident? Police said that my Son already has three strikes with the Law, and now one more time, he ends up at the Police Station in Jail since he is now 12 yrs old. I don't know if my Son is acting up or because of his mental disorder.

The FUNNY thing is that the Police woman almost yelled at my Son for his idiocy in breaking Town Property, not once, but three times. She told him to be responsible for his actions and pay for this crime. I mean she yelled at him so that must be "Emotional Harm" right there. I will tell CPS when she gets here that the Police yelled at him for breaking Town Property. NOW am I at fault?! He is Grounded, that is for sure! I am sure CPS will find me at fault for my son's actions. yup...I am a bad Parent. I do feel that CPS will be coming to my door fairly soon! If not, then there is something wrong with CPS. I told CPS three months ago how can you control a dequilenet? Her answer? "I don't know how"!

IF THEY DON'T KNOW HOW, THEN DON'T TELL ME ON HOW'S TO....I am learning as a Parent to find ways to get it under control. I have learned new Discipline called Magic 1-2-3 by Dr. PHelan, which is supposedly to stop his behaviour right away. CPS did NOTHING and I am still waiting for Counselling, it has been a Month! OH sorry, Two months! Investigation still on-going, and did not tell me whether the case is closed or not....it has been almost 90 days coming November 3rd. There are no letters, nothing...except they send me the last letter which is about four weeks ago saying I am under an "impression" of Emotional harm to my Son. They don't like my Doctor Report saying he has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. He had it since 18 months old....now they say it NOW that he is 12 yrs old! (12 yrs later?) They already knew he had a problem, but they are trying to put the problem on me! So it was ME< that broke Town Windows, eh? I did NOT, my SON did...surely he has to learn of his consquences. Grounded to his Room all weekend. That would be the end of it. He is home Monday thru Friday on School nights and are not allowed to go out, but weekends he can go out given that he don't cause trouble and to let me know where he is at at all times and to follow a curfew time. Really pissed me off when CPS thinks everything is my FAULT! I had enough of them. Boy, I hear Teenagers are more difficult to go through. CANNOT WAIT! (grinning with rubbing hands). :twisted: because I will be ready to Parent. I AM A GOOD PARENT! No matter how they think of me. I know the Truth. CPS thinks Negative, I think Positive and that is the Attitude that every Parents should be anyways, POSITIVE. :wink:

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Postby DontBiteMyNose » Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:45 pm

This is hypothetical and not legal advice. Let's say it happened to me, in an alternate universe. This didn't happen to me.

Knocking on door.
I answer it.
CPS: Hello, Mr. X. I came to discuss with you about your son damaging public property.
Me: Discuss away.
CPS: Thank you, may I come in?
Me: Hell no.
CPS: Sir, if you would just let me in, we can settle this, please. Besides, I'm gonna have to see you son for a few moments.
Me: Hell no.
CPS: Sir, if you don't cooperate, I'll have to take legal measures.
Me: Go ahead.
CPS: Sir, please. We can finish this now. I understand that your child got in a bit of trouble with the police recently - damaging property.
Me: I do not confirm, nor deny such a thing.
CPS: I have a copy of the police report!
Me: Congratulations, now get the hell off my property. You only get one warning.
CPS: I'm going to have to take your child at this time per emergency protocol. I'm coming in.
Me: Try it and I'll exercize my 2nd Amendment.
CPS: See you in court, Mr. X!

2 Hours later:

Knocking on door.
I answer the door.
The Police: Mr. X, you're under arrest for terroristic threat. Would you like to tell us what happened?
Me: No.
The Police: Turn around, lets go.

At the Station:

Detective: Mr. X. do you know why you've been arrested?
Me: Yes.
Detective: So, you understand you've broken the law?
Me: No.
Detective: Did you threaten the CPS caseworker?
Me: *silent*
Detective: Mr. X, please, let's clear this up. What happened, it's ok, you can tell me.
Me: Sigh, ok, well, here's what happened. Wait. Nevermind. Oh, I want a public pretender.

I go through about 5 public pretenders and finally get an attorney, that has a decent payment plan to explain my side of the case. This is 6 to 12 months later. Backing up, I have successfully moved my children out of State.

Lawyer: Mr. X. What happened, I need to know to talk to the judge, ok?
Me: Sure, my kid has some mental health issues I'm addressing. The little turd was busted by the cops breaking some property and was taken home. I was so pissed off. Anyway, the cop that brought him home accosted us, but, I kept my mouth shut. A few hours later, CPS goons demanded that they come in, threatened to enter my home anyway......
Lawyer: Wait, do you have proof of this?
Me: Yeah, I got it all video taped.
Lawyer: Well, you know that the judge could throw it out.
Me: Yeah, I know family court judges are the little puppets of the CPS goons.
Lawyer: Continue on.....
Me: Well, the goon was insistant in coming into my home to seize my child. It is my understanding that this is out of CPS' jurisdiction, because I haven't been cruel to my kid, he just screwed up and got busted. Anyways, I observed the goon starting to come into my home until I told her that I'd exercize my 2nd amendment.
Lawyer: You just made it difficult for yourself.
Me: Perhaps, but, I stopped them from coming in! I figure, either you try to argue violation of the 4th, which is pretty much worthless due to their immunity, or get arrested and go to jail anyways. I felt threatened, besides I also observed the goon's eyes were red and pupil's dialated. You never know.....


CPS does.

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Postby angeredmom » Tue Oct 18, 2005 8:13 pm

i have to say i came back on to check posts before heading to bed and read dont bit my nose's post i at one point was laughing soo hard i had tears in my eyes but have to agree with im actually i just wouldnt even answer the door

all this i learned too late another thing CPS here tries to do is not even investigate the matter till a court date comes up and then mentions it to the judge... make sure you dont get caught with your pants down on that you say your son destroyed some property and hes 12? does he get allowence? what im suggesting is that you have him sign a contract with you to earn the money to pay for the exspenses just an idea but hey mowing some lawns never hurt me at that age... just make sure what ever you do you have paper work backing up that your taking care of the situation and what ever you do DONT give the origanals to CPS because they will mysteriously get lost...
best of luck

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Postby kdddav » Wed Oct 19, 2005 9:54 am

Whatever you do... WHAT EVER you do, don't tell CPS the Lady Cop yelled at your son. Then you will get charged with failure to protect.

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Postby AllForThisSite » Wed Oct 19, 2005 2:53 pm

Yeah and don't tell the CPS worker that the cops had guns and pepper spray on their belts while in your home or on your porch because then you'd be guilty of having your children in a dangerous environment.
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Postby Frustrated » Wed Oct 19, 2005 3:34 pm

That was a funny thing ya know, that since the Police woman showed her "Tools" to my Son, and told him that next time he is going to the Police Station. He already has three strikes with the Law, and the first two's, CPS did not come to my door. But last since it is three strikes, it is a probable cause for CPS to come over. I just kept my mouth shut because I knew that the Police can use whatever I said to CPS. Just agreed that he needs to take punishement for what he did, Police suggested Community Service so I don't have to pay the Damages.

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