Sample Letter upon Initial CPS contact

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Sample Letter upon Initial CPS contact

Postby peetred » Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:41 am

I was not sure where to post this, so please move if needed.

This is the letter that we sent to the "social worker" who contacted us about allegations against us in 2009. This letter is what essentially ended contact with DCFS. I wanted to post it to help others.
NOTE: The personal information of the original post was removed to protect the privacy of the submitter.

(Insert your address here.)

(Insert the name and address of your CPS investigator here.)

Dear Ms. CPS Caseworker,

My husband and I are writing you in regards to your recent correspondence to us via telephone and letters. You stated in writing and over the phone that you cannot tell us what the specific nature of the supposed allegations are against us without meeting us in person. We are aware that this is false. According to the state's Health & Human Services Rules & Regulations Manual, you are can supply us with this information either orally or within a written report prepared by you. We may be willing to meet with you regarding the supposed allegations once you supply us with the following in writing:

The detailed and specific nature of the supposed allegations made against us, giving us the clearest understanding of these allegations as possible,

The legal basis for your involvement in these allegations, and

How and for what we could be “possibly prosecuted”, under what basis, and with what evidence.

It is our right to the above information according to the Health and Human Services website under abuse and neglect allegations.

My husband and I would also like to address a few issues concerning your correspondence with us. We received our first letter of correspondence from you in (insert month), stating that you had received a “referral” about our children. Repeated attempts to contact you via telephone were made to no avail. Then, you suddenly contacted us 4 months later in July of 2009 stating that you want to speak to us regarding “allegations of abuse/neglect of our children”. Why were we not informed in your first correspondence with us of the reason you were contacting us. Also, if this issue was serious and you had real concern for the safety of our children, why was there no contact made for 4 months and then suddenly in July of 2009 we were given 1 week to respond to your request to meet with you in person?

Let it be known that we are under no legal obligation to meet with you. If this request for information is ignored or denied we will assume that the allegations are false or unsubstantiated. Thank you for your time.


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