CPS wants to terminate my rights - help!

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CPS wants to terminate my rights - help!

Postby dawn7799 » Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:30 pm

Thanks. I am very upset now they want to terminate my rights because I won't say my husband is guilty. Now, school is concerned about her lying.

How did you fight them? See her teacher told me she was walking around the room and told her to sit down and she told the teacher she was sitting down, clearly she was standing up. I think she knows the difference between sitting and standing. I tell her to sit down and she sits. She would go around saying people are hitting her and no one is. She has a low I.Q. and the CPS and the foster family are saying things like you are not going home until mom says daddy is guilty. They are blackmailing me.

I wonder if she is seeing things or hearing things. I do not know and no one has requested an evaluation. The last one done was 4 1/2 years ago.

Clearly, if these people were concerned about her they would try to get the help she needs. Any advice here. I have asked repeatedly to have an evaluation done on her because I think she might be schriphonia or delusional. This would all make sense if it was.

I beleive my husband my daughter lacks details and keeps changing her story and she does not remember where it happened and she is still a virgin. She said penatration and she bled. No trauma was found and her hymen is intact. Her I.Q. is 62 she very easily led to say anything and by her not being home that is what they are doing. They her damaging emotionally not me.

I still don't know what these has to do with my other two kids.

There claim since I don't believe her I can't support her emotional needs and if I can't can support her needs how can I support my other two. This is there claim.

I was thinking about suing because of violating my rights and my kids. Something to get the attenion so, I do not get my rights terminate!

By the way, my legisaluture is behind me and he thinks CPS is blackmailing me. I an trying to get them involvied


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Postby katgotsteve » Tue Nov 27, 2007 2:23 pm

an evaluation done 4 years ago in a child could have changed. most psychosis behavior, hearing and seeing things,often appear when a child is older. most diagnosis go like this, at a young age, mostly before 5, they are adhd, as they get older around 8 it is ODD, then around puberty (most children suffering from this hit puberty early, esp in females) it is bipolar and can be bipolar with mania presented as psychosis, then as they get older, closer to adulthood, they often get diagnosed as schizophrenia. no one wants to label a child, no wants to say a child is lieing. that is where the power comes from and lets face it a child with these disorders can often believe it is all real.
has your husband been criminally charged? you need to do research on supreme court cases in your state and show them that by law they can not punish you if you do not believe your daughter. in order to make the a goal for getting your children back they have to put it in a case/family plan. they have to set goals. they will never put that in a caseplan, they will probably never put it to a judge like that either. your best bet is to fight it out in court.

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Postby debbiescalese » Tue Nov 27, 2007 2:50 pm

You need to request a psychological at the next mdt have your lawyer bring it up. Both of the children in my case had evaluations but when my daughters eval came back so messed up (cps did it and nothing in it made any sense to her therapist so they ordered a new one) I had the second eval on my daughter done with out cps knowing I was having it done. When that came back and I brought it to the mdt they first had a fit. Then they ordered another one done on the other child. Our lawyer even picked the psychologist that is doing it.
You really need to push the issue of getting this child the help she needs and not the help cps thinks she needs. There always seems to be a big difference.

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Postby glass » Thu Nov 29, 2007 12:28 pm

did your daughter tell you this herself?

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it was her teacher

Postby dawn7799 » Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:29 pm

my daughter is autistic.

My husband was found guilty of first degree sexual assault. He is innocent there was no evidence and my daughter claimed penetration and it went deep inside her and she bled, but no trauma and she is still a virgin. You go figure how a jury convicted him. I know they put people on the stand that lied. They didn’t even call the doctor but the nurse that was in the exam room. She stated trauma, but it is quite clear on the report there was none. The doctor‘s report stated her hymen was intact.

CPS has manipulated my daughter into saying things her I..Q is 62 very easily lead because of her mental limitations.

His stupid lawyer never called the doctor or any witnesses for him. He is an idiot.

Anyway, my legislature is now evolved. He believes they kidnapped my kids. It wants me to play the game for a little while and hopes they return the kids.

I have been playing the game, but CPS just makes up lies about me and the judge believes them over me. I am no recording everything to protect myself.

If not he is prepared to go to the media. He believes kids should have never been taken away from me in the first place.


P.S. my legislature said her in Wisconsin they are trying to get a law passed that states CPS can go into every first time parent’s home and check them out and check and make sure everything is o.k.

The public needs to know about CPS otherwise, I can see them taking kids away just because they can.

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Postby Momoffor » Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:14 pm

I hope that your husband is appealing his criminal case. I also hope that this lawyer your husband had has been turned into the bar association.

Why did your husband not fire him and request new counsel when it became obvious he wasnt doing anything to defend your husband as he was supposed to??

That IS something that is a RIGHT. (doesnt mean they will grant it, but it is a right)

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Postby Greegor » Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:22 am

Juries are given a stack of court "instructions".

Juries are picked by weeding out anybody who knows
how crappy the system is, leaving the naive and idiots.

Clearly since the hymen is intact, the case is bogus.

Is the attorney depending on an APPEAL?

Is he going for an appeal of the verdict, has to be
done FAST to be timely, or the opportunity is lost.

The Appeals court should overrule this jury verdict
because of the intact hymen vs. the big claims.

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Postby Greegor » Wed Dec 12, 2007 3:28 am

Search for my old posts inside of FightCPS about TPR.

Basic function of a TPR hearing is:

Could child go home?

Did the state make reasonable efforts and did you cooperate?

It is supposed to be a sit or get off the pot proposition,
TPR or send home

but some states are playing games with an
unconstitutional THIRD option.

I say unconstitutional since if the state FAILS
to meet the burden of proof that the child
cannot go home, the constitution says they must
step off.

If they DO meet their burden of proof they must terminate.

We beat them, but they played the stupid
"third option" and while it's taking many years,
this isn't working out for them so good in the long run.

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the problem is CPS lies

Postby dawn7799 » Wed Dec 12, 2007 1:23 pm

They said I am not cooperating but I am. They make up things like they told me what I needed to discuss in therapy but that was not the case. They want to know all about my financial situations. Do they have the right to this?

The main reason to terminate is because I believe my husband to be innocent and won't say he is guilty. This is written down and in black and white. They said I will comply with the conditions but since I won't say he is guilty is the reason to terminate my rights. There claim is I can't emotionally support my kids.

However, once my legisalture got envolvd they changed their story saying I can't control them.


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Re: the problem is CPS lies

Postby Momoffor » Wed Dec 12, 2007 8:16 pm

dawn7799 wrote:They make up things like they told me what I needed to discuss in therapy

This is why they are supposed to provide you with paperwork that your are supposed to sign and agree to. Even if you do not agree with the paperwork, you can always note at the bottom that you are only aknowledging that you have seen the paper, but you are not agreeing to whats on the paper. That way they cant just pencil 'refused to sign' on all of your paperwork. Or claim that you are refusing to cooperate.

Make them PROVE they provided you with the information you were supposed to be discussing.

Even when they start throwing at you that your husband molested your daughter. Avoid going into that by stating that is for the court to decide and your only interest is to make the remainder of your childrens childhood happy, healthy and normal. That way they cant claim that you are in denial, or that you refuse to believe either party.

Side step them as much as they sidestep issues.

Start thinking about your circumstances and reactions much the way that politicians quote their circumstances and reactions. As vague as possible, but enough to where they arent lying, but they arent being completly forthcoming either.

If you put everything out there, you are setting yourself up to victimize yourself.

You didnt say where the appeal process is at now for your husbands criminal case. Is he appealing? And if so is he getting a different lawyer or going to count on the same one?

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case not closed yet

Postby dawn7799 » Thu Dec 13, 2007 9:22 am

My husband has not been sentenced yet, so the case is still opened. He got rid of his lawyer from trial because he did not do his job. He has a court appointed lawyer now. I think he is going to put in a motion for a new trial. So, really we are just waiting for him to be sentenced.

Well, they already know I do not believe it happened. My daughter said full pentration and she is still a virigin. There is about 45 discripenices to.


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Postby Perchjerker » Thu Feb 21, 2008 1:58 pm

"Clearly since the hymen is intact, the case is bogus."

What an idiot? :roll:

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