need help!! VIRGINIA!! cps came Thursday!

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need help!! VIRGINIA!! cps came Thursday!

Postby melissad » Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:24 pm

A quick version of the story. Me and my bf split (due to needing time apart) my sister took myself and our son in. I ended up going to talk to my ex, to talk about our child. My siuster blew off the handle ended up kicking us (me and my son) out. Of course I called the ex, and we went to his house. Couple weeks pass...I thought my sister cooled off. NOPE....cps shows up at the door. The allegations are physical neglect and inadequate supervision. The cps worker pretty much said in more allegations both parents were drug users, there was paraphenelia lying around, that my ex had recently been hospitalized due to drug use, etc. All these are FALSE. The only things lying around was my sons toys!!! The CPS worker pretty much said if we didn't comply with taking a drug test, that other actions would be taken (removing the child) of course we complied. We had no other choice, until I read you can ask them to eave at any point. I would appreciate any and all knowledge of the CPS policies, etc in Virginia, I can't access a computer often, I'm actually doing this from my phone. Can they drug test you in your home, and watch you urinate at that??!! Please any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: need help!! VIRGINIA!! cps came Thursday!

Postby WhiteHaven » Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:38 pm

Only advice I can give is GET A LAWYER! Do not bend to anything they ask...just because it was only toys laying around they can say whatever they want to in their report...

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