Looong Old Story

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Looong Old Story

Postby TXGrandma » Fri Oct 07, 2005 11:48 am

Hi everyone,

My history with TX CPS was long ago, beginning in 1979 - 1987 but I am still living with the emotional scars of it all as if it happened yesterday.

I am an only child of adoptive parents who divorced when I was 13. I continued to live with my (alcoholic) dad after my mother remarried. Her new husband was/is a control freak as was she.

I had my daughter when I was 16 in 1975. My dad's 2 barren sisters resented be before her birth but it turned to pure hate afterwards.

"How dare I have a child, I didn't deserve one!"

Step-father & Mom agreed, besides the fact that I got that way while not married embarrassed them as well.

From that day forward the 4 of them tried to convince the CPS I was an unfit parent. CPS began almost weekly visits to my house from that day on.

I enlisted in the USAF in Nov of 1975 leaving my daughter with my very supportive paternal grandmother which while it drove my aunts crazy, Granny refused to put up with their BS.

I came home from basic and packed up my kid and had a rather peaceful 4 1/2 yrs. When I was discharged I came home married and divorced by now, with not only her but a son.

Going to school full time and working was hard but when CPS started up their rounds again it became almost intollerable.

The know-it-all bunch was at it again. My grandmother went to bat for me again and since they could never find fault they never really pushed it. That is until one day my darling 4 yr old daughter fell in the bath tub and needed 3 stiches.

Apparantly one of my aunts, while visiting my grandmother and my daugter was there, got her to say I hit her. It appears she got a lot of praise and attention for "Proving!" this aunt was right all along what an undeserving brood bitch I was. My daughter was bribed to repeat it to CPS.

If my grandmother hadn't been there to defend me I would have lost both of my children that day!

From that day forward, CPS made my life hell!

With this aunt's coaching and CPS threats My daughter learned quickly how to get anything she wanted.

"Time for bed"... "I don't want to, Ill tell the lady you hit me again..." Get the picture.

CPS was up my butt, never with any substanciated evidence though, as there was none.

My daughter is now 30 yrs old, with borderline personality disorder/narcissitic tendicies. She had a baby in 1991, whom I raised for 5 yrs. She then took him and depostied him with his jail-bird lunitic father in Louisiana. It's been 5 yrs since I've seen him. :(

My oldest son developed bi-polar disorder, some Dr's say it was from the trama he suffered from his sister's constant "Drama Making". He is in and out of jail now and refuses to follow Dr and meds. He self medicates pot/alcohol/coke...

My saving grace :)
My youngest son, 19 is great. I home schooled him and was able to keep him under the CPS radar. He is in college and had a 3.8 GPA. No emotional problems.

So as you can see, while I may not have to deal with CPS today, they have left their stench on my life.

Sorry this was so long but I needed to get it out :x :(

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