new here from ohio

Newcomers, please post something to let us know who you are and if you have an open case, you can post about it here.

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new here from ohio

Postby simplebirdsnest85 » Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:45 am

Hi- im new here. Im from Ohio.

Lets see from the beginning.... Way back in H.S i dated a great guy (at the time anyway) for 1yr 11m. We broke up cause well i just wasnt into him anymore. We lost touch. He was my 1st love. We then met back up in 2004. We moved in together but he was different that he was back then. More possesive, etc. We got pregnant and thats when problems came. He didnt believe i was pregnant, didnt think it was his, etc etc etc. I moved out after he had someone beat me up trying to cause a M/C. Well life went on and i had my wonderful little boy 2005. I tried to be nice and involve his dad (i KNEW he was his dad, but he was still convinced he wasnt) but he wasnt having it. Finally mid 2005 i got him DNA tested, which prooved he was the dad. Thats when they (him and his money loving parents) got controlling. Wanting my DS whenever and however they felt like. I put a stop to it and of course they filed for visitations beginning of fall 2005. I let him have visits, by then his dad was remarried to the WORST woman ever! she somehow thought she was DSs mom and i was trash. And then my heart was yanked from my body and threw to the curb.....
late 2005 (i was preg and my husband and i were living with family) i wrote something UNRELATED to my ds on a blog and guess who read it? DSs step mom! she was pure evil. Christmas came and i went to pick up DS from his dad- he refused to give him to me. i called the police and sure enough DSs dad and wife had printed out what i wrote, called CPS and i wasnt allowed to have DS back. They then filed for custody.
That county said i had to do a psychological eval, home visits, counseling, and parenting classes. I did everything but counseling as we had to move. I got DS back after 2w.
feb 2006 we went to court for custody and of course his dad had a lawyer because his parents have loads of money- i couldnt get one since CPS was involved. They said i tried to kill my DS and thats why CPS was involved. They said i tried to kill myself and thats why i shouldnt have DS. Even though all they had was a passage not naming anyone and not saying i had ever hurt myself or others- it was seen by CPS and the court as " intent".. i lost custody of DS. :(
Well, time passed and Step mom and DSs dad got divorced after having their own child and DS is still with his dad. His dad admits he lied in court, his parents say DS should be with me, but wont do anything about it. They havent the slightest clue what CPS wanted or wants me to do but they are convinced i wont get him back through court until i do everything CPS wants. I dont buy it. i need my son back, i want my son back. They got him in 2006, its 2008.

CPS record:
one county- psych eval: passed, said i was fine, home visits, parenting classes, and counseling: did all but counseling. Had open case
then we moved to another county: said case should be closed, theres nothing to incestigate- im fine and all is well. Closed case
then we moved to another county: wanted same as 1st county but were more annoying and bossy- said i couldnt have a copy of my file. Forced me to move out of my parents home (when they arent related to this at all)
then we moved back to county 2 where we are now and case is closed again.

DS and his dad live in county 3. Throughtout ALL of my pregnancy and after DS was born i have NEVER lived alone- always with DH or family. IF (and i have never) i had ever done anything harmful towards DS, someone would of seen and done something way before DSs step mom "magically saved DS".. everyone knows this and agrees but the court didnt care.


FTR: i have 2 other children by DH and they are perfectly fine and have never had any issues with CPS.
Ive found "they" are like roaches. It doesnt matter what you do, they keep coming back and multiplying. -my 2c on CPS
~Now just to get my igloo ready so i can move to Alaska. They cant find you in an igloo, they dont have addresses.
Jan '09- Lost our daughter due to FTT. Went to my moms until March '09, then to my brothers until June '10..when she FINALLY came home to her parents. Oct 10-no longer court involved.....and FINALLY Nov 10- case CLOSED!
But the past cases, too many to number, keep haunting us and they keep finding us for more cases. They will never leave us alone and we will never be the same people we were before we had children.

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Postby good dad » Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:57 pm

If your case is closed and CPS is out of the picture, it's simply a custody case..

During the CPS case did the court grant dad custody?
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Postby ourlittlefellas » Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:55 am

This is really bad. I totally feel for you. What I am going through pales in comparison to your story (see: Vindictive Neighbor Called The Police And Reported Us To CPS). I don't know about laws in Ohio...though I did find a really good website from there (advocacy group) and I can send you that link just let me know. They gave me a lawyer here in Washington State...but that never panned. Anyhow, have you had any success?

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Postby LindaJM » Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:42 pm

Yes, don't go through CPS... you can file for custody through family court and have a judge review the custody/visitation/child support issues for your son.
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