We are destroid emotionaly

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We are destroid emotionaly

Postby jboyd8267 » Wed Jun 01, 2016 10:53 am

Hello my name is Jason I am married to my wife. We have two children together. Our boy is 10 and our daughter is 7. About 2 months ago my son was in school and he had a panic attack and he had to go to the nurse. Now he is very ADHD and when I forget to give him his pill in the morning he has panic attacks because he can't stop crazy thoughts going through his mind. The nurse called and told me this and I knew what it was and I went to school and pick them up. I talked to him about the things that bother him and the things that worried him there were three really goofy things but nothing to really worry about.
The next day which was Friday my wife came into the house and said that she has to go stay with our kids at her mom's because CPS took our kids away and I have no contact at all with them. This was on a Friday so I figured I would get a hold of CPS Monday and this misunderstanding can be fixed right away. Luckily my wife and kids have been able to stay at their grandparents since they cannot stay here. It took about two weeks of constantly calling and leaving voicemails both by myself and my wife. Once I got Allison Norman to answer the telephone. I asked what's going on? Am I allowed to see my kids again? She said in a snotty voice, "No, you cannot. I am keeping all your kids away from you for as long as I can!" I said, there is no reason for you to take them in the first place, I've never harmed, I feed them, I get them to school, from school. I love them and they love me. They are my whole life.
Some back story: on May 7th 2014 I was in a near fatal car accident I had to be life-flighted intubated and fell into a coma that lasted about a month-and-a-half. I broke some ribs on my left side broke my facial Bones on my left side, developed TBI a traumatic brain injury, later developed super toxic megacolon and needed an emergency total colectomy. I suffered a lacerated liver, spring, punctured left lung White out.
After being in the hospital for 5 months I moved to a nursing home and stay there for 3 months and learned to walk again and do some simple things.
The reason for that back story is coming up. Before that and one DUI before. That accident was my second and my last. I was kind of a alcoholic before I had my last accident. While I was in the nursing home I got served divorce papers and I vowed to never take a drink again. My wife and I through counseling and me keeping my promise are still together and happy.
Here is the problem since my son had that panic attack at school naturally the nurse told the counselor. My son told the counselor there's three things that worry him the most. His his dog getting out while he's at school and him looking out the window and seeing his dog and not being able to catch it because he has to stay in class. The second thing that he worries about is me. That was a rough year for me even though I barely remember it but I can't imagine how rough it was for him. The third thing he worries about is walking to and from school in the morning and at night he thinks a drunk driver might hit him. Kind of my fault too. He also told the counselor about how I used to drink years ago. He was asked if I still drink and my son said no to my knowledge. He was asked if I had ever hit him or his sister and he had answered no.
When I finally talked to the CPS worker she was very rude and told me that I had to get into drug and alcohol classes if I ever want to see my children again. I refused. Just that year I have had 4 drug and alcohol assessments. 1. One from the Judge that finally caught up to me after the nursing home. 2. One from a psychiatrist evaluating me for the potential to abuse heavy opiates. 4.Another because the original judge didn't like that I did videoconferencing for the first one. 5. In November again with a new pain clinic. The told her Ive past 5 already and I'm not paying of another one.
She pretty much said since I'm not going to get with the program she's calling the district attorney and pressing charges on me and my wife. Charges for what? Even if I got drunk everyday it's still not neglect. It isnt like I'm not watching them and they get hurt all three time. I think that woulb be neglect. I also think that it is neglect taking them from their father for almost 2 months No Contact my wife tells me that my daughter cries every night for me and I can tell gots to be killing my son since he thinks this happened because of him.
Anyways she said she's going to prosecute me so I just gave up and said what do you want me to do.....? I'll do anything you want me to do just so my kids can come back she said that I needed another evaluation. And I must follow the recommendations. She wanted me to go to her place that they use because they trust them and they do a thorough job. I went and I set there, I was there a total of 9 hours. I went through my evaluation. The guy was very nice I took my drug test, I took my urine test, I did my breathalyzer, and they recommended no ongoing treatment for the drugs and alcohol. I did inquire about normal therapy outside the range of why I was originally there for. 3 days before I went to TCN to have my evaluation CPS girl showed up and made me sign some forms for releasing data and she drug and alcohol tested me as well. All test 100% clean
This was all over a month ago from when I got tested and did my assessment. Since then Allison Norman has been impossible to get a hold of. Now all her requirements have been met. Last time she talked to my wife she said that, I still have to have no contact. She said, she just now got the reports back and she sees there is no recommendations for treatment and said she's now transferring it to another colleague of hers. So it sounds like I have to start all over.

This whole thing seems crooked and very unfair very unfair to my children, very unfair to me since I have to sit here all day all night nobody around missing my children and my wife. I've never driven drunk, with my kids, I never hurt them, I provide a nice home, clothes, food, everything. I don't feel it's fair that they can just take my kids away. They want to come home. My wife tells me the daughter cries every night but my son is 10 he hurts but hides it very well my daughter is 7

I just want my kids back as soon as possible ideally but doubtfull I would like to sue Greene County Family Services or individually Allison Norman for wrongfull infliction of emotional destress. Just want someone else to hurt like our family have been.

Thanks to anyone who will listen

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Re: We are destroid emotionaly

Postby Sarbear84 » Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:01 pm

It sounds like she is keeping her promise by "keeping you away from your children as long as possible" have you attempted to call her supervisor? Or even the supervisors supervisor? They ego maniac CPS workers hate to be proven wrong. I'm sorry for what you are going through.

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Re: We are destroid emotionaly

Postby mimirose » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:59 am

I am very sorry you are going through this. I do feel your frustration. I can understand that workers don't always look at the back stories we might have or even the progress we all make to change our lives for our kids. They go off "reports/concerns" and take a ridiculously long time to "investigate" anything. They don't care to know us. I agree that you need to contact that worker's supervisor. I have a similar communication issue. What I did is I called the main office in my state and started investigating who was in the order of command. I take notes of every call I make and who I talk to, left messages for all those people, obviously no one calls back ever but I have a record of who I attempted to contact! Keep a list of the people/position to whom you speak with. Leave many messages and many emails but be polite and clear always. Stay strong I know its hard but they will see and cannot deny your efforts if you keep trying to reach someone. I don't want to minimize your pain but at least your kids have their mother to comfort them, so be strong for her too and she will be strong for them.

Good luck. Don't give up.

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Re: We are destroid emotionaly

Postby [email protected] » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:50 am

I understand what you're going through. My husband has no contact with 2 of our kids due to false allegations with no proof, no criminal charges, no investigation whatsoever except through CPS and all they have to say is they believe it happened without submitting any proof. We have been fighting for 3 years to get them back. I've passed all their drug tests including 2 hair follicles, plus underwent a mental health assessment and an alcohol and drug assessment. No recommendations were given, so they gave me a parenting assessment which was pretty much the same thing under a different label. Now they want me to go to 3 community support groups per week, even though I don't use drugs, and they said I need outpatient mental health classes which don't even exist in this community. Every time we complete one goal they come up with another one, and it's usually something that isn't offered here, or that they have to get a referral for and they drag their feet to get it done, leaving us in limbo. Then they tell the judge we either haven't completed services or we refused them. They want to terminate our rights, and we never ever neglected or abused our kids
Keep having faith

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