Vindictive Neighbor Called The Police And Reported Us To CPS

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Postby Marina » Sat Oct 25, 2008 9:46 pm

This thread has brought out a very good point.

It is one thing to fight CPS.

It is another thing to fight those harassing you.

Being falsely accused is a terrible thing, and if the issue won't go away, then you can't easily let it go.

You can't just say, deal with it and be helpless.

To fight CPS you can read, learn, record, call, file court papers, etc.

What do we do to fight the harassment?

I looked up harassment and started another thread. A couple of these links came from govt. websites. So I suggest searching your state gov. website for "harassment." Also your city or county gov. website. Also "neighbor" plus "harassment" plus "your city" plus attorneys." Sometimes lawyers post interesting articles on their websites.

Here is an interesting site. I haven't read it but it sounds relevant.

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Vindictive Neighbor Called The Police And Reported Us To CPS

Postby ourlittlefellas » Sun Oct 26, 2008 11:30 pm

Marina this is great thank you so much! I LOVE this website The Bitch Next Door. I read everything on it. He has some good advice and apparently has been through hell and back with his female next door neighbor. He kinda goes back and forth on the advice. He seems to look at every issue at every angle and only suggest court as a last resort. I agreed with him on a good deal..but I didn't agree with him on the point he made of laying low and not taking any kind of action..kind of a "let sleeping dogs sleep". I think if the issue is some minor one like your neighbor is mad at you for mowing 10 inches over onto their yard...or your dog is barking too much and it is driving her nuts so she calls the cops on you all the time for it...then I would tend to agree with him. You can let that kind of stuff go and learn to be careful when you mow and put a muzzle on the dog when it goes outside. But when your family is being attacked, when you are being slandered to your other neighbors damaging your reputation in your neighborhood, causing your neighbors now to look at you with distrust and disgust... when you are being spied on and your car is being looked into for evidence to use against you...and when you are being blown into CPS and the charges are a bunch of lies to bolster the accusers case, then I don't agree with him that you should just let it go. That only strengthens the attacker and allows them to continue their control over you and anyone else who might make them angry for whatever reason and that makes for a very dangerous situation.

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