well its been 3 yrs. 1 month

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Postby katgotsteve » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:20 pm

the community alienation i fear is not for me, but for my kids and my husband. my husband is a private man, very closed and reserved and i am normally an open book. he hates to even bring it up with people who know. he has a fear of retaliation, that they will press charges against him now to make me shut up, i too fear that, but i just cant sit here. i am currently 36 weeks pregnant and he is scared they will take the baby from us even though they have never proved anything or press charges and take him away from us. this man already had issue with trust and now omg is it even worse, our daughter acts like him now too, she trust no one, she wont talk about her feelings. it was really bad living with one person who was so closed minded and reserved, but try two.
i know that i am only one person, so what i do may only rock the boat a little,but at least i am rocking. what i find the worst is when you are trying to help someone, they dont want to help themselves. there are things that they have to do to better themselves to some degree, now i do think that cps takes some things too far, like the housing, they come into a house and say it is not fit to live in, but yet a family just moved out of it without cps involvement and it was fine for them. lets face it most people can not afford the housing that would fit cps criteria.
another fearful thing is the niece has made a comment that is i dont leave my husband she is going to turn 18 and have him arrested for it. i think someone is feeding her this. i think there is a law that states she can press charges so long after 18 b/d, but it makes me think that someone is feeding her this info. i just know that she is going to do this to someone else and it just may stick this time. i would hate for someone else to live with this fear becuase of her.

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Postby mommyx3b » Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:48 pm

Well I am not about to sit on my rear and do nothing.
I understand not everyone is in aplace to do something, repairing your family comes first. But i am going to be starting a forum to unite the groups. This is not ment in any way to take a way from this group here, it is just common ground meeting spot for all the groups. individual groups need to be kept going as well to keep up the support and education for newcommers and continues support for all members.

What we need, people who are good at writing, people good at making graphics, moderaters, Individulal stories, someone to complile media contacts ECT.
"No Honey, you can't help mommy make cookies for Santa, 'cause it might make a mess, then CPS will take you away 'cause the house isn't spotless." <-----What I should have told my 4 yr old daughter.

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Postby anxiousmom » Thu Jan 10, 2008 4:13 pm


Yes, a person has I think 10 yrs. to file charges against someone for sexual abuse that occured under the age of 18....that is because many times those sexually abused block it out & don't remember it until later.

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Postby Marina07 » Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:59 pm

My only issue is, I work with children. I won't say my profession, I don't want to give too many personal details, but I work with children and their families on a regular basis. If any parent found out that my personal life was less than perfect, complaints would start coming in, concerns, and then I could lose my job. I've worked hard to get to where I am, and if I was fired once, I may never be hired again if it was found out the reason I was fired. I mean, I might have parents who are completely supportive, especially if these abuse charges come up unfounded, but I don't want to take that chance. I think I have been a little overly cautious during this process, but it must be working because one of the caseworker's said I was one of the best mom's she's ever worked with, and I was making her job a little less "depressing", her words exactly.

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Postby trappedinwreakage » Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:03 pm

Thats exactly what CPS does to families. They find out they are less than perfect and ba boom.... no more family. Get your name on some nationally registered list and ......ba boom..... no more future.

but hey...... they did their job and walk away patting each other on the back and never look back to see the pile of rubbish they left in their wake.

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Postby trappedinwreakage » Fri Feb 29, 2008 5:13 pm

I just noticed this particular topic has more views than most other topics on this forum page. Not sure what that means... or what good it does. Maybe the hits are alot of new victims that are drawn to the title. I’m sure it would have helped me alot if I had been able to read a scenario done by someone years after CPS got done running their family and future through the brush chipper.

Thing is, I wonder if new victims actually read and grasp the whole thing ? If they get a good picture of what little future is left for any kind of relationship between parent and child when these childless, self appointed superheroes lay their little step 1-10 program on a family ? I wonder if new victims realize that step 1 of this program is too remove all structure within the family ? A family that may have functioned just fine for years prior to this "intervention" ? A family that will never be the same again. A parent/child relationship that will never be the same again.

I wonder if new victims realize in that first interview with Superhero for a Day, that when they say "we don’t want to take your child away" that what they are really saying is "guess what sucker..... life as you knew it is over" ?

No!, of course they don’t realize this. They sit and shake, stare at the walls, cry, scream, squander bank accounts on "lawyers" that make no difference what so ever, they play the game, they dance, they put on a face in court or in the presence of the superheroes, so they won’t be viewed as "out of control". They hide their anger, they hide their pain, they hide their principles, they become lost for words to say, they internalize, the entire past runs through the mind non stop like cars running laps at Indy. They know something is drastically wrong but this time they have no control to stop it, they cant make a single action to regain control of their lives and family, its all in the hands of superheroes now. They set the rules, they determine what will be done next and it will take along time. It’s not allowed to make quick remedies to the dam that’s leaking, so a grown adult with already overloaded responsibilities can continue to move on thru life dealing with the priorities that arrive on a daily basis, at times faster than we like. But we know how to deal with these things... they are natural; they are something we come to expect from life.

There is however ONE thing no human is born with the ability to deal with… unnatural acts! Acts that defy every ingrained instinct of human nature since the beginning of time.

The act of having ones children taken away from them and watching a group of IDIOTS having their way with ones family.

Isn’t this what the Nazis did to the Jews in the 1940's ?

Isn’t this something that is viewed in present times as the single most repulsive event in the history of Mankind ?

Yet... according to our over paid "law makers" and their entourage........ it’s completely legal

and apparently NATURAL !

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Postby trappedinwreakage » Thu May 01, 2008 2:42 pm

Well is 3 yrs 5 months and the family is finally in the final stages of the CPS plan. Daughter has quit college, works a part time minimum wage job. I cant keep my head on straight and recently became an extreme liability to the company I worked for and cared about.... to the tune of well over a million dollars, so I lost that job. We havent gotten around to needing welfare yet, Im sure they are highly dissappointed by this, but if I can deny them that last final piece of me, I will do so. Her mother and I have split up after 20 years together. I dont blame her, she just couldnt take the fallout anymore. So I just turned 50 and am becoming adapted to my new badge and social status in life. I just keep reminding myself theres only approximately 15 years left and thats far less than the good years I had while I'd coyly convinced the world that I was a decent person and good father.... it wasnt easy either.... what with all the child beating and other devious traits going on....... I can only sit and wonder what my parents were thinking.......

Thank you CPS for making the world aware of the big bad me and putting me in my place.... it was an amazing hard earned victory for you... and the world... especially my family is undoubtedly in a better place.... Intervention Rules and everyone should give it a try.

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