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Postby Halawawda » Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:12 pm

CPS came out originally because A DISGRUNTLED DAYCARE DIRECTOR reported an injury my 18 month old acquired in her care. She had no injury she was diagnosed with Nursemaid's elbow by an ER doctor and an orthopedic specialist from Cincinnati Children's Hospital. The daycare director refused to file an incident report and failed to file an incident report on a number of occasions when my kids sustained injuries or were bullied by other children. I contacted her superior informing her superior of the seriousness of the allegations all because her daycare director failed to protect my child and protocol. Naturally, the daycare director became furious and phoned in additional allegations about myself that I was depressed and took it out on my children. Initially, I cooperated with their inquiry. Ten days later, two CPS workers paid a visit to my kids' daycare, strip searched all three of them, and interrogated them. I had no knowledge of this. They attempted to contact me but the iPhone I have was not ringing because the software wasn't installed properly. The CPS supervisor didn't even bother to leave me a voicemail message. Immediately following the stripsearch of my children, one CPS worker came out to my home and said that my children had bruises all over their bodies reminiscent of fingerprints and that they had a safety plan for us. I told her to get the fuck off my property, to not contact me,come out to my home, visit my kids daycare, or speak to them without a court order from a judge; I was furious that they degraded and humiliated my children in front of their peers and their peers' parents at daycare. My husband spoke to this idiot worker and her supervisor. They immediately threatened to remove our children from our custody by the end of the working day if we did not agree to this moronic safety plan and if we could not find someone to supervise me 24 hours per day with my children. My husband and I were forced to go to the supervisor's office and didn't even have 5 minutes to review the paperwork we were signing we were totally forced to sign it. To make matters worse, CPS workers and her supervisor tried to convince my husband to divorce me and kick me out of the house and file for sole custody of our children but he refused. I was never told why I was being investigated. Furthermore, I took my 18 month old in for a checkup two days ago assuming all along that the ER docs reported me to CPS but the doctors were shocked and dumbfounded. My daughter's pediatrician informed me that Cincinnati Children's ER and their Pediatric clinic never suspected my family of any abuse or neglect and that none of the docs that have examined our children never reported us to CPS. Cincinnati Childrens is CPS one number one mandated reporter of physical abuse which is what I am being accused of. The idiot CPS worker and her cohort paid us a visit today; I informed them of this shocking revelation and that parental advocates from Cincinnati Children's will be contacting them. Furthermore, I used to receive daycare vouchers from Hamilton County Job and Family Services because I am a full-time college senior at the University of Cincinnati but it is time for me to reapply. I have only registered for half of the courses I need to take because a few of them I have not been able to register for because the classes are full and even though I will get the vouchers back once I get my schedule in order classes don't resume until August 24th. My husband works all the time but we can't afford to pay $700 per week to keep their bullshit safety plan afloat and my grandmother is starting to complain that she's tired of coming down here everyday. She has every right to be tired; she's 70 years old! I explained this situation to the worker; she seemed convinced but she had to inform her supervisor. Her supervisor, a low down good for nothing low life whom CPS probably recruited from the welfare-to-work program, contacts me to inform me that they will get protective vouchers for us. I told her we are all tired of this safety plan nonsense that they have absolutely no evidence against us, I have no idea why we are being investigated, Cincinnati Children's never reported us and will be contacting them to send them a report stating that their staff has never suspected any abuse from my family, and that it is unhealthy for my children to be trapped in the house 24/7 because of their safety plan. I told her we are afraid of taking our kids anywhere for fear of them getting hurt and CPS pointing their fingers at me each time it occurs. As far as to why we are being investigated, her response was well your daughter reported that you pulled her hair. I told her my kid just turned 5 years old do you really think that she knows what she's saying or even how to use language properly? She's five years old; she gets mysterious sticky candy, gum, corn syrup (from popsicles and juice in her hair); its bound to get tangled and its going to hurt when it gets brushed. I cry when I brush my own hair; its half way down my ass crack and I'm almost 30 years old! I didn't know it was considered child abuse to brush my daughter's hair? She went on to say that my daughter also told them that I pulled my other two kids' hair out which is impossible because my son's hair is short and my 18 month old barely has any hair. CPS also wants to have me "assessed" to see what services they could offer me. I DON'T WANT A FUCKING ASSESSMENT AND I DON'T WANT ANY OF THER FUCKING SERVICES. ASSESSMENT IS A PSYCH EVALUATION IN PSYCHOLOGY TERMS. IF I AM REFERRED TO COUNSELING VIA CPS' PSYCHIATRIST EVERYTHING I SAY IS GOING TO BE REPORTED BACK TO CPS TO BE USED AGAINST ME TO KEEP THIS INVESTIGATION GOING. ALSO, I THEORIZE THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO PROVE THAT I AM AN "UNFIT" MOTHER BY FORCING ME TO GET AN ASSESSMENT. I DON'T WANT THIS SAFETY PLAN NONSENSE...HOW DO I GET OUT THIS NEVER-ENDING NIGHTMARE? I WASN'T DEPRESSED BEFORE BUT I CERTAINLY AM NOW. I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. I DON'T EVEN DISCIPLINE MY CHILDREN. THEY ARE TOO YOUNG TO MAKE THAT MENTAL CONNECTION; the mental connection being "I AM BEING PUNISHED BECAUSE I DID THIS." I KNOW HOW I CAN GET AROUND THE ASSESSMENT BECAUSE I AM A PSYCH MAJOR AND I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT SCALES THEY USE AND HOW TO RESPOND. HOWEVER, CPS KNOWS I AM A PSYCH MAJOR AND THE FACT THAT THEY KNOW THIS COULD BE USED AGAINST ME AS WELL. IF I USE MY KNOWLEDGE OF ASSESSING METHODS, THE PSYCHOLOGIST COULD EASILY SAY THAT I WAS UNCOOPERATIVE BECAUSE THEY KNOW I AM A PSYCH MAJOR. I AM ALMOST ALL FOR TAKING THEM COURT AND MAKING THEM PROVE THAT THESE BS ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE BUT WHAT'S STOPPING ME IS MY HUSBAND'S HESITATION TO FIGHT THEM IN COURT FOR STARTERS. SECONDLY, I'VE DONE A LOT OF RESEARCH AND THE COURTS ALMOST ALWAYS FAVOR CPS EVEN IF ITS ONLY BASED ON THE CPS WORKER S EXAGGERATED, PHONY OR IMAGINED EVIDENCE. I AM LOSING SLEEP, MY CHILDREN ARE NOW OUT OF CONTROL BECAUSE THEY ARE TERRIFIED OF BEING REMOVED FROM OUR HOME, STRANGE PEOPLE COMING OUT TO OUR HOME EACH WEEK AND TIRED OF BEING TRAPPED IN THE HOUSE ALL THE TIME OR AT DAYCARE, MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT, I HAVE CHRONIC MIGRAINES, AND I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE I SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING TO TRY TO FIGHT THIS SO I NOW I CAN NO LONGER SLEEP. I have contacted everyone I could possibly think of protecting parental rights associations in neighboring states (BECAUSE YOU ALREADY KNOW SHITTY CONSERVATIVE OHIO DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING LIKE THAT) and across the country, reported the daycare they were attending to the daycare licensing board for child neglect BUT THEY NEVER FILED MY COMPLAINT , spoke to attorneys who either cost too much money or told me they could only get involved if CPS took me to court to terminate my parental rights. I contemplated fleeing the country just to get away from CPS. What could else could I possibly do? If I told them I don't want their safety plan would they remove my children? Could I sue for harassment? Since when has it become illegal or is considered abuse to brush your kid's hair? HELP ME PLEASE!

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Postby LindaJM » Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:41 am

Do you have an attorney? If not, please start looking for one. Most family law attorneys offer a free introductory consultation so they can decide if they want your case. Surely they would give some clues on how best to handle this.

It is often best to find an attorney in a nearby county - one that wouldn't be friends with your county's CPS workers, prosecuting attorneys, or judges.

Sorry for the expense involved - I know you'd rather spend it on the children... but what's going on isn't likely to end anytime soon without the help of an attorney.

Would it help to take a semester off while you're dealing with CPS? The CPS issues are stressful enough without adding tests, papers to write, and finals!
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Please keep in mind that none of us are lawyers and we can't give legal advice. We are simply telling you what we would do in a similar situation. It is to your advantage to get a lawyer.

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Postby whosechildrenarethey » Fri Jul 10, 2015 11:32 am

Knowing what state this is happening in would aid in offering relative information. While there are federal mandates governing CPS across state lines, each state has their own specific statutes right down to their legal definition of child abuse/neglect. Regardless of what state it seems to me that abuse is a deliberate, intentional, willful act...I would urge you too look up your states child abuse/neglect definitions and statutes and to also pull your states CPS policy and procedures Manual. I'm not an attorney but I think Safety plans are voluntary. Most parents are pressured into them under duress and intimidation by the Social workers who dangle their children under there nose with threats of having them removed if the parents won't comply with a safety plan. In my state, safety plans being voluntary means the parent can stop agreeing to it at any time. Having said that please know that if you do that, it will likely cause the Social Worker to take the entire issue before the court while they attempt to have your children removed.

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