Is this something unusual? I need to know asap

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donna sims
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Is this something unusual? I need to know asap

Postby donna sims » Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:44 am

CPS picked up my three year old grand daughter from my home at 10:00 p.m. on May 18th. She went directly to foster care and stayed there for three months because dfcs didn't like my painted wood floors and insisted that I get carpeting and linoleum before they would let her live with me. There were never any charges against me or my husband but against her mother. The charges against her mother have since been proven to be false. However, she was found guilty on appeal of the old "knew or should have known" excuse and is being put through the mill of whore professionals before they will return her daughter to her. She was placed with my oldest grand daughter because she had just bought a new home that she can't afford and they liked her house so she got placement rather than wait for me to do all the remodeling they wanted to my home. I have since done what they demanded to my house and they sent a woman named Joyce White ( a field programs specialist from the DFCS regional office) to do an investigation into how the case had been handled. They did this because I kept complaining to the various oversight agencies whenever something wasn't done according to the law. The woman came to my home with the caseworker and approved my home and now my grand daughter is being allowed three days a week at my home. I haven't heard of this from anyone else. She is still with my oldest grand daughter as placement and she receives $120.00 a week from the state for her care. DFCS says that my grand daughter can't spend more than the time she has been at my home because "it hasn't been approved for longer visits than that". I can't understand and neither can my oldest grand daughter how it can be approved for three days but not for four or five or six or seven. My husband and I have passed drug screens, criminal background histories, fingerprint checks and have submitted personal references. They have assigned a woman from Oasis Counseling out of Atlanta to do a home evaluation on us now. I don't know what else there is to be done and if my grand daughter is approved to be with us for overnights for that long then how can they say we aren't approved? Is it the money thing? What's going on here? There were many irregularities in the way the DFCS (CPS) people have handled this case and they are still fishing trying to find an excuse for having seized my grand daughter in the first place. All of the original charges against my daughter have been decided to be untrue but now they have an idiot psychologist who says she needs to see a "female psychologist" because he thinks she has trouble making intimate relationships outside the family. What does that have to do with anything? If that were grounds for removing a child from her parents there would be millions in foster care instead of hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile my grand daughter is spending three days a week at my home with overnights in between and I'm worried that they will find some excuse to stop that if I let the Oasis people into my home. I have been very explicit on my website about the fact that the woman from Oasis Counseling made an evaluation of my daughter and a recommendation for psychologica therapy for her and for her daughter without ever seeing any evidence, interviewing my daughter or anyone else in the family, without seeing any evidence ( because there wasn't any to see ) and the evaluation based on untrue allegations has been furnished to every psychologist that my daughter has been forced to go to. Can you give me some meaningful feedback here?
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Postby debbiescalese » Thu Nov 08, 2007 10:07 am

Here is your problem, well actually not really your problem but the problem or cps's problem.
CPS is use to working with a certian type of client. Poor uneducated lazy. Your not obviously. Most of the typical clients will basically bend over grab thier ankles and take it with out lub. You don't. There fore they don't know how to work with you. They feel threatend by you. You know what they are suppose to be doing when most do not. Most do not know the laws much less how to work within them. They can handle a violent client, they can handle a client in denial, and they can handle uneducated clients. They cannot handle you cause your different.
It boils down to this they know by this point they screwed up royally. They know your on to them. By allowing you extened access to the child in question you can figure out some of the more extensive problems they caused. They are in essance "hidding" evidence from you by limiting the time you have with the child.
Honey it isn't your home they feel is a danger to the child, it's your knowledge that they feel is a danger to them. By keeping this child they are making enough money off her to pay you if you chose to sue. You are obviously an upstanding citizen, your home is fine, your moral charecter is fine, your parenting ability fine. They know this but yet they must protect themself from you. If you were poor uneducated and lacking they would have supplied you with a service plan and "helped" you because you would have done all they required without questioning any thing they asked. Don't let any of this stop you from doing what is right by your granddaughter though that is what they want they will pressure you to be submissive don't give stand your ground.

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Postby katgotsteve » Thu Nov 08, 2007 2:22 pm


I live in Georgia and have been told by state agencies that relative placements do not have to go through the same ordeal as foster parents, basically they should have placed your granddaughter with a family member the night she was taken if there was one available. it is also bullshit about the covering on your floors. it is not as if there were holes that she could fall through or a danger, painted wood floors are very common in our area. it sounds to me like they f-ed up and are just blowing smoke now. for all it worth, you will have to put up with them for at least a year.
i would ask them point blank, what the policy of their office is when it comes to relative placement? the problem with georgia, is we have federal policy, state policy, district policy and county policy. everyone interprets it differently and therefore everyone suffers. when you stand up to them, several things can happen, the can retaliate or they can try to close the case as quick as possible. i refused a few service they offered becuase it did not pertain to me, parenting classes are nothing but bullshit, when you live in a clean home, your kids are clean and your husband is just accused of something far fetched, what in the hell are parenting classes going to do for you. so i asked for family counseling instead, we had three session before they determined we didnt need that. so basically we did nothing for a year, they did nothing for a year, i called, stirred the pot a few times and they just quit and left me with all the pieces.
have you contacted the state dhr office? have you contacted the the office in macon, i think it is a child advocacy office? i will look for the address for you if you havent. i got where i would call every other day, they really got tired of me. that is what you have to do is make them regret the day they tangled with you.

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