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Postby aljj310 » Sun Aug 14, 2005 2:09 am

Hello :-( cant say i am happy to meet all of you at all Our Case is WAY different!!
way way different..
My husband and I are happly married have been for 3 1/2yrs our 2 kids were taken
4mths ago.... (its been the longest 4mths in my LIFE) longer then CHILD BIRTH!!!
in itself.
anyways My oldest (2 when taken) now 3yrs old has CRONIC CRONIC CRONIC asthma the
little boy has had sugrys and hospitalization after Hospitalization!! er visit
after Er visit... he also has 16 food allergies..and was born 2mths premature!
my youngest 9mths at the time now almost 1yrs old :-( was PERFECTLY HEALTHY at
the start of this NEVER got any colds or ANYTHING!!! now has asthma!!!
this all started when i let my guard down 4mths ago and took my oldest to a park..
there were no kids there at all!!! i thought that was a good thing but just from
playing by himself and my sister his aunty he GOT SICK! anytime he gets sick it
goes into a Wheeze anytime its a Wheeze Its an ER visit and EVERY SINGLE ER visit
means hes admited to the Hospital!! as soon as we got him home my sister started
a breathing treatment for him while i was getting his bath ready she gave him his
treatments (for when hes sick) and he got into the bath got his hair washed and all
of that stuff he was STILL Wheezy at the end of the Bath! so i called my husband
who was at work and told him to come home.. he headed home and my sister took the
baby so i could take care of my oldest.. as soon as my husband got home he came up
we got my oldest Dressed changed his diper gave him a Clean Bottle and put on a
Clean Outfit for him to wear (we have had CPS called on us 2 other times before
from the hospital both times the accuzations were found false and let go never
anything more then a SOcail worker saying dont worry about it we know your good
parents!) so we got him to the hospital (my sister stayed with the baby) I took him
right in while my husband parked the car he came in then after all the paper work
and CRAP we finally went to the back were they finally started giving him Breathing
treatments like we had been saying HE NEEDED!!!!.. that night we got some Doc..
who was from a very WELL known hospital around here who was there teaching others
how to use this new Michen(sp) the ER had so he decided to use it on our oldest!
well in useing it you have to have the Oxygen at say 5 and no lower!! the doctors
didnt know anything at all they were all messing up to make a long part short
Johnathan was getting better but they "Couldnt take him off the Oxygen because the
Michen(sp) needed it to stay at 5! or it wouldnt work!!! so they kept him on it
telling us he needed it Then like 12hrs later they tell us our oldest is way to bad
and he has to go to ICU!! intensive care cus hes REAL BAD...that same doctor is the
one that called CPS on us!! he called and said our oldest was
Severly Medically Neglected
we (my husband and I) didnt know how to give him his meds correctly if we did he
would have never been in there in ER..
that we Brought our oldest in with CLothing that was SOILD and Saturated with URIN
and that he was found in very unclean unsafe Detremental Health with Human Poop! all
ALLLL over his body!!

that next morning
i got the call! from a Emergency social worker saying who she was and telling me
something about my oldest but i couldnt hear her i was on my cell phone in the middle
of the STore with lots of people around.. i kept telling her over and over i needed
her to call me leave me a voice message with her number and who she was and i would
call her back she JUST WOULDNT GET OFF THE PHONE she asked me were the baby was and
i told her i am out running around and the baby is with my sister at home hes fine..
then shes telling me too on the phone from what little i could get that shes going to
the hospital were my oldest is to see him to meet with him!! i said I DONT THINK SO
NO ONE SEES MY KID WITHOUT ME!!! NO ONE!!! "i didnt really know or understand who the
hell she was.. i had to hang up after that i couldnt hear her!! later she contacted
us to tell my husband and i that we were going ot have a meeting to discuss the
things that were going on this went on and on for 3days mean while we still had our
baby at home with us safe and sound and our oldest was being Held at the hospital
we were told i couldnt sleep there with him at night! (I ALWAYS DO THAT!!!) i did
stayed the nigth with him 8mths pregnant in the hosptial glued to his bed!! and
EVERY TIME we were there visiting with our oldest we were not ALLOWED out of his
room (not told why for 2days) and the nurses were ALLLLLLLL really big big asses
watching everything if i got up to go to the restroom they were RIGHT THERE!! pissed
me off..after 3days of not having the meeting with the Emergency Social worker
she told my husband we had to go to court I WAS VERY SCARED!! i didnt know what to
think or anything so we went!! in court the social worker stood up and LIED in court
to the Judge and to others the judge asked were the baby was and she stood up lied
and said "The Baby is being Withheald from us he is AWAL we dont know were the child
is" EVEN THOUGH right before we walked in my husband told our babys attourney were
he was and my attourney knew AND! the social worker knew shes the one that told us
we didnt have to BRING him to court! i wouldnt have anyways bringing a baby around
that much crap all the jerms and things..the judge looked at my attourney at the time
asked were the baby was i told my attourney for the 4th!! time hes at home the judge
Looked at the social worker and the attourneys of our oldest and our baby and said
You know were he is So go and Get Him!!!"

we have sence then hired an attourney for myself cost is over 3 gran
all of the accuzations are all FAUlse and Full of BS..
my husband and i are both in indvidual councling thats $350 every 2 weeks
were in parenting classes those were $100 $50 each
i have had a 7:30 evaluation for (post partum depression that i had for 1mth
after i had my baby) thats GONE now my doctor even says so..
at first we were told just i had to go to indvidual councling
but have been told my husband and i both have to GO!
i have had to kick my parents out of our place (they moved here in a HURRY big time
as soon as they heard what happined to try to help)
the social workers dont want my parents any were near my kids (they havent EVER EVER
done anything to ever hurt my kids or anything) AND YET
the social workers MOre then one from the start of all of this are still includeing
my Horrible MOTHER IN LAW in things.. court dates possble foster parent and such!!
even though they know that my mother in law moved into the place we used to live in
with just our oldest my husband me and herself with MOLD and Mildow ALLLLL over the
house in the bedroom that was ours and all over the bathroom and kitchen (she told
the social workers i caused ALL OF IT i did just me!!) she has been the cause of
my oldest going to the hospital more the 2 handfuls of times 1 time for feeding him
Moldy lunch mean first off he cant have ANY LUNCH meat HES allergic and MOLD!!!
HECK NO but she gave it to him and lied to me about it admited it to my husband though
put our oldest in the hospital for 2wks! just that ONE TIME..
we moved out of there and our oldest has only been back to the hospital 2 times c
conting the time they just took him into foster care!! Also when my oldest was 1yrs
old she used to let him play with buckets of bleach!!! while she was washing clothes
saying it was PERFECTLY FINE!!!

i am not getting ANY SLEEP AT ALL ANY i have BAGS BIG TIME under my eyes!! if i
sleep its long enouph to have a bad dream (example: one of my kids having an asthma
attack me standing behind the door not being able to open it to help them and they
pass away!!! from not being able to Breath) i cant open or close my eyes without
crying..nightmare CITY!! my husband and i are really fighting going at it!! we
never fight were a very close family but this crap is riping us apart!!
and worse off i cant really take anything because the social workers are saying that
i am a drunk and a druggie!! i dont drink ANYTHING other then tea soda water and
vitamin water!!
We can only see our kids 3days a week 2 hours each day totaling 6hrs a week..
My oldest is 45mins away and my baby is like 5mins away but its not a good thing at

sorry its so long i hope you all got whats going on so far if you have
questions Just ask i am here on this site to learn to get educated to FIGHT intell
i get my kids back and try to help others as well..
"It is my Mission in Life for the REST of my life TO NEVER GIVE up on Getting my KIDS BACK!!"

"It is my Mission in Life for the REST of my life TO NEVER STOP LOVEING MY KIDS"

"It is my Mission in Life for the REST of my life TO NEVER STOP LOVEING MY HUSBAND"

"All things are Possible through the Lord God who Gives you Strength" :-)

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Postby brookie » Thu Sep 29, 2005 11:45 pm

I dont want to say anything mean, and I am sure you love your children. But loving them means also caring for them as in nurturing their growth, their safety and so on. I cant understand why there are all those accusations about how your kids were sick and so on, but what I cant understand is why you let your kids get to that point. I dont understand how all those accusations could be made up. whats going on. I feel a parenting class could help you in this area
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Postby Rainsong » Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:24 am

My S/O has sever asthma he has only 60% lung function. His parents went through hell to keep him alive. Infact he was legally dead twice. His father joined the navy to get good health benefits for him. He is now 24 (knock wood) and has been in and out of the ER several times since we have been together.

I am quite sure your son WAS covered in feces and urine. See when a body is preparing to die, bowels and bladder evacuate. I am not sure why. I also know hearing this right now is extremely scary.

I want you to know you were doing the exact right thing with his asthma. Some times a treatment or 6 does not work and so to the ER you go.

As far as mold? thats a trigger. If you can afford it try the ionic breeze air purifiers. It has done amazing things with my S/O's breathing.

I want to know how they would have reacted if you were giving him chest PT?

When he wakes up Ill have him call his mother for some websites and resources that helped her.
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I feel your pain

Postby TXGrandma » Fri Oct 07, 2005 12:10 pm

As for the asthma, my grandson had it bad as a baby as well. He lived with me (my daughter just dropped him off one day, poof, she disappeared for months at a time)

I understand how a baby with asthma can be OK 1 min and gasping the next. My grandson got real sick several times and was placed in a oxygen tent in ICU at least 10 times in 5 yrs. The meds the gave him caused the runs so there was many a time we would show up at the ER, he would be gray and gasping and both of us covered in poop.

That DR must be a real "Panic Attack" type :shock: but these days with the laws the way they are, if he hadn't called CPS someone else would have.

Hang tight, hopefully your lawyer will get them to back off.

Good luck

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