How can I raise some h*ll around here?

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How can I raise some h*ll around here?

Postby cambreenellie » Wed May 28, 2008 5:27 am

My case is very simple, I have 3 children and someone reported me to CPS based on the problems with my middle child. CPS investigated and removed all 3 children because of imminent danger.

I know there are problems with my middle child that I have been trying to get her help for and diagnosed but hey I can't control the doctor's around here. They now think she may be bipolar which really explains it all.

The problem I'm having is the whole CPS report was based on one child. They took all my children. This case continues to only be about one child. Heck, they haven't even taken my other 2 children to a doctor like they have for my middle child. So basically they continue to distroy the lives of my other 2 children for whatever reason.

CPS worker stated that ALL the children were taken to the doctor so I asked for the records in her face and she said she would get them to me at the end of my visit. NEVER GOT THEM! I call a couple weeks later and was told they were remodeling so she would mail them. NEVER GOT THEM! Now she's claiming she doesn't have them only after I get my lawyer involved.

Also from my understanding from my lawyer and the caseworker contracted through CPS that they are pulling kids out left and right and we live in a small town. It's actually like one big freaking happy family around here.

I guess what I'm trying to get as is I want to raise some h*ll around here. I'm fed up with the lies and stories they make up. I can't believe this is allowed to go on even though these caseworkers are committing perjury under oath.

So how do I raise h*ll? Just the newspaper, is there anything else?

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Postby jaslken » Wed May 28, 2008 2:02 pm

I am truely unsure as to the "next" step but have you been to court yet? If so, I would file a order to show cause as to the removal of the 2 children coupled with a motion to return the 2 children... Someone else might chime in with better advice but I think that is what you can do if you have been to court already...

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Postby dawn7799 » Thu May 29, 2008 9:34 am

appeal the judges decison! the people in Texas did and they got their kids back!


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Postby katgotsteve » Thu May 29, 2008 9:36 am

i know of two cases that can relate to your case, both have completely different outcomes.
1. a mother has 3 children, her oldest was molested by a man in the neighborhood at a young age, charges were pressed but never followed through with. the girl began to get out of control, running away, threatening the other children, hitting her mother. cps removed all children by stating the mother could not control the oldest how could she handle the other ones. basically the immenint danger was the oldest daughter, but the mother was considered a failure to protect case. she did end up with the other children back and after the daughter got to be a handle for fostercare, she was reunited with that daughter. it was a long and drawn out case.
2. the other mother was given a choice, if you choose your mentally ill son, we will take your daughter becuase he is a threat to her. she chose to keep her daughter, her son was placed in foster home after foster home, though she was accused at first of causing his behavior and really raked over the coals in court, it becam apparent that the son had sever mental issues. he has grown up in mental hospitals and now has a criminal record for attacking women. he has had a psychosexual exam that has said he is a sexual deviant to both sexes and will be harm and possible rape in the future, he lacks the ability to feel remorse. he was 9 when he was taken and is now 19, his behavior even under close medical supervisor has only gotten worse. he too was diagnosed as a bipolar child, but once he was 17 he was then diagnosed as schizophrenic.
what i am trying to say here is this, these cases happened in two different counties and were handled two different ways. it all comes down to the caseworker, but by default, the parents are always blamed even for mental illness. you have to fight to clear your name and maintain your sanity. the attorney will be your best bet on all this. remember to fight, fight, fight.....

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Postby debbiescalese » Thu May 29, 2008 3:17 pm

There was a small rural county in my state wv where cps was out of hand I don't know all the detail but a socail worker was telling me about it said it was a few years ago. What happened was the obdusman was called in and he let heads roll the supervisors and workers were fired and there was like a 80% turn over that year in that county's cps. Maybe go that route and if you have more parents writting they will pay attn.

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