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Case Plans

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:18 am
by jrome74

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:34 am
by good dad
First of all, I'm glad you help them the way you do :wink:

The way the psychological evaluation is carried out bothers me, being put on the spot to give answers, that can be twisted to mean positives or negatives depending on the feelings of the individual psychologist, and your families future depends on it is really scary.
If you think of how to word it for to long your being deceiving, Word it wrong and your statement maybe negative. The psychologist tries to "push your buttons" to look for anger issues.

Mine came back as:
1. I was being deceiving
2. I blame others for "the problem" (My ex' wife got the kids takin,I did nothing wrong and wasn't involved, oops there I go again :lol: )
3. I lied (I told him what my IQ was and what my capabilities were, he laughed at me. Later I entered into evidence the certified I.Q. test and skills assessments)
4. I had an addictive personality (I kind of agreed.If I open a bag of sunflower seeds I may eat the whole bag before I stop, hate to stop work in the middle of a project, etc...He worded it to be toward chemically addiction, chemical assessor said I had no problem)

Councelling, again it depends on the feelings of the individual councellor, Some like or need the business, they aren't going to push paying customers out the door, Some will find faults with anyone (like psychologists)

I jumped through every hoop they asked in the first 30 days, 16 months later they were still telling the court "He has not completed any aspect of the caseplan"..The lies were hard to fight.. Each lawyer I had was useless and got no where till I spent over 1000 hours learning laws and policies(addictive personality :lol: ) fired my lawyer and proceeded to trial representing myself. I have sole custody now.

Simply completing the caseplan isn't reason to have children returned in most cases. There are always other issues that need to be addressed, even if they are only figmants of the caseworkers imagination :roll:

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:45 am
by jrome74
good dad

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 12:04 pm
by Bob_Lynn
Please try not to repeat your post in multiple threads unless it's appropriate to do so (this one is not). Thanks.

I answered your post in the Round Table thread.

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 3:34 pm
by ngsm7605
I think it's great you help the parents out, but six months is a LONG long time to keep the kids! I don't think that is helping if it's just a stable job, housing issue, find them an apt. and give the kids back pronto!

I also find it very hard to believe that its so easy for the parents you deal with, you arent there when their crying because they miss their babys, Im sure its much more than just "oh I love this case plan, it's so easy, thanks"

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:03 pm
by Bob_Lynn
Poverty is NOT abuse and is NOT a reason to steal children and place them in foster "care". There are 2 prime directives for CPS, protect children and provide services to families in need of services to maintain a unified family whenever possible. It's a lot cheaper (to the community) for CPS to provide a family with what it needs (services and other facilities) than to steal children and place them in foster "care". What's even more important is ripping children from their homes, when there is no legitimate cause to do so, is cruel and barbaric and should only be done under the most extreme circumstances.

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:43 pm
by Frustrated
Believe me, it is not "easy" to follow through. I have had two Service Plans in the last 7 years (7 cases) and they said I didn't finish the so called Services. I have completed them. I even went back for more Counselling and it has been 7 years. Now they are saying I didn't finish. :roll: My Son was getting soooo tired of going to Counselling for 7 years. :roll: We have completed all the required services and they objected saying we need more. (that's what happens to Parents in having to jump hoops like it is eternity Services to take). :roll:

It may be easy to follow by "itself" but not so easy when it comes to these Caseworkers saying that you didn't "complete them" and would lie about it. That's why I stress having documentation of proof that completion exist. This way they can't claim I didn't "finish" the Services. That's why I can't stress this enough. Get proof from Counsellors, or proof from whereever you have Services with, is to get DOCUMENT of COMPLETION or LETTER from the Counsellor saying you had went so and so date and completed in full in so and so date....

Very important! WITHOUT DOCUMENT OF PROOF< CPS Workers can go on and on telling the Judge you didn't "finish". It is that "easy" for them to lie and make you take it over and over. I have taken about three Counselling in three different times in a 7 Year Period. Now they are saying we need more. :roll: That's when the new Offer for me to sign a New Service Plan. In it it shows an EXPIRY DATE (mostly 6 months Service Plan). I have already signed two Service Plans which has expiry date in it. Now they are saying I need a third one. :roll: Even my Counsellor agreed that I have had "enough". 7 Years is too much to keep going back especially these poor Kids complaining about going into Counselling Room which they hated. They much rather want to play with their Friends. We had to take them out of School missing about one or two hours per week. And get this, even CPS trying to get the School to make me sign another Counselling Form. Under that Form, it says any information will become property of Child and Family Services. I said Oh my gosh, now they are in Schools now offering Counselling? They are everywhere now. In schools, hospitals, even at the Women's Shelter, CPS are right there demanding information from them.

I can go on and on, but one thing is "it is not easy" to follow
WHEN it comes to these "near impossible to deal with" kinds of people. Forget it, I will take my Chances in Court which I never went. :roll: CPS had avoided as much as possible for me not even go there. Jumping through Hoops is something I am tired of and won't go there again. My Kids said the same thing. They said "DITTO!"

Posted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:02 pm
by glass
strangely enough, my case plans have always been easy because they only required things that we were doing anyways, like my husband working, having a house etc etc.. the problem was with them saying that, even though they had no problem tearing my kids away from me in the most abrupt manner possible, my kids had to gradually get used to coming home, which is stupid. they drug it out for months on end..transitioning i think they called it. even though the foster mother had my son baptized (i had him baptized as a newborn and she knew it) and was trying to find some loophole to adopt him.. it took a better part of a year to get him to even acknowledge us at all really. personally i think that when you complete the plan, the kids need to come home at that time, not in a few months.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:18 am
by jrome74
thank-you for all your replies.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:18 am
by jrome74
thank-you for all your replies.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 5:41 am
by Marina
My friend was court-ordered to do a substance-abuse evaluation and treatment - - to be determined. The social worker wanted the mother to "admit she had a problem," before authorizing the court-ordered treatment, and the substance abuse evaluation was based on "self identification," which the federal substance abuse agency says is a barrier to treatment.

I personally had to convince CPS Mom to volunatrily participate in services and convince the Counselor to "recommend" maximum services - - the group counseling, individual counseling and psychiatrist for medication - - in order to even have a chance in court of getting her children back. The "recommendation" for treatment only came the day of the permanency hearing, and CPS Mom's parental rights were subsequently terminated, and are currently on appeal. She has participated in services, but if she misses meetings, they stop the transportation, and someone has to drive her to several meetings in order for her to get back on track.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:01 am
by Momof31995
Everytime we completed our case plans cps would add a few more things that i felt were completely unnecessary like domestic violence classes where no domestic violence existed(never was scheduled so never attended) the psych eval was awful and never even taken into consideration. all in all our kids were under the states thumb for 3 years and in foster care for 2 1/2 years.we completed everything within 6 month of the original case plan.

this is a fair and unjust system and to see someone say just do what they say and all will be fine really burns me because in most cases this is not what will happen. If they have to send the kids home then they wont receive money so why make it easy on the parents!

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 6:01 am
by Momof31995
i meant to say unfair and unjust

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 7:05 am
by Frustrated
you asked the question about caseplans, what is the most difficult thing to follow?

It is when they keep adding more things into it is what is difficult to follow which is more overwhelming to one Parent. Because we would focus on one Service and something comes up and we have to drop this and do that one.
It is like putting one shoe on and try to tie the shoes fast enough and then the referee tells you to put the other shoe on quickly and the first shoe is untied. :roll:
That is the most difficult task to follow through. Most Parents experience this overwhelmingly.
And also, they would rebook appointments at short's notice. We would be willing to complete them only to find out that it is postponed to a later date. :roll:

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:58 am
by katgotsteve
i have to say this, i am a person who has been dealing with dfacs/cps since august 2006. i did not get a caseplan until feb 15, but i had my children returned to me on oct 4, with the stipulation that dfacs would open a saftey plan for me. well like i said i never got one, i never even got a worker until thanksgiving and then she was fresh out of college with no real grasp of my case...she had the nerve to show up at my door and ask me questions that i had been answering since august. i had not felt good that day, it was two days before thanksgiving, she had just told me that my daughter would not be able to spend thanksgiving with her daddy and that i would not be able to see him on our 12th anniversary, needless to say, she was not happy when she left my house. i told her straight up that i am sick and tired of answering the same questions and that is she wants an answer she needs to go back to the office, pick the folder up that they call my case and read it before she ever sets foot in my house again.
she has yet to come back to my house, i have a new caseworker now, she is one with a little bit of experience and treats me with respect and does not tell lies in court, which is rare from what i have read and heard from other people in my community.
it is not that a caseplan is hard, some caseplans are unrealistic. example: you have a mother with three kids and a 74 iq, which is borderline deficiant. they want this mother to receive counseling during normal business hours, attend parenting classes, hold down a job and maintain housing by their standards. how can a woman who is probably only making min. wage going to do all that? it would take all that she had to make ends meet just on her own? add child support in on all this? what can she do other than get another job and miss those counseling sessions?
i have read the manual over and over again, they say the case plan should be within the parents means and not interfer with their ability to work. again explain to me if you work during their normal business hours how this will not interfer with a job.
feasability of a plan is what is hard to follow. my plan is a family plan with nothing really on it that i dont already do. i have the school and doctors on my side, even some dfacs workers from other counties have helped me get my case going.
i need to add also, i was too a foster parent, i had the same delusions that i was helping, but that all blew up in my face. i have never seen a group of women turn on you like they have done me. i have worked with some for over 4 years, but the min something comes up, it is like being the only rooster in a hen house full of horny hens, they will rip each other up to shreds and it aint pretty...
i also agree with good dad, what has clouded my case is the psycho mumbo jumbo. it is based on "ifs" and what "ifs". the basis of my case is my niece age 12 has accused my husband of having sex with her, not having sex with her, having sex with her. he is currently the 3 man she has accused along with 4 boys in her class. she has a long history of public mastrabations dating back prior to living me (age 4, she moved in with me at age 8) and a long history of behavioral problems. my husband was has been the only stable male influence in her life since my father died. her father is in prison for child molestation. they have no physical evidence only psychologicals that say if he did it he will do it to his daughter and to the other niece. if, i keep hearing, if, and err on the side of the child. i keep asking what about our natural child, what is anyone doing for her....who is erring on the side of my family?
i am beating a dead horse here, but this is my way of venting....
i can woulda, coulda, shoulda all day long, but the fact is that if anyone coming to visit my house could have done it too, if my husband had done it, he would be dead, should i be locked up for murder because i said if...
cps in most states in my opinion are taking 1950 morals and applying them to 2007 life. they want the leave it beaver mom and dad in 2007.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 12:11 pm
by Bob_Lynn
Momof31995 wrote:Everytime we completed our case plans cps would add a few more things that i felt were completely unnecessary like domestic violence classes where no domestic violence existed

In my wife's case, she was coerced into taking multiple drug tests that came back negative every single time. So after all that nonsense, the cw wanted her to go for an evaluation to see if she had a drug dependency problem. You see, nothing they do makes any logical sense and it's clearly obvious that everything they do is all about $$$profit$$$. Everyone involved makes a buck, even if it's just to maintain a job and earn a salary. But in reality, it's not just about salaries, these criminals find ways to pocket the federal funding stream and I don't just mean just CPS workers, I mean judges, attorneys, GALs and many other colluders.

Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 1:11 pm
by fightingfor3
The most difficulties I believe with the case plans are the social workers themselves not following through with things, referrals, home visits, etc. I've had parenting classes, random drug screens (not a drug user, never have been) which I have to call everyday to see if I will have to go in for, I have individual counseling, and family therapy, etc. I work full time and am in the mental health field. The schedule plus court dates, appointments, testings, and so on makes it extremely hectic, and is at times very degrading, especially when I am already in an emotionally vulernable state and furthermore when I didn't do anything to warrant this intrusion into my life.

My treatment plan has been completed for months and months. My kids are still not home and it was just today that I have had any word of a transitional plan, which will in full take another 7months. My kids are already just two months shy of two years.

My opinion, the plan isn't to have your kids returned to you, it's to set a list of hoops to keep you from making it happening.

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:33 am
by southgachick
You must know from being a foster parent that some of the things that CPS ask you do is completly off the wall and have no bearing to your case. Why should a parent have to take drug test when there is no drugs being used? Why should a nonexpecting parent have to take prenatal classes? With my case I was told to take parenting classes and I refused. what good is budgeting(bills paid on time) and cleaning my home(home already clean) and prenatal care(fixed that problem after 2 child) going to do me... My case revolved around the mental issues of my son. I would tell CPS that I would gladly take any class they could offer me that would help with his specfic problem. BUT NO they were not offered to me.and another thing that just PO's me I have paid child support(gladly without a fuss) for my son the whole time he has been in care. But his father was never made to pay support to me or the state after he was placed. I would have to be the one that researched things and treatment centers that may take my son not CPS.

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 6:54 am
by Frustrated
Good point, Southgachick.

I know and it is laughable about the whole thing and it stinks.

Like you mention, why should a non-expecting parent take parenting classes?
Why does the parent must take drug tests if no drug are used?

Like they are going on non-existant cases which is baseless and ridiculous.
What is difficult is that they force it on you and have it court ordered and it wasn't necessary in the first place.

Is it good when they force something on you?
Then why are they forcing your hand and threatening you saying

"If you do not agree with this Service Plan, I will remove your Kids?"

Why all that threat for?

It is like holding your Kids hostage and make you pay the ransom money to them. That's what it is all it is....

It is a violation to the Consitiutional Right. The RIGHT to LIBERTY! The RIGHT To FREEDOM to exercise what you want in your Home and do your own thing. Why force something on you on something unpleasant?

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 8:41 pm
by Trisha G
Not having a case plan even after calling our public defender and asking him to the judge to have cps present us one is the most difficult part. We bought another trailer, it's a 2 bedroom too, but we have a friend who's going to make our son a room out of part of the living room. Supposedly the director of cps here said it would be fine for our children to share a room, a girl of 15 and a boy of almost 13, yeah right, they'd be knocking at our door in no time again. The dispositional hearing is scheduled for April 18, yet we barely have furniture since we're not allowed to bring our bedding, couches or chairs from our old home. Mental health bought us air mattresses Monday so the kids could come home and today we finally got beds for them, tomorrow we plan on buying our own, no more waiting on them. If they try to hassle us over not having a couch, I think I'll scream. We have a nice porch now too, which Pascal from mental health suggested we turn into a room for our son. Since when does cps approve outdoor areas being turned into bedrooms?
Anyway we're being good little poor people and doing as we're told, and driving them crazy in the process. After all, if they're offering services, we might as well make them own up to their promises. :D