Another Investiation?

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Another Investiation?

Postby rosebud69 » Wed Mar 07, 2007 12:44 am

I've been on this site in the past under newcomers.

In June of last year my kids were taken from me, mainly for a disorderly home. I suffer with depression, and when I wasn't at work I was in bed. I left my husband to do everything since he didn't work. Well, he did a bad job, he never would leave his desk and the computer.

Anyway, I have since done everything asked of me. I go to counseling and a psychiatrist. I have been diagnosed with bi-polar, but have been put on some meds and I have really felt stable for awhile. I took parenting classes, and was going to all my visits.

I have since left my husband, have my own apartment, working and doing well on my own. But suddenly CPS, ended up at my husbands home asking questions like did you put medicine on your childrens private area. Well of course when they were babies and they got diaper rash. I have never heard from them myself. Well, my case has been contracted out to an agency called Chaddock. I went to my visit today, and they said my visits have been terminated until further notice because of an ongoing investigation and supposed new alligations. I called CPS to find out what I was being investiaged for because this investigation has been going on for a month. I always thought they were supposed to let you know you were being investigated and why within a certain amount of time, they said that was not true. Also my 6 year old son has supposedly been refusing to see me and I haven't seen him in over a month. I don't understand this because he was the one child that cried and begged me to take him home. He clung to me. He has been acting up in his foster home so they put him in counseling (a counselor employed by chaddock, and only works with Chaddock clients). He also saw a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with post stress syndome and seperation anxiety. They put him on Zoloft and something else I think it is called Risperdol or something like that, it is suppose to help him sleep and control his anger. I thought anti-depressants were dangerous for kids?? I know most thing I'm being crazy, but I feel my son is being brain washed.

Also last week my 12 year old was taken from my sister. I begged them not to put them there in the first place. My sister was in trouble for doing meth and marijuana. So they took my 4 younger children because the drug court my sister was in made my sister give them up, but let my oldest stay. Well, now she is testing positive for Cannabis Again and facing jail or DOC time. So they moved my son into foster care. I think my mom and my sister are taking this out on me and saying things to CPS (they were behind the first case) But I had nothing to do with it. Chaddock was in regular contact with my sisters probation area. I don't even understand why they were taken from me for a dirty house which was easily cleaned and gave them to a drug addict. I have never done drugs, drink, or even smoke.

Now I feel they are looking for things and falsly accusing us of things so they can take my children permanantly. We go to court the end of May, and that will be almost a year they have been gone. I have heard after about 16 months they look to terminate your parental rights. I am so scared. I don't have money for a lawyer and my court appointed lawyer doesn't do much. She would even file the Declaration of Facts I made, so I filed it myself, and the judge just got made at me. I put pictures into evidence of my house and how clean it was, they just said it looked to clean and I wouldn't keep it up. Now a new investigation and I can't even tell you what it is, other than it has been ongoing for a month. I feel it is sexual, I got upset with the CPS guy and I told them to give me a lie detector, even my husband said that. How do you prove your innocence in something like this? It is so false!! Also, in the first court hearing the judge ordered our visits once a week. But they suspended our visits till further notice and they have kept my 6 year old son for me for about a month now?? Plus it is in there own rules that you get a visit once a week. My visits have always been supervised, so what could we do in a visit?? We always just play with children. They only give me one hour, they expect me to feed the kids, so there isn't a whole lot of time for much else. They even expect me to bring diapers for my son, when the foster parents get paid to keep him. They also told the judge they would help us with gas and cost of classes and such, but they haven't even though we ask. I work for minimum wage, and now live on my own so things are rough right now.

I don't feel like what the judge says applys to them only me. I think my rights are being violated badly, but I can't do anything to fight for myself because the judge gets mad. And my lawyer won't even return my calls, let alone do something to help me with all this. If I just let this go I fear the consequences. I really need help, I just don't know what to do. I have never done anything to my children. Everybody got mad at me because I wouldn't discipline them with spanking.

I am so sorry this is so long, but I just don't know how to get the point across without telling it all. I really need some help.

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Postby trappedinwreakage » Fri Mar 09, 2007 11:13 am

Wow .......... Go down to the court house and file a petition for custody. Go to court and make them show due cause for why your children are being kept from you. Organize you facts and go to the courthouse and file a petition for each and everything they have one that fits. Then go into court with everything organized and challenge their actions.

Thats my advice.

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Postby rosebud69 » Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:02 pm

I would love to fight for myself, but the judge just gets mad at me. Plus Chaddock keeps finding reasons to keep them from me and the judge agrees.

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Postby katgotsteve » Fri Mar 09, 2007 3:17 pm

there is a policy of family visits in every state, they have to allow parents supervised visitation to their children for the mental well being of the children. it is stated in the state of georgia manual and should be stated in yours. this is what i would do, i would write a letter asking for review of my case by the state office. then i would cc all the caseworkers i can think of even if they dont work your case, the supervisor, the district supervisor, the govern, state reps. state senators, casa, everyone that might be able to shed light on the case. i have done that and i have gotten alot of results. start screaming things like state sanctioned parental alienation. if you have a local forum or message board post on it. i posted on our forum at (yes i live in a agriculture community). they did not want to give my husband after hour visitation, so i posted explaining my case without giving out confidential stuff and within two hours i was contacted by the caseworker and was given after hour visits for my husband. so always remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
so write your case down on a letter, state what you think is wrong, state what you would like fixed. then mail it to anyone who you can find an address for.

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