need help in trial now

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need help in trial now

Postby madangel » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:50 pm

Any overturned cases in oregon pertaining to educational neglect when child diagnoses with benign rolandic seizures , or dental neglect when parent feel 3 year old to young to undergo dental surgery. Anything please. I have five kids so for each kid they tried to get me with dental neglect, educational neglect, medical neglect, emotional neglect, and drug use. Third day in trial two older kids case dismissed then DA tried to get me to settle for one kid dental one kid educational and one kid medical.
I truth son did miss school and missed more after we discovered he'd been having seizures. And my daughter is short and skinny(I'm five foot) but doctor called it failure to thrive. Then my youngest had bottle rot he needs surgery, we felt he was too young yet (age 3) but his surgery is for the 6th of next month. It is for the best(keeping my fingers crossed and a prayer in my heart) we are going to have the surgery done. They (cps) is trying to get jurisdiction over them based on this(now) trial starts back up on Sept 9 & then on November 19 (see any problem with this) my youngest children where removed based on original 35 count allegations _again only 3 left) they have been out of my home since June. Again see any problem. One of the cps worker put in their discovery that they found meth at their cps office at 9 am on I day I hadn't even been there yet (wasn't there the day before either) but in the discovery it says they called me to do a ua based on the finding of meth in their bathroom.(see what I've been fighting) so again started with 30 counts against me . Down to 3 it's been a hard road I'm tired. My lawyers tired.(Did I mention we are up against the DA the kids lawyer and the cps worker) they are losing so they are resorting to trying to destroy my charecter. Ie asking a professional if defendant had done...... than in lite if what you know wouldn't that make you question her charecter or any of her original statement (of course these people are agreeing) but leaving the court room confused and questioning me as to whether or not the implied event took place) I'm having to defend myself out of the court room and people think I may be iffy because they don't understand what's going on.(the DA didn't explain said events didn't really happen before said people left the court room.. so again any help. I'm in oregon. My lawyer warns it must in oregon state cases.

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Re: need help in trial now

Postby sabem » Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:28 pm

How did this trial turn out? I am researching Oregon case law and would love your input. Just out of curiosity, was DHS going after you for drug use before the meth was found or was that something they came up with after that day? What county were you in? I have been looking for an attorney to represent me in my case but am having a very hard time finding anyone that'll touch a lawsuit against DHS! I sent out tort claims on behalf of my husband, my daughter and myself in July so I only have 1 1/2 years left to sue. I have began to plan for representing myself but am scared to death to do that. I don't like speaking publicly at all. Can you please tell me who your attorney was since you managed to find an Oregon based lawyer?

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Re: need help in trial now

Postby fatalwine222 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:01 am

i just started using them so I'm not too savy on their actual help. But a friend of mine has introduced it and says it takes them time after you start the service. I also know 3 people who signed up for it, my friend isnt an associate like me but when i signed on i also bought into the associate part because it helps to get a kickback when referring. Im not trying to come up by offering but once i know through my case the extent of their services i will be "promoting" more. I myself just started last month(december) and pay $26 a month. Heres the link, it's like insurance and they are looking into my case though its before i signed on to them. takes a lawyer 2 days to contact you (for me it did)
explain your case details and another lawyer who specializes in that field will contact you. so its not instant like a retained lawyer.

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