BEFORE CPS invaded

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BEFORE CPS invaded

Postby lost 3 » Tue Aug 19, 2008 1:13 pm


These are things you should have done BEFORE CPS invaded your life.
chances are, though, that until they knocked on the door, it had never crossed
your mind to have to protect yourself and your kids from them.
Sadly, this is
WHY they have such success at destroying families and stealing kids.. the
parents have no clue of the dangers.
You are working to protect your kids from every
danger you are aware of, and the most dangerous of all threats is one that
you are paying to support every time you cash a paycheck.
Think you have nothing
to hide? You don’t have to.. they will be happy to make some up FOR you..
Based on my personal experiences, these are the steps I deem absolutely
necessary to self defense in this situation:
If you have not already NEVER EVER let them into your home without seeing a
SIGNED Search warrant.
Yes the refusal pisses them off, and they MAY just have
the cop with them force you out of the way. MAKE them.
Don’t make it easy for
them to violate your rights.
Make them force you and get every word and step
on video if possible, and at the very least on audio.
If possible have someone
there as a witness in addition.
If you can simply refuse to answer the door,
CALL a neighbor, a friend, family, someone to come to witness for you.
a relationship with advocates and other parents in your area with whom you can
exchange help.

If, as in most of our cases, you have already been invaded, and violated,
then the following is where you begin..


1. Go to Wal Mart and buy a good micro voice recorder.
($30-$40) It can
either be tape, or digital, doesn’t matter.
It does have to be capable of using
an external microphone, so that you can hide it, and clip the mike on your
clothing somewhere inconspicuous.

· Wear this wire like you wear underwear. NEVER leave home without it.

NEVER get dressed again without it. It can literally save your life.
newest digitals are so small, they can be carried as a key fob, and most people don’
t even realize what they ARE.

· Carry extra batteries, cards, tapes, etc, so that you are prepared
for anything.

2. While you are at Wal Mart, buy a second recorder.
They carry one that
is a table model that uses the old style cassette tapes.
This is cheaper than
the newer micro sized ones. It is black, and GE, I think, and costs about $25.

Get a large economy pack of blank tapes.
THEY are cheaper, too, and you are
going to need a butt load of them.

· THEN go to Radio Shack.
Get the gadget that they sell to attach that
recorder to your phone.
It allows the recorder to start recording every time
the receiver is picked up.
If you end up recording a conversation that you are
SURE isn’t needed, you can just rewind after you hang up. No biggie.

Do NOT sign ANYthing for ANY reason til you have spoken with an
attorney and don’t trust the court appointed ones they will advise you to admit to
things that you did not do.
If you have not done the things they are claiming,
and even if you HAVE, don’t sign a damned thing! At the very LEAST talk to an
advocate or family rights group, do NOT trust the advice of an attorney about
this! No matter how innocent it seems, it can be a lethal blow to your self
defense to sign anything.
Besides, these cretins are known for doing things
like placing a medical release form in front of you to sign.
What you don’t see
is the carbon paper under it, transferring your signature to some admission of

If you absolutely have to sign, then write OVER the signature line,
BEFORE you sign, “Signed under threat, coercion, and duress”.
THEN sign your
name THROUGH that sentence. Over the top of it… DO NOT sign your name FIRST.. or
put that line NEXT to your signature, because they WILL alter your signature
if you leave them a chance to do so. This is VITAL.

Do NOT let CPS in your house, no matter WHAT they threaten you with or
If they don’t have a warrant, which they allow you to see, read and
ascertain is REAL, even if there is a cop standing there, do not allow them
inside your home.
(Note, if they already have a petition in the courts, and a judge
has ordered the protective or temp custody of your kids, if you have already
allowed them in before, you cannot refuse them.
Read VERY carefully to be sure
you are not violating a court order by refusing them.
If they have already
taken your kids, you are likely under court order to allow them unobstructed
access to your home.
If they have already filed a petition to the court, and you
have been SERVED, or were in the courtroom regarding this case, you are likely
under a court order not to prevent their entry.
) If they don’t have a
warrant, and no court order exists to force you to comply with them, make them
FORCE their way in, and be sure you get that on record, tape, preferably video,
but at least audio.
I have ten parents right now who will tell you that they
were standing there demanding to see the warrant when the cop pushed them out of
the way, and forced the door.
Jack booted thugs is an understatement! If they
force their way in, you have just documented the first of many civil rights
MAKE THEM BREAK THE LAW, do NOT allow them in, or you are waiving
your rights. NEVER do that. Make them TAKE what they want.
And do so on record
EVERY time.
If you are not sure if you can still do this, ASK someone on the
boards, or call up an attorney to just ask that question.

· It is highly recommended that you get hold of a video camera.
recommend a set of little tiny video surveillance cameras that send the images to
your VCR. They are cheap, about $150 for the full set up.
They are called X2
They CAN be received from outside your house if you take the wireless
option, you should be aware of this.
If you can’t afford that, at least set
up a regular video camera.
) (Also use this for any visits with kids in custody,
etc.) Set it up to view the door they would be knocking on.
NEVER open the
door all the way, keep the screen door locked.
If they knock, before answering
the door, turn on the recorder.
(I personally would refuse to answer the door
if I had any chance.
I guess if the kids are out in the yard playing, you can’t
do that, but you CAN tape record the encounter, and you MUST! Be sure you are
wearing your mini recorder, and that it is on.
Between video and audio, you
will ABSOLUTELY get proof of their illegal coercion.
They hardly speak without
lying to you, or threatening you.

· If you are able, just refuse to answer the door.
As soon as they have
gone, get your kids the hell outta there, and if you need to, clean up the
They will find fault with a few dishes in the sink from lunch, or a half
bag of trash in the can.

Go to the websites all over the internet and find the FOIA letter
Write a letter requesting a full copy of your CPS records… be sure to
require copies of ALL records related to ANY family member.

· Never send things like this without making several copies, and saving
Also never EVER send things like this without proof of mailing, like a
return receipt, at least, or better, certified mail.

· If your family has an extensive record of services over a number of
years with CPS, you can request to VIEW your records.. they have to let you in
most states and in most situations.
You can take notes of the pages you need
to have copies of, and then make your request for those pages.
This is NOT as
complete, or as good as having a full copy of the record, but some counties
charge outrageously for these, and it might be the only way you can afford to
get the proof of the lies that are in that record.
Trust me, you MUST see that
record, you will be blown away at the stories the social workers have entered.

You must understand that they are trained to use every single little thing as
a little building block in a case that they may take YEARS to amass against
A simple thing like signing up for a parenting class they offered five
years ago might have been noted in your file as a measure they required from you
to “avoid removal of the child”.
You MUST check and object to every single
word in that record that is not absolute fact.
This is done in multiple copies,
sent to anyone remotely connected, and certified mailing.
Give them five days
to respond, or to send you a certified proof that the record has been changed
to reflect the truth.
(more on this at AFRA and other family rights sites)
· File grievances against social workers and agents for EVERY instance
of abusive treatment, refusal to comply with THEIR end of a treatment plan,
etc. Make sure you have documentation if at all possible, and include a copy.

Send this to the local grievance officer, if you can find out who that is, AND a
copy to the STATE ombudsman or liason. Remember, always certified.
You only
have up TO 30 days to do this in each instance, so do it every time something
concrete arises.
I have one client who says she was filing up to 20 letters a
DAY to various people by way of verification of conversations, and complaints
about social workers and therapists, and foster homes, etc.
Note that Fosters
have a separate review board in some states that you can complain directly to.

Send similar letter of request for the entire files held by any
therapist, medical center, doctor, school, recreation program, any and every contact
of that type your kids have EVER had.
If your kid broke his leg five yrs ago,
get the ER records of that treatment. Trust me.
(Don’t forget the separate EMT
records if an ambulance was involved)

Start getting statements from anyone and everyone who has contact with
you and your kids, neighbors, church people, Sunday School teachers, dime
store clerks, whoever. Get them all.

Take apart your CPS records and any other professional’s records, and
scan them for accuracy.
Make notes about anything that isn’t absolutely true,
or is misrepresented, and try to gain verification from some other source to
support your version.
Do the same drill as you did with the CPS records
demanding that they remedy the inaccuracy, giving them five days to confirm that it
has been done, IN WRITING, and sending copies to everyone, certified mail.
it is just as effective, if you are really dealing with NO money, to hand
carry and deliver copies of these things to the people, getting them each to sign
receipts (I have them sign a copy for me, stating Received by me on??? Date,
signed XX)

Post the AFRA WARNING sign next to any and all
doors to your house.
They can be found at www. familyrightsassociation. com .

GET the taping laws for your state, and know your
rights, and the law.

· If you live in one of those states where both parties must be aware
of the tape recording, you CAN place two recorders in play.. one in plain
If the worker objects to being recorded, you do a song and dance about “WHY,
what do you have to hide, etc.
If you are only doing your job, why does a
tape recording intimidate you?” If she absolutely refuses to be recorded, shrug
and sigh, and reach over and turn off the one on the table.
ANYTHING, just continue talking to her, asking unrelated questions, or something to
side track her. Leave the hidden one running.
You will have a tape of her
objecting, but going on speaking as if she just gave up.

· The other self defense to this sort of two party law is to place
notices on all your doors (the WARNING sign noted above) which include the
statement that entering this home is an implied consent to be tape recorded or video
recorded and you may be recorded at any time.

· You can also send a letter (CERTIFIED, so you can PROVE they got it)
to all parties and notify them that calling you or visiting your home may be
recorded at any time.
IF they object to being recorded, they are welcome to
communicate to you through written media.

Write a request for a Child Welfare Manual for your
You will have to ask what the proper term is for it, they are
different in every state.
You have a right to a copy of this book, though, and can
request it.
Give them five business days to respond, and if they do not, contact
your STATE DHS information officer and complain that you have been denied a
copy. Again, send these things CERTIFIED mail so you have proof of dates etc.

Require that they give you some written explanation
of the grievance process for filing a complaint against the agency or a
social worker.
Do NOT be intimidated or side tracked by their standard “Why, what
do you want that for? Who are you complaining about?” you have the right to be
informed of the right to complain, and the process to use, as a part of any
initial contact with you.
They know that, and never EVER inform the families
that this right exists.

Go to a dollar store, and buy a half dozen loose
leaf notebooks and a hole puncher.
EVERY time you send a letter, or get one, or
get a court document, a note on a scrap of paper from someone related to this
case, place it in one of those notebooks.
Include copies of all the certified
letters you are sending, along with the proofs of mailing etc.
You will
rapidly fill them all, trust me. Keep everything, and keep it in order of the dates.

You can place tabs and dividers to locate various important things if you
need to.

15. There is a list of books you should read.
If your
local library doesn’t have them, ask if they can GET you a copy to read.
· Profane Justice-also visit www. profane-justice. org
· Making Reasonable Efforts
There are more, I will add them when I have time to find the right titles.
some of YOU have favorites, by all means, post them here in the files list,
as a reading list.

Get and read the Children’s Codes of your state
They are called statutes in some states, Codes in others, but they are the
laws governing your states handling of child welfare cases.

Get and read and RE read the Federal and State
Rules of Civil Procedure.
You HAVE to know how to properly address the court, and
how to file a motion or report to the judge on your own.
Likely, your lawyer
is going to be totally worthless, so learn to handle yourself in court, you are
going to HAVE to.

If they have EVER had information on you in the
child protection offices. or even on your EX or just a step kid, you must get ALL
of your records, mentioned above.

19. Every time you have a conversation or meeting with ANYone, Dr., Social Worker,Attorney, anyone, write a letter to them as soon as you get home. There is a form to use on Profane Justice and also on AFRA. It says this is what I understood you to say at our meeting, (phone conversation, whatever) today, xXX date at about XXX time. And this is what I recall that I said to you or that we agreed upon. If you object to this accounting of any portion of this conversation, please notify me within five days in writing of exactly what your objection is, and why. Failure to respond will be considered an implied agreement to the facts as I have stated them herein. Send them the same way.. certified, return receipts. File the copies in your trusty notebooks, along with the mailing and delivery proofs. Do this EVERY TIME you have a talk , phone call, a meeting with etc anyone involved in your case in ANY way, even your ex mother in law.
Hell, even your MOTHER! (lighten up, I’m kidding! Although I have met some Moms, aka Grammas, who would say anything to GET the grand kids from the son or daughters ex spouse!)

If you can’t get online at home, go to the library and sign up for a free email address at yahoo. com.
Start joining Family Rights groups and reading the posts on them. Write the timeline in the next item, and post it to the yahoo groups. Those parents will most likely have cases very similar to yours, some of them will even be from your state. They can save you DAYS of searching for information and documents.

21. Write a timeline of your case, and keep it current. List every single thing that led up to this case, from day one. Don’t go into deep detail, just the facts, listed in the order that they happened, along with notations of what proof you have and what lies were entered. This list should be done by date and time. If several things happened on one date, list the times, at least approx. of each. Do not try to gloss over things you think will make you look bad. Save that for court. If you did something wrong, admit it, and explain it. HOWEVER, do NOT make any public admissions, if there are things that they have valid accusations against you for, talk about those privately with an attorney AND a trusted advocate. NOT on the internet. What I am referring to here is things like not mentioning that you tested positive for Coke a couple of years ago and the investigation was later dropped. Things like that. Don’t leave those things out of your timeline, they have a direct impact on what CPS is doing to you. But if you DID something that could be twisted, and misrepresented, don’t admit to it in a public document· Remember, EVERYthing you post anywhere IS public, no matter how private it looks. While you need to be as honest as you can with people who are trying to help you, you must not expose yourself to some accusation or admission of guilt in the process. Also know that CPS regularly taps phones, hacks emails, and monitors boards where it is a members only forum. They regularly pretend to be parents needing help, to get IN to monitor US. Let the others help you defend or mitigate anything you might have accidentally done to warrant CPS attention. If you are guilty of some accusation they are posing against you, at least privately with your advocate, you MUST be honest about this. These people are your support. If you aren’t honest with them, they can’t help you. If you hide things that come out later you look more guilty than you probably are. For instance.. if the house really IS a pig sty, the position most of us have about that is that it may BE a valid excuse under current law, to have a CPS intervention. (We object to THAT, but it IS the law right now, so hard to stop til we can get some laws changed) BUT it is NOT a valid reason to take a kid out of the home. IF you are guilty of some drug abuse, and are willing to get treatment, there are other ways to protect the kids and assure that you don’t endanger them besides traumatizing them with removal. Family support, church supports, etc can and should be the protection of choice. If you LIE about those things, no one can help you fight the invasion effectively, besides your lack of honesty will likely make the advocates angry, and they will not TRY to help you.

Learn what the court process is for your state, and
know what to expect.
Learn what the lawyer (especially if he is court
appointed) should be doing and when, and know the laws yourself.
There are blanket
sample instruction letters for attorneys that you can modify to fit what you
want to tell your attorney about how you wish to be represented.
Copy one and use
it for a guideline, and send him one, remembering to send everything with
return receipts.

The center most point of this is that you will
rarely, if EVER, find a lawyer, paid or not, who knows how and is willing to fight
this sort of case effectively.
The only person you are going to be able to
trust and rely on to help you is YOU.
If you don’t know what should be said and
done, and when, you will be a victim.
The only way to defend your family is to
become your own attorney.
This is going to mean that you basically take on
the task of learning overnight what some lawyers still don’t know.. you need to
become an overnight expert on family courts and civil rights.
Get on the
internet and read til you are blind.
Learn what the Bill of Rights is, and what it
says, and how those things apply to your rights as a parent, and the rights
of your kids.
Probably the most powerful tool you will have in this fight,
after you have followed this list, is the support and advice of the other parents
on these email groups.
They are all veterans of this war, know the standard
tripe that CPS does to people, and know how to combat it.
Keep in constant
touch with these people.
NO one is more of an expert than someone speaking from
experience, and from hindsight.
They may well be telling you things that they
wish THEY had known or done, and realize NOW could have saved them the loss of
their kids.
There are several on these groups who have permanently lost their
kids, and are trying to help people like YOU avoid that heartbreak.
I would
again caution you that not everyone on these groups is a friend.
I would wager a
guess that a mole doesn’t last long, because we are all watching for it, and
Many of us have tracking devices on our sites, and know who is hitting
them and from where, specifically.
But if you are asking for advice, it is
your responsibility to hear all the various people responding to you, and then
make your own mind up.
NEVER just accept some persons advice without checking
out that person with the groups, and hearing THEIR ideas, and making your own
informed decisions. And yes, that includes ME.

Go to the websites, familyrightsassociation. com is
the best, there are tons of links there.. and find a HATCH letter for your kids
’ schools.
There is also a more in depth one on www. profane-justice. org,
Suzanne Shell’s website, along with a “reverse Miranda”.
Print and sign copies
for the schools, to be kept in your kids files, and get the school to date and
sign for the receipt of one for each child.
Just have them date and sign a
copy of the letter. Keep those copies in your notebooks.
They require that the
school never allow anyone to interview or examine one of your children without
you and a legal representative present.
They can and DO sneak to the school,
with the HELP of the school, to interview and coerce your kids to say things to
use against you.
This letter slows them down, and also gives you a handle on
holding the school accountable later.
The threat, written in that letter, of
prosecution, may stop the school from violating your rights.
Be aware that it
may NOT.
Educate your kids not to speak with social workers, or cops, no matter
how friendly and nice they seem.
You can print cards for the kids to hand them
that state the phone numbers of you, grand parents, family friends, your
lawyer, etc.
Also they should include the kids rights, that they may read to the
SW or cop.
(See reverse Miranda) Instruct the kids to NEVER talk to even a
school counselor without you telling them in person that it is ok.
suggests making up some code word that only you and your kids know.. so that if you
really intend for them to speak, you can tell them that word, and otherwise,
they don’t talk at all.
I highly recommend that if your kids are old enough to
handle it.

25. PLEASE consider home schooling your children.
is the number ONE access these child stealers have to your kids.. the public
school, also known as indoctrination camps, and intake portals.
defense is to get your kids out of public schools.

There are a couple of kids’ books out that help to
instruct kids about how to defend against this crap.
(familyrightsassociation. com) has them listed.
The one on Suzanne Shells site,
Profane-Justice. org, written by her, is GREAT!

Know, in your heart of hearts, that you are not
alone, that this is a nasty battle, and you must have some resolve to be
aggressive and to educate yourself FAST. And that you CAN win.
If you wring your hands
and whine and wait for someone to fix it FOR you, I will simply pray that you
kissed your kids goodbye last time you saw them.

Know that if they have EVER done an investigation
on your family, even if it was closed as unfounded, they WILL be BACK.
It would
be best to move, and get your kids outta their reach.
Social workers
REGULARLY make anonymous calls to hotlines FOR one another, to get cases opened up.

Some of them have recently been offered a substantial bonus for opening at least
six new investigations a month.
No kidding, a CASH BONUS! If you are in
their computer, you are a target.
This includes if you get food stamps, Medicaid,
etc. Nothing is FREE.
There are some strings attached to Welfare that are
beyond comprehension.
If you have no choice, make it as short as you can, and
learn from these family rights sites to protect yourself from the almost certain
victimization that will be brought to you as a result.

If there is no open case against you, you have no
court orders, the CPS has not notified you of an open investigation, etc… but
they have been snooping around your kids, trying to question you, etc, take
your kids as far away as you can.
I have often urged parents to just pack up,
grab this weeks paycheck, and run.
Even if you have nothing to hide and are a
pillar of the community, you are in grave danger if they have targeted you.
they have not yet officially opened a case against you, the best defense is get
outta there.
Failing to do that could cost you years of misery, and you might
never see your kids again.
That sounds melodramatic, but it is the God’s
Honest Truth.

IF they already have opened a case, and even if
they already have taken your kids, you still must follow this list of things to
do, and you must learn fast to defend yourself.

Possibly the most important thing you can take away
from reading this list.. :

Keep posting to the groups, and keep reading, you never know enough.

One last thing, the most important of all, NEVER stop praying for guidance to
get you through this evil time.

Christine.. Colorado Family Rights Association.

"This article was written in 2002 by Christine Korn, Director of
COFRAI, after several months of ongoing training and mentoring by
Suzanne Shell, author of Profane Justice and Knowing My Rules, Who Do I
Trust? While it is not a direct work of Suzanne Shell, it is by all
means strongly influenced by her training.

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Postby searcher » Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:27 am

You know, we prepare for everything else. My husband and I had a medicine cabinet full of anything an infant or toddler could possible need. We had an escape and safety plan, in case of fire. We had life insurance, just in case. We had our pediatrician on speed dial. We were prepared. We thought.

When CPS came into our lives, we panicked. Who wouldn't? It's not like we prepare for this! It's a crying shame that families in America today should have to prepare for their children to be stolen and their rights as parents to be under attack.

We teach our children all their lives to be leery of strangers, then CPS has issues when our children aren't super friendly when being taken away from their homes!

(And just to touch on number 25 for a second... my husband and I had already decided to homeschool our children. We've actually begun looking into sources for lesson plans and checking into what the requirements are to homeschool our children wherever we might be living when they're old enough. We have never been shy about our decision as we have thought that it is a good one for our family. As soon as CPS entered our lives, we hushed about the entire subject. We actually encountered someone in the course of our "services" who works at our local elementary school. He spoke about how he would react should he ever saw us in the school (being respectful of our confidentiality, so he said). We chimed in with questions about the school and how it is and never once mentioned homeschooling. It's almost like now that we're "on the radar" we're afraid to persue the idea. We are afraid that it will be one more reason for CPS to target our family someday. I hope and pray that we will find the courage to homeschool our children, but right now I just don't know.

Before CPS showed up, we believed that homeschooling was going to be best for our children. Now it seems like we're afraid to make such a huge decision on our own. So much for the best interest of the children.)

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Postby ShadowWolf » Sat Aug 23, 2008 3:07 pm

If you do decide to homeschool, check into HSLDA. Call them and ask for information or go to their website. If CPS comes after you, they step in w/ advice on how to handle the situation when called and if CPS comes after you for homeschooling then they will provide legal coverage. I don't know how it works when you have already been involved w/ cps but I would talk to HSLDA. They have a wealth of information and a phone number to call if a social worker is at your door.

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Postby Missingher » Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:37 pm

I have a question after reading this post above... I have homeschooled my oldest daughter for 8 years.
Before CPS became invloved... my x had taken my youngest child and would not return her. She attended public school.

Once he was made to bring her back..I filed the declaration of intent to homeschool her. I took it to her school and mailed a copy in to the place it listed to send it too.

Two weeks later when CPS came into my life due to my x calling them... CPS went to my daughters school and pulled that intent to homescool from her file.
Then after my hearing they handed it TO me.
BUT in court they didnt tell I was homeschooling... they made it sound like I was truant andmade the court order say" XXX must attend public school.

So when the SW handed me the Intent to homeschool back he said"" you wont be homeschooling xxxx after all"

I am serious... they told me I couldnt homeschool my daughter and made it a court order to put her back in public school.

NOT only that they made it a court order she RIDE the bus.I wasnt even allowed to DRIVE her to school or i would be in contempt

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Postby Missingher » Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:37 pm

I have a question after reading this post above... I have homeschooled my oldest daughter for 8 years.
Before CPS became invloved... my x had taken my youngest child and would not return her. She attended public school.

Once he was made to bring her back..I filed the declaration of intent to homeschool her. I took it to her school and mailed a copy in to the place it listed to send it too.

Two weeks later when CPS came into my life due to my x calling them... CPS went to my daughters school and pulled that intent to homescool from her file.
Then after my hearing they handed it TO me.
BUT in court they didnt tell I was homeschooling... they made it sound like I was truant andmade the court order say" XXX must attend public school.

So when the SW handed me the Intent to homeschool back he said"" you wont be homeschooling xxxx after all"

I am serious... they told me I couldnt homeschool my daughter and made it a court order to put her back in public school.

NOT only that they made it a court order she RIDE the bus.I wasnt even allowed to DRIVE her to school or i would be in contempt

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Postby LindaJM » Sun Feb 15, 2009 10:11 am

Do you have an attorney to help you? You may be able to file for a reconsideration based on exculpatory evidence that was withheld from the court. If your attorney won't do it you can try doing it yourself or try to make your court appointed attorney work for you. There's a strict time limit on filing for a reconsideration. If you miss out on that you could file a motion.

(I am not an attorney and this isn't legal advice - it is just what I'd do in a similar situation.)
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Please keep in mind that none of us are lawyers and we can't give legal advice. We are simply telling you what we would do in a similar situation. It is to your advantage to get a lawyer.

"Evil flourishes when good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke ... so try to do something to change the system ...

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