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Signing away rights

Postby w_woody » Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:32 am


I'm never going to sign my rights away, period. I'm going to fight this until I'm bankrupt or hell freezes over. I have a very, strong bond with my child and until my ex started trying to deliberately push me out of his life everything was actually pretty good. I myself know that if I had never spanked my son and left that bruise on his leg, that it would have been something else. It would have been another sexual abuse allegation, a bump on his head leading to a physical abuse allegation, a complait to his mother about having to take a time out leading to an emotional abuse allegation...it would have been something. Anything, she could think of to try and gain, hold, and maintain control over this entire situation.

Instead of doing what's best and allowing a peaceful co-existence she's become hell bent on winning a battle, that can't be won. The only way to at least salvage something good is an armistace (sp?) and I figured that out from day one. I'm watching her continue to wage this war distroying my son's life, instead of offering a neutral agreement to reign and I can't help but see why dozens of people give up and walk away from their kids.

I'm fighting for equality, she's fighting for everything, and my son's caught in the middle. I can see now why people tell me that sometime's it's better to just give up and wait until he's older. Why people just walk away...by contniuing to fight, I'm just as guilty as she is for making his life miserable.

How do you convey all this to someone who won't listen. Someone who can't see past themselves long enough to see exactly what it is that they are doing. How do you convey that this kind of custody dispute isn't going to win anything for anybody except heart ache and pain. The law isn't going to fix it, no judge can end it. I don't care if the Judge gives me full custody tommorrow and order's only supervised visitation for her, my son ends up paying the price for that. He ends up with countless questions and the pain of why his mother can't come around. Even if the Judge sides with her, I'll never stop loving my son, regreting what I did, feeling guilt for not doing something else, something more. I'll never stop loving him or missing him.

I just wish that understanding was something we could all take like a pill. Something so small and painless that would open our eyes and be able to see things from the opposite side. All I know is I'm going to do what I think is right, what is fair, and what is honorable...and hope that in the end that everyone, especially my son, knows that I did my very best for him, because I love him.

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Postby katgotsteve » Fri Apr 18, 2008 3:52 am

i was sitting down with a man the other day. he has a daughter with his first wife who is now 21, he too fought to see this child. the mother would make these allegations, she would refuse to let him see his daughter. it was so bad that they had to meet each time for pick up in front of the courthouse with deputies to monitor. the mother would put on a scene, i mean a real scene, fall down crying, act like the deputies were ripping her child from her arms....it was a sight to be seen and the child was 11 at the time.
he would go in front of the judge and win contempt charges against her each time, but what do you do have her arrested? even the judge did not know what to do, he would make an order she would ignore it. the only recourse he had was to lock her up, but that would have made his daughter hate him more he thought. now the child is 21 and will not have anything to do with her dad or her siblings (he has two more kids).
i guess what i am trying to say, is there is no win/win situation here. my husband lived through a similar situation, only one of his three sons will have anything to do with him. all you can do is hope and pray for the best.
hang in there.

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Finally, I have an order.

Postby w_woody » Mon May 12, 2008 5:30 am

If you've been reading this you know what all has transpired in my case. On Thursday May the 8th last week we went for our hearing on my Ex's illegal move of my son out of the state. Upon entering the courtroom my attorney was persented with a parenting plan, signed by the judge outlining his order in the case. This was the order I had been waiting for since our hearing on January the 3rd. It was signed May the 8th so he had completed it that day but upon reading it I didn't care what day it was signed.

The order granted me equal parenting time with my son. I have finally been re-established as an equal custodian of my son.

It has been 2 years 8 months and it's finally over. The Department of Children's services has been removed completely from any further dealings in our matter. Although she will be allowed to remain in Virginia with her parents (something my attorney advised me to agree to, because he was unsure the judge would go so far as to order her to move back to the state of Tennessee) I will get my son every weekend, and my Ex will have to make the commute to my county where we will exchange my son. I will also get both his spring and fall breaks, 3 weeks during the summer and a week at Christmas. All of his free time is mine. Although I will miss out on much of what goes on in his school I shall be able to at least be a parent to him now.

All decisions will now be made jointly and I no longer have to linger on the past. I shall be able to learn from my mistake and move on.

I know however, that my fight is not over. I now move forward. I shall not let my recored at CPS stand as I intened on fighting to have it cleared.

I also know that my Ex isn't going to rest. Sure I have won a small victory, but my child's life still hangs in the balance. I still have 13 more years of dealing with his mother in some capacity and I fully expect more stunts to come. However, now I'm in a much better position to protect him from her garbage tatics.

I thank each and every person who has contributed to this post. I thank each and every person on this board who has prayed even a small prayer for me. Thank you all for your support and for this forum.

I know Child Abuse is a real problem and something that has to be fought against, but CPS's failures in policy are a bigger threat to our kids then any thing. We have got to keep fighting for our rights as parents and fighting for the rights of our children, so that familes are not ripped apart by false allegations, lies, and failures in the system.

Expect to see me on this board time to time contributing and updating on my own personal fight against CPS and it's policy failures.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and kind words.


Will Woody
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Here we go again.

Postby w_woody » Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:47 am

I have been happily enjoying my equal parenting time with my son this summer, until just this past weekend. I went to pick up my son at the elotted time in the elotted location and after an hour wait, my son's grandparents never showed up with my son. I called multiple times over the course of the next 3 hours and it wasn't until 9:32 I recived a call from them telling me they weren't coming and that my son was okay. They refused to tell me why they wheren't coming and told me to speak to my attorney. I finally got in touch with him on Saturday morning and found out that once again, I have had the Department of Children's Services called on me. Apparently when my son went home after staying with me for a week he had bruising/marks on his left arm he said he had gotten when I had "grabbed him really hard".

I have no idea what they are talking about because the only time I even physically touched him to disipline him was in my parents home in front of both of them and he fell on the ground and refused to get to his feet when I told him it was time to go. So, I had to try and pick him up, yet he refused to stand. So I popped him on his thigh twice and told him to stand up. Which he promptly did. Then went into the living room and told me that he "hated me, and that he was going to tell his mamaw on me and I would go to jail."

I am so unbelieveably upset due to the simple fact that his birthday is this coming weekend and I had planned him a party and a trip to the movies and everything. Now the rest of my summer visitation is shot because this process will take weeks and I am going to have to go through this whole stupid process again. How many times can you be accused of harming your children before someone stands up and says...hey...maybe this guy isn't the problem. Maybe it's the fact that his mother/grandparents think that any kind of disipline isn't worth anything. To them it's just ignore it and it'll go away.

I'll keep everyone updated as I go.

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Postby katiefields » Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:47 pm

The DHS in Mississippi is doing the same thing to me, making me feel worthless and that making me also think that I am the worse parent in the world. My son had a couple cavities in his mouth before I got the chance to reapply for chips a medicaid insurance service in Mississippi, and get them fixed. Now they are saying that I caused the tooth decay when he has been in their custody for the last 4 months. It was not all that bad before he got took when they were arrested. and they are now blaming it on me. How can they do this? They are trying desparately to keep my kids from me? Like I said on one of the other message forums I got visitation with my kids that the judge granted supervised but yet they are still yet to call anyone to get this arranged. What can I do to get them off their butt and on their feet to do anything.

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Going back to Court

Postby w_woody » Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:53 am


To make sure everyone is up to speed. My Ex's mother contacted CPS again after I dropped off my son during our last visit, which was from June 27th thru July 7th. She reported that my son came home with bruising on his upper left arm that he said he had gotten when "his daddy grabbed him real hard."

As this has been going on over nearly 2 months some things have come to my attention and on Thursday I have a court hearing on whether there should be contempt charges against my son's mother.

The only time I used physical discipline on my son during his week plus of visitation was within an hour of him going home. I tried to lift him from the floor and he refused to stand up on his own (he's six) after I told him to go and put on his shoes that it was time to leave my mother's home after a visit. He didn't want to leave because he wanted to stay and play with my neice. After he refused to stand I "popped" his bottom twice and he got up and went to the chair to put on his shoes. All the while telling me I was mean, he hated me, and that he would tell his mamaw and I would go to jail. Both my mother and step-father witnessed this exchange and both can testify that I did nothing wrong.

My son was dropped off to his maternal grandmother on Monday the 7th.

I called and spoke to my son at length on the 8th.

My son's maternal grandmother called DCS sometime between the 7th and 11th. She didn't take my son to a doctor until the 11th. The doctor issued a statement that my son had 2 bruises the largest measuring 4 mm long and 0.5 mm wide. (That is relatively 2/3 the length of my pinky finger and 1/3 as wide). Instead of calling to tell me what was going on or that they wheren't bringing my son they faxed my attorney a letter late Friday afternoon, of course he didn't have time to notify me so I ended up waiting for over an hour and then calling for three before finally being told that they wheren't coming, again, by my son's maternal grandmother.

Okay, two weeks later my attorney gets another fax from my ex's attorney saying that my son is afraid to speak to me, that he was abused while in my care and that the parenting plan that has only been in effect a month needs to be modfied. It also had a letter attached from the doctor who saw my son on the Friday after I dropped him off and a letter from my son's counciler, whom apparently he had only started seeing after we went to court and I was given equal custody and that she was seeing my son and his maternal family, that she felt that it was in my son's best interest that I not get unsupervised vistis until after I've been evaluated and treated by a psychologist. (Note: I have never even spoken to this person on the phone, let alone been seen in her office).

Well that next day I met with DCS, and explained to her exactly what happened. After only about a 20 minute meeting she told me that this was nothing more then a custody dispute one they aren't going to get involved in and that she would call and recommend the visitation to resume and that she would just come and interview my son in my home while she did the in home inspection.

Okay, the next day they didn't bring my son to me. They also didn't show up the following week. My attorney contacted DCS who told him that she had told them to send my son and that after she had spoken to my ex and her attorney that my son's grandmother called and was upset about her recommendation. She then set up an appointment to meet my son, in her office, instead of my home. Well they didn't bring my son to that meeting.

So It has been over 30 days since the report and my son still hasn't been interviewd by DCS and after DCS recommended bringing my son back to me and they didn't, they didn't show up to a meeting to interview him, so I hope they have no stand as to why they violated the court ordered parenting plan and visitation. So that is why I'm taking them back to court and trying to get contempt charges.

I am praying to get an "unfounded" ruling from DCS prior to going back to court. So that I can get my parenting time back and teach these people a lesson.

This is the fourth allegation made by my ex to DCS, since we've split up.

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Hearing and the Aftermath

Postby w_woody » Fri Sep 05, 2008 8:38 am

Basically, my Ex didn't show up for the hearing. Nor did her attorney, so my Ex was found to be in contempt of court, by default. So the judge told my attorney he was going to reserve the punishment and have my attorney write an order to set a hearing date on the punishment for the contempt charge, (instead of just issuing it from the bench because my Ex wasn't there).

After the hearing my attorney was contacted by my Ex's attorney and she stated that they didn't recieve notification of the hearing prior to the hearing, in fact she didn't get the letter that was postmarked on the 21st until the 30th. Seven days later and two days after our hearing. How convienant.

Yesterday, everything broke wide open.

I recieved a letter from DCS stating that it was closing the case against me with a "Could Not Complete" ruling because my Ex never produced my child for interview. Basically, she called DCS on me then wouldn't let them talk to my son. So my Ex's attorney must have also gotten a call because she contacted my attorney and agreed to resume visitation with my son immediately on the condition I not have my Ex arrested on the contempt charge when she showed up to drop off my son. Instead we would post pone her hearing on the contempt charge.

So as it stands now my visitation is to resume today, DCS is again out of my case and we await a hearing on my Ex violating our parenting plan.

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Re: Hearing and the Aftermath

Postby Momoffor » Fri Sep 05, 2008 2:23 pm

w_woody wrote:So my Ex's attorney must have also gotten a call because she contacted my attorney and agreed to resume visitation with my son immediately on the condition I not have my Ex arrested on the contempt charge when she showed up to drop off my son. Instead we would post pone her hearing on the contempt charge.

So as it stands now my visitation is to resume today, DCS is again out of my case and we await a hearing on my Ex violating our parenting plan.

Sounds like blackmail using your son as the bait. Did you agree to that?

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Postby w_woody » Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:47 pm

I didn't agree to anything.

Basically my Ex re-started the visitation that should have never been stopped. Her Attorney then asked for a continuance on the contempt charge.

I am not going to simply drop the issue however, because I know if I do we'll be doing this whole routine again in six months. I am hoping that I can at least get the judge to do something to prevent them from doing this again and again and again.

I couldn't have had my Ex arrested anyway...she has never brought my son to the custody exchanges anyway since they started back in May of this year. Her mother always brings my son and drops him off.

My son is telling me some things since his return that have really called into question what direction I need to go altogether with this whole case.

According to my six year old his mother has moved 32 miles North of the town where he lives with his grandparents into West Virginia. I have known my Ex hasn't been living with my son and her parents off and on but I have no way to prove it. I can't afford a private investigator or to take off from work myself to drive up there and "hide out" trying to track down where she really lives. If I could prove this, find her, and show the judge evidence that she isn't living with my son then I could easily get custody.

My son says it's a motel or hotel so that I can't "find his mommy".

He also told me that his grandmother and mother pressured him to lie to DCS about me grabbing his arm, and told him that if he didn't he would go to "kid's jail" where they have special cells for little kids. Then he said his grandmother told him not to worry about lying that I wouldn't do anything about it anyway.

I've got some of this on tape, but I'm not sure the judge will hear it.

My son loves his Grandparents and talks about how much he misses his mommy, and how he was only getting to see her on Saturday's because she works so much. (Of course she still hasn't reported to me her new job so I can find out her income for the Child Support). The last thing I want to do is distroy that relationship, but if his mother isn't taking care of him he should be living with me.

I've got every resourse available to me working on trying to figure out some way to prove what they are doing, but the best evidence i have is what my son tells me and the judge won't let any of that be told because of it being hearsay.

At the same time I'm terrified to have my son called as a witness because I don't know what they'll talk him into telling the judge. They've already gotten him to lie to DCS, if they had 2 weeks or more they could convince him to tell the judge anything.

Anyone have any advice?

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Postby kelz03103 » Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:13 pm

I don't know anything , legally, did you run this info by your attorney? in a CIVIL matter hearsay is allowed. as far as I know.does the child have an attorney or someone besides your or his mom he could tell the WHOLE story to ? that he feels he can trust , maybe even a school councelor, a person in between the two parents, to be like a mediator, and get it on tape. the number of times a person is called in is a good question, the system is set up so that it is very easy for many people to continuously call. I figured 9 UNFOUNDED calls on me were no big deal,they are. ALL of my previous reports were brought up in the case we have going on now. some, unfounded or not SOUND really bad , and ANY new person reading these reports believes every word in them to be TRUE, which is not the case at all. and peoples views of these reports, are distorted and they believe something MUST be wrong. again not true at all, and outsiders truely believe that only people that are doing something horribly wrong have this sort of trouble. we have people in our own family that do not get it , that people DO make up lies, or ADD facts that are made up in their own minds, oh and No one has to actually witness you "marking/ bruising" your child , all they have to do is see a mark and report what they THINK happened. the entire thing is ridiculous. good luck ! wish I could be more helpful, but I don't see any of us getting much help with a system set up the way CPS is. ~Kelz~

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Update...I'm Sorry it has been a while!

Postby w_woody » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:01 pm

Hello to all!
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Update! Sorry it's been a while!

Postby w_woody » Mon Feb 23, 2009 7:09 pm

Hello to all,

I'm sorry I haven't been giving any updates, I got laid off from my Job in November and haven't had the time to spend online as I've been very busy looking for work.

I believe when I last posted I had a court scheduled hearing for the first of December for a contempt of court charge against my ex. Some things have happened since this so I'll try and cover all the bases but I apologies if I miss anything.

During our hearing my ex got on the stand and testified that I had "abused" her during the entire length of our relationship. She also said that she had called her parents at least 3 times a week for the duration of our relationship to come and pick up my son because I was screaming and yelling at her. She testified that she did not live with her husband, that she lived with her parents and that her husband in fact lived in the hotel in Northern Virginia. When my attorney asked her why she didn't live with her husband, she responded "I'm not paying HIS bills!". She also testified that she didn't cook because she didn't know how. When pressed by my attorney as to how she could prepare meals for our son, she said that she could cook the food he likes to eat: Microwave Rice, Grilled Cheese, Crackers and Cheese, and McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. When my attorney asked her if during the length of our relationship of 8 years why she had never reported abuse, she claimed that I physically restrained her from calling 911 to keep her from reporting it. Mind you my ex now weight's in excess of 350 lbs while I tip the scales at 200. Needless to say she lied through her teeth. The judge asked why she wanted to modify my visitation and she cited the abuse that occurred in July...abuse that CPS investigated and closed the case because she failed to produce my son to be interviewed by CPS. She also cited that she had obtained employment and that her work schedule kept her from seeing our son because she worked from three in the afternoon until 6 am, so he was either at my house or at school so she didn't get to see him.

I got to testify and so did the CPS caseworker, who said that she had called my Ex and told her to send my son to my house so she could interview him, and that my Ex didn't. She also testified that my Ex made 3 yes, 3 other appointments to bring my son down so she could interview him and they didn't, so she closed the case.

Prior to all this testimony I discovered that CPS had actually once again been contacted on my family. Okay so that's I believe 5 times total thus far.

After all the testimony the judge said we would have to wait on a verdict, so my attorney said he would schedule another meeting with CPS in his office. Before that could even be done, my son who's visitation had been restarted since I filed the contempt of court charge came down to my house with a bruise on his thigh. I immediately took picks of the bruise for my own records (and God love him, I've had too every weekend since). After I had dropped my son off on Sunday to his grandmother, low and behold the following Monday I got a call from the CPS caseworker saying that Dillan had came home with a large bruise on his thigh, to which I informed her he had came down with that bruise on his thigh. So that makes six.

So off we go again to meet with CPS and the caseworker, who informs my family that the new allegations from before the hearing are actually against my wife and not me. That she interviewed my son and he says that I haven't hurt him or whipped him in a long time and that he doesn't like my wife, that she "pulls his hair, kicks him in the shin, and pinches him". Now they are targeting my wife using CPS, and apparently the CPS worker has finally figured out what is going on. She tells us that she had made the mistake of giving my ex's mother her email address and that every week for months that they had been sending her pictures of bruises that my son comes home with. The teeniest marks on his shins, knees, and elbows...I mean he's a six year old kid for the love of all that's holy...anyway, the caseworker says that she didn't see anything to them until the last big bruise on his thigh, and after I showed her the pictures that I had taken when he had gotten home, she simply shook her head and turned to my attorney and asked "How do I get these people to leave me alone?"

Okay so from the woman's tone and her questions and her frank comments about my Ex's weight, now I think that CPS knows that this is nothing but a bunch of garbage perpetrated by my Ex and her family.

So after many weeks of waiting we finally get an order from the judge on January 16th.

The judge holds my Ex in contempt of court, upheld our standing parenting plan giving me equal custody, and he actually fixed my Child Support, which I have been overpaying since May of 2008. He found no support of any evidence of allegations of abuse, so all in all he basically ruled in my favor. He reserved punishment on the contempt charge pending my Ex's future compliance with court orders.

Okay, so after that joyous news, I go to file my Income taxes and guess what. Even though our court order clearly states that I can claim our son in even tax years, and even says as an example 2008...my Ex claimed our son on her taxes.

Needless to say I'm filing mine and claiming him anyway and sending in copies of my court orders.

I am also perusing more contempt charges as we speak.

I'm not seeking revenge for all the hell that I have gone through at the hands of her and CPS...but I am no longer going to sit back and allow her to think that she can simply do whatever she wants whenever she wants. I'm merely going to file the charges and let the court handle it, the way the Judge decides...and I'm going to do it every time she breaks the order.

I've also decided to try and get full custody of my son when the time is right.. He's been having problems in school and I've found out that he's doing the exact kind of disruptive, defiant behavior that he's been doing toward my wife...toward his teachers in school.

So please pray for my son and my family,



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The End...for now.

Postby w_woody » Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:39 am

Hello to all who have followed my story on this board. I know it's been a very, very long time since I've posted here and I really wanted to wait until things settled down finally before I put the words that I've been wanting to say out here for all of you to read.

On June 12th 2009 I got full temporary custody of my son from my Ex.

What happened was after my Ex was held in contempt and cited in January she kept up my visitation. I think for fear I would put her in jail.

Before that I had already gotten in touch with my son's school who were telling me that my son was having major problems in the classroom. Exibiting very aggressive and violent behaviors, such as smacking, kicking, and distroying things. Apparently this had been going on since he was enrolled in school in Aug of 08 and contuned throughout the year. I got envolved in my son's school, driving every other week to Virginia to sit in Parent/Teacher confrences with his teachers about these behaviors. My Ex and her mother of course would come and would try and say that the 2 days a week that my son was having visitation with me was so aweful that he was acting up at school. They would insist his behaviors where worse on Mondays and Fridays when he was going to and just coming back from my house. However, his teacher was sitting there going..."Um...no...he's doing this every day of the week."

At first his mother blaimed my son's behavior on his teacher, then it was me, then it was my wife...the school...everybody but what they where doing. My son who is only in the 1st grade, was suspened for kicking his teacher, smacking his principle, and slapping a counciler, and his mom and maternal grandparents punished him by not letting him watch TV for a week. I was flabbergasted. That was the harshest punishment they could think of...when I mentioned confining him to his room with no toys or games just sitting on his bed for the entire 3 days...they looked at me as if I had suggested pulling his fingernails out! My son's behavior got so bad by the end that his grandmother...his mother wouldn't do it...started going to school with him every day and being in the school all day so that if he acted up she could come in and carry him out of the classroom.

Anyway the straw that broke the camels back with me was when my Ex took my son to a Psychiatrist for an evaluation that I told her I wanted to go to. She changed the date once, then called them back and had them work him in a week earlier than the rescheduled date so that I would miss the appointment. When that report came back full of accusations against me, saying my son had ODD and that my abuse was the cause, and that the school was reporting that he was more violent on Mondays and Fridays as well as he was having bad night terrors and just a butt load of lies. Well after the evaluation his mom pushed for the doctor to have him put on meds, an antipsychotic, because she believed it would be a miracle cure...which of course it wasn't.

I had enough. I filed in April 09 for Full Custody. I know I had fought hard to get equal custody and that I was gambling with ever being able to see my son again but I had to do something or he would be lost, and grow up to be lord knows what kind of horrible person. So the hearing ended up being set in June the day before my son was to get out of school.

So I show up to the hearing expecting the usual routine...they have hired a new lawyer who hasn't had time to prepare and they would ask for it to be put off. Of course this is exactly what happened and the Judge heard their motion and then began reading through the file. He flipped through page after page reading each one carefully. I think he was reading our motion. Then he closed the file and said okay, I'll grant the continuance, but...I am going to give the father full temporary custody and you will pay him 400.00 a month in child support until you reschedule the hearing and complete your discovery. I was floored. I couldn't believe what I heard. I didn't think in a million years I would get him so fast...

Well it's been 3 months now. My son is enrolled in school here and so far has had none of the outbursts or meltdowns like he was having in VA. No violent attacks...nada. He's settled in nicely and has done a complete 180 with his behavior thanks to pushing him to stop and think about his behavior and giving him firm discipline. I haven't had to spank him the entire time, and have started an allowance system with him that lets him earn money for good behavior and helping around the house.

His mom's attorney quit the case a month after our hearing. She has not filed for visitation or to reschedule our hearing on the original custody motion. She also hasn't sent a penny of the money she was ordered to pay, I never expeted her to do that anyway. She only calls now 1 day a week and she only speaks to him a few minutes then she hangs up. She called me and spoke to me a month or so ago before his birthday and asked about seeing him on his birthday, I said sure and told her where and when, (even though last year she didn't let me see him on his birthday). She reluctantly agreed and then told me that she knew he was where he needed to be and was away from all the chaos going on in her life.

I have him enrolled in counciling here and have been as open and honest with his counciler about everything that has happened over the last few years as one could be.

After the hearing I also learned he had gotten suspened from school again the day before our hearing for the last two days of the year. He was on a path to self distruction and now I hope that I can set him on a new path. One where DCS isn't beating down our door every fifteen mintues wanting to know what's going on.

He's doing really well...and with a little bit of faith, luck, and a lot of love and encouragement I can help get him to where he needs to be. I know eventually we will be back in court and we'll have that hearing.

I know I didn't fill in all the gaps, so much has happened. I just thought you guys would want to share in my breif period of happyness. I know eventually I'm going to have to go back at it again but maybe this time as long as my little man is still doing well I'll have the ability to help maintain his stability and get him to where he needs to be.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


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Will in Tenn

Postby Mema » Sun Sep 13, 2009 6:09 pm

I think I am newer than your old posts but it is so refreshing to hear a healthy story on here. Good luck and God bless

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