son taken into custody because I pissed cps off

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son taken into custody because I pissed cps off

Postby ninalp » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:56 pm

My son was taken into custody on Jan. 18th. They opened a case in Sept. because my son told his counselor that he was going to kill me or himself. (He of course was mad at me). They closed the investigation on Jan. 9th. On Jan 15th my son called his in-home counselor to talk with her. To this date, I don't know what he told her, but at 9:30 CPS showed up. She talked with my son 13 y.o. talked to me, I told her everything that was going on - my son was failing 3 classes at the end of the semester (the school passed him - they acutually removed the lowest grades to give him 71). One of his teachers called me to tell me that he didn't turn in a project. I chastised him - that's it. The investigator spoke to him, told him that he's intelligent, and can do better, to be respectful, do what he's told - in a motherly manner. I thought that was it. 6 days later, he was picked up from school. They totally fabricated everything. I pissed off the adminstator, and frustrated the caseworker and her supv.
She retaliated and used her power to deprive my son. He says they blew it out of proportion. Everyone is aware that I didn't do anything, but it's their word against mine.
I sent 10 letters, the governor, dhr commissioner, top administrator, the office of child advocate, and to the director, which consisted of my timeline / parent report. I sent the threatening letter that I received from the administrator that started this.

I know the director personally, he responded and told me that he does not believe that I was retaliated against, but he did talk with the caseworker and administrator. He recommended that I follow the caseplan - and that he would requests for updates - that their plan is to reunify.

Of course they wouldn't tell him that I pissed them off and they took action. But at the minimum, they know that I let all the powers that be know everything.

My family is really having a hard time dealing with this. But I know that there is a ight at the end of the tunnel.

It is ridiculous what goes on and we have no control. That these liars have this type of power.
I'm located in GA, and very interested in getting together with anyone here to fight these situations. I am a strong advocate - a support group would be nice too! We need to stand up and stop allowing these bullies to break up our happy homes...

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Postby Gary Shaw » Tue Feb 05, 2008 3:41 am

ninalp, I too live in Georgia. It is the same all over. Our governor established a Commission to study the Department of Human Resources just yesterday, I am going to post it under Announcements, it is long and will veil your post if I put it here. good luck. Knowledge is Power.

Gary Shaw
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Postby katgotsteve » Fri Feb 08, 2008 5:59 am

i live in georgia too. i have done the same thing you did, i made quite a few people in my local and state dfacs office very angry. my advice to you is call them on everything they accuse you of and record everything. if anything, those recording make good blackmail. i told them several times after they gave me a load of bull that i had everything recorded, you should see them change thier whole tune after that.
another thing to remember is this, you will get called by a policy specialist, this specialist will never read your file but get another person to read it and then send her a paragraph about your life. she will in turn belittle you and make you feel like a bad person, dont let her. give it back to her with fact, try not to get angry when she gets all pissy with you,because she will. my case was unfounded, yet my husband was out of his kids life for a year, she tried to tell me that if she had investigated it she would have founded it based on a preponderence of the evidence. i had her then, i had to point out to her that preponderence is not the evidence factor she should be using, it is clear and convincing which is higher than preponderence and if she has been using that on other cases that it has been found to unconstitutional in several surrounding states and she may need to get clarity on what exactly her job is. needless to say she wanted the lawyer to then come in our conversation and for me to have a team meeting with thier attorney present. i agreed to a team meeting, it never happened becuase no one wanted to mediate with me. i waited for 6 months, until finally the court order lapsed.
all i did is keep my case in the spot light, i pushed caseworkers to work--i went through quite a few, they claimed they could not work with me, ( i had a habit of calling up to 12 times daily to make them work on my case, when they didnt call back, i called supervisors, district supervisors, etc.)--i brought attention to the local office, i contacted surrounding offices and got advise from other cps supervisors--dont give up. push them.
you can contact me through pm if you wish to talk and i will give you my contact info.
also, gary is a great resource.

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