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Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:13 pm
by trappedinwreakage
Normally one would start with "Hi" or "Hello" but its too perky to fit my place in life. Im a 49 year old man who started a life with my girlfriend and our daughter nearly 19 years ago. Our daughter is now nearly 18. Unlike many here I suppose, Im different. Im actually guilty "according to the modern concocted laws". Not one denial was made on my behalf of the incidence that took place that destroyed my father/daughter relationship and any and every aspect of the remaining years of my life. Its a long story and I just cant get into all the details without boring everyone to death, but there is a story here and Im going to tell it so take your time and read at your leisure or ignore it, either way, Im telling it.

First let me say: when a teenage girl aims for freedom of parental control regardless of the cost, the answer is only one action and a phone call away and all their wishes will be granted by perfect strangers, all of whom in this case never even raised a child and were clearly incompetent for the job had the opportunity knocked.

My daughter was at the time 15 and had a boyfriend that was 17 ... but little did I know he was a senior about to be 18 and graduating (by the skin of his teeth). My daughter was honor roll at school ... until this relationship.


That summer, the summer of 04 when we were told about a graduation party was when Dad finally began to get the picture. We're at the boys graduation party which was mostly this boys family members and Im doing my observing, a fathers job, yea thats what fathers do, look around and see what going on ..... well ...... I was not happy in the least, the boy displayed strange behavior for a highschool graduate and his Grandmother from his mothers side of the family shocked the heck out of me by requesting that I allow my 15 year old daughter to do a few weeks away from home in the summer with her 18 year old boyfriend at their Long Island home. Well I don't know about you guys but I was raised in the 60's and 70's in rural America and this kind of thing was unacceptable. I politely laughed at the woman and simply said "you got to be kidding me, no way".

back to my observations of this boy : This boy as we came to find out had severe psycological problems. A mother that was legally diagonosed as manic depressive and he had similiar problems, maybe worse. Couldnt keep a job (after graduation), cried like a baby when he didnt get his own way, chewed his nails endlessly, staring up into the sky oblivious as to what was going on around him even in a crowd or event. I was freaked right out as I began to spend time around my daughter and this boy. The relationship had already began and I was just becoming wise to the age situation and his mental problems. I was horrified, we have all seen the movies about mental boyfriends, when their girlfriend finally has had enough and drops them. So my daughter in the true spirit of her mother and father was trying to help this lost puppy, something I understood because at one time when I was younger I was a bleeding heart and tried to help so many people any way I could ........ but time makes one wise to this and you become aware of patterns and understand when help is beyond what you can offer. Still and all I can think of no one that would be happy with their high potential child of 15 setting their life on hold to rescue someone with severe psycological issues. We all know that the world today is not as forgiving of lack of education as it was 20 years ago and frankly as a father of a 15 year old I didnt need the extra trouble this baggage was going to add to my fathering job.

I should make note now that I am and always have been blue collar labor of some sort. I ran and worked my own small logging and pulpwood business for 20 years till corporate and wall street aMErica did their usual stunt and moved all the paper mills to south america for cheap labor and higher dividends. Since then I have had this and that jobs, like carpentry, truck delivery, basic labor and shop labor. During the time this occured I had a job driving truck for blacktop paving of interstates which is done at night and in 12 hour shifts, so I rarely saw my family. I had about 20 minute from the time my daughter got home from school till I left and usually my wife ws not home from work yet. We had brief periods on Saturdays and Sundays but I crawled in around 8:00 in the morning on Saturdays and went to bed. Then Id be sitting at the kitchen table pondering the meaning of life late Sat night and Sunday morning while they slept. Not much of a life, a chrime in my opinion, it was driving me crazy. This was also when unknown to me I was loosing control of the family decisions. After seeing the behavior of this boy I wanted it stopped but felt you just cant or shouldnt tell your daughter who she can or can not see. My rule was they had one day per weekend to spend together, that was it. I wanted her to spend time with her girl/ girl friendships at that time in her life, thts how things were when I grew up, boyfriends and girlfrineds were secondary not primary. Well, while I was working her mother allowed them to see each other constantly and the relationship grew way to serious for a 15 year old girl.

So school came back around, my daughter was in her 10th year (sophmore) and I put an end to any week time visits and only allowed the one weekend day for them to spend time together. Well this was the beginning of the challenge. I could see right away that my daughter was not spending much time with homework.

Note: We never married, I have a feeling about marriage I'll keep to myself but let me just say, we never got devorced either. so herby Ill call my "wife ... spouse ... significant other " "her mother" because its more accurate and less syllables than significant other or any of the other terms and "girlfriend" is not accurate, a couple that spends nearly two decades together, raises a child and all the ups and downs of life is more than a "girlfriend"

Work was rained out one night and I could see she was up late on the computer talking so I ended that, then I found her on the phone and had to stop that. Then to my disbelief the phone rang at 6:00 in the morning and it was this kid giving a wake up call. I was about to jump right out of my skin, "what the hell was going on in this town? " I felt like I was living in a foreign country in another time zone .... yea ... like the twilight zone.

One day I was out doing some work before work and she didnt come home on the bus. Her mothers work shift varies, when their work is done they are done and sent home so some days are shorter than others. Well her mother comes home and after awhile says "Im going to get Kayla", Im already a bit wise to it all and say "where?" She replies sheepishly "up to Johns" so I have my say as strong fathers do "I said she was not to see the boy during the school week and was to concentrate on school and her work at home ........ PERIOD!" She was actually given permission by her mother against my wishes to ride the school bus to this kids house after school. Yea I was mad and not ashamed to admit it.

When Kayla and her mother got home I once again began to lay donw "the laws". "No week time visits, one day a week on weekend only, no late nights on computer or telephone and no morning wake up calls, this relationship was out of control and not appropriate for a 15 year old girl ... and furthermore if the school grades and assignemtns suffer you will be grounded and you wont see this boy until the marks come back up .... period !" at which point my daughter replied with the look of a witch on her face "you just try it" I thought at the time it was strange I had never seen her react like that and was wondering what she meant by "you just try it" ... well I found out! She only needed to keep her grades up, something that was never a problem in the past.

Sure enought the first report cards came out around Thanksgiving and she had two 50's and a host of missing assignments. Another stunt that was always carried on in the house was this first report card that comes before Thanksgiving week would always never show up until after, that way we dont get in trouble over the holidays. Well anyhow that was it, I was grounding her which meant their weekend day together was over till I saw improvement in test scores and work assignments. I should make note at this time this was the girls first grounding, she had been sent to her room various times during her live for bad behavior but nothing serious. this was the first grounding, this was the first time I ever had reason to ground her. This was the first time she came home with anything below mid 70's(math) and most classes were always high 80's and 90's.

So she was sweet as Grandmas apple pie all week and weekend, so nice and volunteering to help with all the projects her mother and I were doing on the weekend. It was unbelievable, it was like we had our daughter back. But Im no dummy, I know what butt kissin is when I see it, still I did not expect anything that was about to happen. Come Thursday night (I was back on days for about a month at this point) she came up to me after less than 8 day of her grounding and said "Ive done this and that and all my homework and my grades are great, can I go to Johns Saturday?" at which point I said "I know you have been good but there is no proof your grades are better, it takes more than a week to go from failing to passing let alone maintain a decent grade" Well she went into a tantrum and started wreaking the house and verbally abusing her mother and myself with words I never would have dreamed of saying to my father let alone lived to tell about it (joke). For whatever ever reason, shock and desire to stop what was going on imeadiately I stood up and poped her in the hard part of her head ................ Ok so now everyone reading this is buggin "this is the kind of guy that gets the rest of us in trouble" Wanna know how hard I hit her ? She didnt go down, not even sure if she blinked, her eyes got huge and her face already a rage got more intence and she began to pound on me, which didnt hurt either, her mother ran in and trid to contain her and we struggled till she was on the ground and stopped fighting. Her mother had her around the waiste/legs and I had her by the pony tail with my body back out of the way from her wailing arms. At this time I said "Ok thats it, Im going up to Johns house and talk to his father and set down some ground rules, this relationship is way out of control"

When I got back Kayla was not home and I asked her mother "wheres Kayla?" she said "she said shes going to the hospitol to take picture"

and that was the end of life, family, and relationships as I had known it, from here on I would live in a twilight zone governed by rules and laws that felt like a bad out of body experience, Only those who have been here would understand, the words to describe fail to be found because they dont exist in the real world, only that of the CPS superheros. Maybe thats it ... a comic book reality.

Anyhow judge me as you will, i never hid anything from anyone, perhaps had I lied I would have faired better. My daughter and "wife" are back at home. She is struggling with the reality of the damage she unknowingly inflicted on the family. After a year she came to the reality of her wacky boyfriend which as Daddy perdicted turned very ugly and violent. She tried to quit school last year around a year after the "intervention". We, her parents mainly me fought hard to get her back in school after she refused to get out of bed or move for over 21 days. The school worked with me because they were well aware of the boys problems and what it had done to Kayla as well as her former standing school record. She even abondoned her friends. Incase you all didnt figure it out yet, this psycotic boy used suicide threats and stimulation on my daughter if she would not help him and was not allowed to see him. I knew this somehow, I knew something was wrong with their relationship, fathers have intuition too ladies. I knew he was clingy. I could tell by all the time needed on phone and how so many of the conversations seemd to go bad and have a bad effect on my daughters behavior.

I never blamed my daughter once and I felt bad for my reaction though I knew it was well controled and to the point, not something I did because I get my kicks out of it and she was not in damger once, I could have inflicted more pain with a simple spaking but whos gonna spank their 15 year old daughter thats in the middle of a fierce tantrum ?

Who I blame is the adults that were told the issues at hand and the stress myself as a father was under. The adults that saw and heard the boys suicide threats after they could no longer see each other becasue she was under "protective care" (double edged sword .. children!). He did a suicide attempt and called CPS constantly crying like a 4 year old. The wacky Grandmother called CPS constantly to see if she could adopt our "abused" daughter and told them how she had to help save my daughter from her "abusive father" ....... yarite ! Well these adults ignored all of that and went for the kill, they needed to teach me a lesson ......... which was what again ?

Its been about 2 1/4 years now and I am not the person I was, nor is the family. My will and enthousiasm is gone. Life takes enthousiasm you know. Im now on the list with drunks that beat their kids a few times a week just because. I wrote this in late fall around two years from the time this happened.

. . . . . . . . . Gone . . . . .
How could one begin to understand?
From where I stand, it all seems clear
Yet contradiction prevails
Leaving me hopelessly numb

A life built on pride and dreams
Swiped clean in one heroic moment
They’d never been there, they’d never seen
Yet had all the answers and rewrote my scene

Gone was the past, it carried no weight
Gone was today, it bore too much pain
Gone was the future, branded to damnation
Gone was it all, yet still I breath

All I’d done, all I had gained
Would pale by comparison
To this monumental moment
By which they would claim their fame

Now this, the monument of my life
Becomes the peak of my obsession
All would center on this day, the day
They took it all and threw it away

Scars on the skin … fade
Can’t get it back
Scars on the soul … control
Can’t get it back

Gone in a moment, branded the name
Gone into history, never be the same
Gone is a reason, life’s only pain
Gone in a moment … yet still I remain

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 4:02 pm
by Frustrated
That is sad story and possibly many Teenagers use CPS tactic to get away from their punishement/groundings.

Have you considered writing a Book? You sound like an Author and the writing of yours sounds very descriptive and down to a T's. We all felt the pain same as yours. Just different.

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:47 pm
by fightingfor3
All I can say is that you have this point on. We all didn't plan this in our lives and have all been changed by what has happened to us on so many levels. But you have today and maybe tomorrow. You seem like you had very much a plan in mind on how things should be, how your family should be. It's not fair that they can come in and change our plans, but we learn and we make new ones. Your family is different now and has seen and experienced a different part of society and truth than a lot of people, but it can make you stronger and wiser. It didn't have to happen this way for any of us, but maybe there is a little light to it all, maybe it frees us from those original plans.

I worry about the days my kids do come home and we have to rebuild from scratch and face all the new open wounds, but even though my kids at an early age saw a lot of ugly that I would never wish and I worked damn hard to protect them from, they will be better equipped for later in life and maybe they will make a difference with their knowledge. If nothing else my kids will always be able to look back and say that mom loved them and mom has always been there.

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 9:32 am
by Frustrated
Yes I agree.
I have to agree with trappedinwreakage. I have Two Sons who is 19 and almost 14 yrs old. I have other daughter who is 12. By Canada Law, No spanking is allowed over 12 to 18. So I take away their priviledges and they do not like it very much. I take away their friends, their computers, phones and whatnots. They would scream bloody murder and threatens to call CPS for that. :roll: But they know the consquences if they do call, they will stand to lose alot more than just friends, computers, Playstation2 games, etc...they will lose their freedom and won't see their parents as much. They did not like that idea too much either. They wanted to stay and knows that Mother knows best and LOVE THEM DEARLY. They have learned that if they did something wrong like breaking curfew or not doing their chores, or whatever, their priviledges would be taken away. I did at one time, didn't like their friends and told them to get rid of them because they were a bad influence. They of course objected to it, but found out the hard way, they got stab in the back because their friends treated them like dirt. So they ditch them and find better Friends that are good and loyal friends. I do watch who they are.
I would get lots of Kids coming in my House in and outs, most of them teenagers. One time I told them to get out because they wanted to have a party or loud music. The wonders of Teenage Years. ha...I know, I have been there. It is not easy being as a Teenager.

So I can relate to your Story. Ignore these CPS righteous yuppies who thinks they are perfect in every way, Just do what you think is Right by its standards. That is called being a Parent. A Parent who loves their Kids and teaches them from right and wrong. Everyone has Parental Rights to what they do with their Children.

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 11:32 am
by trappedinwreakage
Now for nearly the past year we have governed our daughter with a PINS partition. (person in need of supervision) Its a form of probation.

I moved her mother in an apartment 2 years ago to get her back after the Superheroes for a Day got done having thier day with my life in court. That took 3 months of psycological torture ... uh ... thats a from of mental abuse ! ...... is mental abuse legal now CPS and American judicial law ? it was a long day but ... hey ... so long as they were having fun playing "God" its all A OK ey ?

Actually they put no effort into any of it, nothing, they did absolutely nothing. Made no psyc appointments to get her in to see what this kid was doing to her mind. To try to understand what was up with her behavior. THey figured they didnt need to know because it was ..... ME ! Yet they recieved a continous barrage of phone calls from this SICK kid, ballin his eyes out like a baby. Grandma calling all the time, prying into my families business. A suicied attempt by the kid and they never once backed off of me or put a second into helping my daughter where she needed it....even though the problem was so obvious to anyone of sound mind ..... anyone that had experience raising children ....... which of course CPS workers do NOT !

So here I was with a restraining order on me and all this wacky stuff going on while my hands are tied behind my back. They had three months to see it all very clearly but walked into that court after three months and still went for the throat and I just looked at everyone in the court room and said "if thats what the DA wants" "I just hope your all proud of yourselfs when we get to the end results". I made a motion that her mother was moving out and my daughter returned to her. I walked out of court and never had anything to do with them again. I did no programs, refused all meetings and on one phone call by CPS to get me to a "meeting" I told them CPS were "the poster children for pro abortion". I hated that I ever laid eyes on my family or had a single dream in my life because it was clear by their actions that I was unworthy of anything but the air which they had no way of turning off.

they took our Christmas - I had to listen to her mother begging on the phone with this one CPS worker , the main case super or what ever she was, she was the big cheeze .......... litterly . Kayla wanted her mother to take her Christmas shopping, there were no charges or anything on her mother. She called and that woman sat there and refused and said and I quote "you cant do anything with her now she will be spending Chritmas and shopping with ....... HER FOSTER MOM ! "

WOA ! I'll tell you right now my mother died when I was 12 and you only get one "MOM", thats it! That woman had no right what so ever to call someone else my daughters "MOM" and had no rights refusing her mother visitation or any thing else. If I wasnt in trouble I would have hunted that woman down that night, and gladly excepted any charges that might occur for what I did to her, but I wasnt going to let that reflect on the petty action that started all this stupid business. That woman is the most worthless person I have ever met. Her toc is a tickin', thats all I can say.

No sorry you cant have people do this to you and pick up the pieces. It was 15 years of family works scattered all over the floor by clueless idiots and I was not interested in proving my worth by glueing my hard work back together again ...... just because. I was not interested in running my family as the pshcologically castrated mess they had turned me into. I was not interested in going and talking to some consoler to find out how I was supposed to be OK with what they did to my family and my reputation and my job future. I was not about to "go on" as they all so elequently put it :roll: like life was just a nice sunshinny day and I was oh so lucky to be alive. Yea, that was always my goal in life ...... "what do you want to do when you grow up?" ......."oh ........I want to "go on", thats all I want..........I want to go on".

My problem is I know Im the decendent of milliniums of hunters and warriors. Family leaders, hard working decision makers that ruled with a firm hand and loved from within. I also know its a natural instinct for all mammals to protect their own territory and be extremely gaurded of their off spring ........... I know that these wimpy modern laws protect the weak and punish the strong and the goal of these laws is to pound down the strong until the world is nothing but a bunch of gumbys .... all happening in my generation. Rewriteing the characteristics of man in my generation like natural selection and natural instinct never occured and carrys no justified weight in our pshcological makeup.

So here we are, our governments ghinnea pigs, used to make examples of infront of our communuties and parents that have not yet gotten in trouble so they know to never do what we did....... which was what again ? We are just supposed to let these kids behaive however they please and the world will be a better place for it ......... you'll all see ........ well poke my eyes out, I dont like what I see.

heres something I just started

Tic ticky tic toc the mouse ran up the clock
From high above he looked fierce and frightening
So all the sheep below voted him "The King"

They bowed their heads so full of themselves
In that they had done the right thing, for you see
Sheep come as they are and sheep they’ll all be
Stepping in line to follow the mouse into a sea of bliss

If the piper led rats
And the mice ... fed cats
Would men become sheep
And follow mice where cats sleep ?

A mouse needs little to satisfy its needs
But a place to sleep and grind its teeth
Now a mouse lives in our clock
Building its house and grinding its teeth

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2007 2:36 pm
by Frustrated
Well, all I have to say that I can relate to that in very much the same way. These CPS Whackos had the experience how to mess with your minds. They are so good at it, in fact they are TRAINED to do that. I agree with you, it is mental and emotional abuse on their part. It is much far worse than anybody doing it to you. If it was emotional and psch, mental abuse, it would be CPS doing it.

You sound like my hubby, who would refuse to go to meetings, who refuses to make appointments with them, and refuse to do any services, or any "programs". He is stronger than I. I have to say that I have learned how to exercise my Rights now. Before that experience, the first year with CPS, I was clueless and thought they were "child savers" or "helpers" but boy was I ever wrong. They would point the fingers calling you a Child Abuser without proof or facts to back it up. In fact, they did not have any proof. Then they preach "do not spank" or "do not do that" and do it our way, as they said "it is better this way". Our way is BETTER.
Even Psch. disagree with them, and Judges disagree with them. We are seeing many, many Juveniles coming in Courts for some crimes they did. One Judge had said "there are so many youths coming to my Courtroom and something got to be done". He goes on saying "These Youths were never disciplined, or spanked or corrected". He also adds,"Something got to be done to minimize the Youth Crimes and bring back RESPECT TO PARENTS and AUTHORITIES." He also adds on "These Youths has No respect or No remorse for what they did." He is the same one that agreed to Canada Spanking Law and made it effective. "Maybe that would teach them."

Now Child and Youth Services are challenging the Spanking Law saying it is "harmful". I say now, WHERE IS THE PROOF of that? It has been around for Centuries. Many has avoided Criminal Records and very respectful to Society. But we are seeing more Youths disrespecting others now because many Parents are told not to do ANYTHING! CPS tells them, "you better refrain discipline on your Kids." Refrain? Teach them nothing? Where is the respect? There aren't anymore.

Like you said, I do not like what I am seeing either. The clock is ticking for sure, and some one is going to be judged really harshly. I know it is not going to be me. One CPS Worker now cannot have babies, she is infertile now. I don't know about that but I'd say it is punishement for her for ruining so many families. I'd heed what God warns. DO NOT TAKE OR RUIN POOR PEOPLE or TAKE AWAY THEIR CHILDREN OR CONSQUENCES WILL DO ONTO YOU.

I guess they didn't heed that warning. :roll:

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 9:05 am
by jackiew75
Sorry to hear about your struggles.....

I have to say though..... I commend you for your honesty. Not a trait many people carry now adays.

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 11:12 am
by Frustrated
Honesty is the best policy as we usually say, but that is not always the case when it comes with these CPS People. Honesty does not mean nothing jack to them, and they would use Honesty against you. :roll: Almost every time. In fact, these CPS People can't be honest but lies. That's what they are good at. We are the exact the opposite. But I guess the Truth always win. Even if you lost the Court Case, the Truth always win, and punishment will do onto them, for lying.

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:16 pm
by jackiew75
The most fundemental part of him telling the truth though, is that his daughter will forever remember that.... He, like many of us, will struggle an enormous personal and emotional battle while fighting DHS/CPS, but in the end, honesty truly is the best policy regardles of how those ignornat fools try and use it against us.....

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:05 am
by fightingfor3
I shared your story with a friend of mine and he brought up an interesting look on things. We were talking about how difficult it is to parent now a days, today your told one thing, tomorrow it's the wrong thing. Parents are on egg shells and we have to compete with everyone who thinks they know better, other people's kids who are out of control, and our own kids who threaten us if we so much raise an eyebrow (My six year old once threatened, hands on her hips, that the cops would be called on me cause I didn't have her after school snack waiting like usual). We get blamed if our kids our out of control and are blamed if we try to stop it. That's why you hear stories now of unconventional parenting techniques (parents going on strike and such).

What about all the talk shows where kids are out of control and they send them off to boot camp. Screaming in their face, the crowd (grown adults) yelling and cussing at kids. That's not abuse? Is that suppose to be the answer? Where are the lines drawn? Our society is screwed up.

Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 8:56 pm
by katgotsteve
i feel like you just spoke of my sister's life story. only difference is my sister went on to marry her b/f and reproduce with him. she now has a child who is diagnosed bipolar, but they are not sure of that. he husband went to prison for child molestation of my brother and was accused of giving his own daughter herpes, but yet cps let my niece live with 3 years after the alleged herpes incident and then my brother was raped by this man at knife point and she continues to live with after that incident for over a year. so who the hell are they protecting? not the kids, they pick and choose things. i have a cousin, she grew up in an abusive home, her dad beat her and he mom. cps would come out when she had black eyes and sometimes open sores on her face, her dad would say she is a difficult child she wont mind and then boom all of sudden she was going for drug test and counceling...tell me where was the protection for her.
i am glad your daughter got out, i wish my sister had. i hope your daughter gets the counceling she needs to not get into a relationship like that again. i know hind sight is 20/20, but alot of women fall into this situation and dont figure it out until later. i wish the best. we all make mistakes and learn from them, i hope you and your daughter heal your relationship becuase you only have one father.

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:51 am
by trappedinwreakage
No one and I repeat NO ONE caN come out of a situation like mine and go on about their merry life. With these people its over and that is what they want, a life time of damnation. People like me have to pay for stuff like this guy katsgotsteve was just talking about. Now we just had a sick, released, sex offender rape and bury alive an 8 year old girl down in Florida and thousands of unsuspecting parents across America are going to have to pay for his sickness with the loss of their family and family structure all in the name of "we cant take any chances" ... "this is just what we do" ... "we do this to make sure it doesnt happen again" ... I say ... "WHAT?", "WHAT HAPPEN AGAIN ?", "DISICIPLINING A TEENAGE DRAME QUEEN ON A RAMPAGE ?", " No we wouldnt want to disipline a teenage drama queen on a rampage ........... just let them wreak the house and cave in to their demands?" THAT WILL GUARANTEE IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN ..................... ya rite !

No the relationship with my daughter stinks, it cant be what it was before its not possible. She uses the entire thing against me everytime shes mad. I just endured hours and hours of it about 6 weeks ago. "your nothing but a looser" "your nothing but a convicted child abuser" ......... believe me when I tell you I wanted to DRILL HER and with no remorse. If myself or any of my friends ever talked to our parents like that we would have been drilled and grounded for an entire season ... but we never would have even thought to speak like that to our parents. These kids know they can get away with this crap now. We knew we could get away with NOTHING! There would be consequences for our bad actions or disrespect or potty mouth.

this is why she is on PINS (probation). She skipped school for 21 days, was way behind on homework, failing grades, no respect for anyone. Yelling at her mother down in their apartment, I fought through the door with her for 45 minutes of more verbal abuse to get her back in school, then she just went in and did nothhing and left early, showed up late, same old crap. Thats when I filed the PINS, but that took three stupid months, so for another 3 months she ran rabid, she even stopped going home to the apartment at night. It was such BS and I wasnt paying for it anymore so her mother and I decided that she was moving back home and Kayla either straighten out and fly straight or she could go live in a home with the real hard cases. There was 5 ... 5 times the Police were called to this boys apartment to break up a fight with him and my daughter and my daughter gave the cops such a huge mouthful of nasty lip service, the cops told me they could not believe it. I tried to get a restraining order on the boy and no one could do a thing ... but me ... they had one on me for a year and a half ............. ? ? ? ?

Think about it, here is a girl that took on the most powerful man she had ever known ........ her father ..... and won. Took him down to his knees and taught him a "lesson". Now do you think a teenager has what it takes to emotionally deal with all this freely granted power properly ? If so ....... why dont we just hire on all these young adults to run the world ........ wouldnt that be fun ? Crucial worldly decisions made spontaneously on the whim of a teenager on a hormone rush .................... ?

Brilliant ... absolutely Brilliant !

Bravo CPS/Family Court Superheroes for a Day ... Bravo !

Well this is how our Government, CPS and family courts legal spokesmodels have our teenagers run our families, all they have to do is shout and its all over but the crying.

We pay these people so they can teach our children we are lousy parent ....... somebody shoot me please !

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 12:16 pm
by Frustrated
I really, really feel your pain. Here I have the same thing where I have almost 14 yrs old Son who told me to shut the f*** up. Oh okay.......when I take away his privledges, no computer and no PS2 Games for a week, he would scream and stomp the floors like a 4 yrs old. I really mean screaming. When I wouldn't budge, he would throw stuff at me. It is that serious. I even called the Cops once or twice for his behavior. Throwing Mouse at me, and throwing stuff like remote control all around and flying...
Yes that's teeanger on a rampage out to get control on the Parents. and HE KNOWS that CPS will help him just to do that. :roll: and my Oldest Daughter is picking it up from my Son and she even threatened to call CPS If I don't give her what she wanted. :roll:
And bingo bango, we are lousy Parents and child abusers now. All because we were being a Parent and trying to teach them from disrespect to Parents. We get this treatment back and CPS gives us a warning "not to do anything" and let them get away with it. :roll:

Yes Bravo for CPS and Teenagers to achieve that goal. I hope they are happy. We won't be around for long when we get older, they won't get what they wanted.

I do really know your position and it is a hard, hard lonely place where everyone thinks you are wrong and they are Right! Ugghh just makes me feel disgusted what is going on in this World, just utter total disrespect. You know, about when I was a child, 30 yrs ago, I was taught about respect, and I look around, there was total respect among our people. But when I see today, I see nothing but total disrespect. It is all changed now and more costly because we are paying the price for it. :?