Need some help r option concerning past history cps case can they use it against me

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Need some help r option concerning past history cps case can they use it against me

Postby Mylilray » Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:16 pm

Hello I'm new so hopefully this is were I can get help with information. Some info on my case , I live in fresno ca and had a cps worker contacted me about my 3 children who father was arrested for lewd acts she informed me about the case and asked about the relationship with me and my children. So I informed her dad had took them away from me and pretty much left no trace of where abouts , every opinion I had to try failed in a dead in. Never once did I ever try not to find them , I also informed her I had a case 7 yrs ago that showed drugs in my newborn as well as me the case was open for 5 days and baby was took away from me for 1 day. Now I've been clean and have a stable life with 4 more children that I take care of as a single parent, we have court tomorrow it's the jurisdiction hearing. So my questions r will they want me to drug test r do classes, I do have visitation which by the way r amazing as well as emotional. I have been viewed as a drug addict living on the streets with no family that cares, so imagine the surprise when cps worker found me and I let her in my home and seen different. I feel I don't need some outside help trying to add more to what I already do which is plenty my kids range in 5 yrs to 1 yrs so it's a full plate. As for my oldest three they range from 17yrs 15yrs and 8yrs, the older kids r determine to not have no contact but as for the youngest I feel that I can still have a relationship. But I'm not giving up on future relationship with the other 2, I'm not going no where this time and will not let nothing come between us again. I have proven I am a great mother and hear how I handle my family with much love and stability that any single parent can. Never has there been any crime reports are criminal reports against me I have no history at all other then that one mistake I made 7 yrs ago. I will not make life harder for me and the kids i have now with there assessmens are classes , but I am looking into some classes that fit my time and not there if I must do them. As for placement I think it's best for the children to stay with there family because I don't want to make it harder for them or uncomfortable, I luv them and see the strain they have been put threw , I only want time to start the relationship building. This is something I will concern my attorney with tomorrow but any help, opinions, and are referrals are very much appreciated. Thank you for your time

Mrs O.

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Re: Need some help r option concerning past history cps case can they use it against me

Postby LindaJM » Mon May 16, 2016 11:22 pm

Mrs. O - what is the status of the case now? What happened in court?
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