I'm New Here, Please Help!

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I'm New Here, Please Help!

Postby ElleStrong » Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:17 pm

I'm confused as to how to work this site. I appreciate the discussion forum but with my court date being a week away, I need documents FAST! Can anyone tell me what documents I need, where I can find templates for them and how to file them? :(

I am the kinship placement for my nephews in Texas. Our case has been open since May 2015. It started as a court ordered services case and in Sept. 2015 it was moved to temporary managing conservatorship (state has custody, I am placement). Now, they did have reason to do these things AT FIRST. However, my sister has completed ALL classes, passed all drug (weed) tests, came to all supervised visits as she was supposed to. The kids lawyers and CASA would contact me asking for dirt on my sister so that they wouldn't have to give her kids back... in June 2016 my youngest nephew fell in the pool and was taken to the hospital. The hospital called CPS. the next morning a CPS investigator showed up at the hospital and said "since there is already an open case, we have to take the kids while we investigate". THIS IS A LIE. CPS has to have a COURT ORDER to remove a child and having an open case already doesn't give grounds for immediate removal. I didn't know this at the time. So they sent the kids to my grandmothers home. I lived with my grandmother as a teenager and was molested by my grandfather. They have since divorced but continue to have close contact. My molestation wasn't her fault, however her covering it up, not protecting me and even blaming me was the problem. CPS KNEW THIS AND STILL PLACED CHILDREN THERE. the boys were there a month before they were removed due to my grandfather being over there. they reluctantly gave them back to my sister. she had them a month then one day while cooking, she went to move a crockpot and the entire bottom fell out and hot water splashed on my nephew, scolding him. she didn't take him to the hospital because she knew CPS would take them. We looked it up online and found that if the scald wasn't bigger than his hand then he could be treated at home. she had the thing healed in a week. the case worker found out, asked for pix, then acted like she just wanted to see it in person. my sis was pulling into her driveway from taking him to see the dr who said it was completely healed and the case worker had investigators and police at her home waiting on her. they snatched my nephew out the car and ripped his shirt off and started taking pix of him like he was an animal and he's screaming for his mom and they throw him in the backseat. then they go get my other nephew from school in the middle of class kicking and screaming. THEY HAD NO COURT ORDER. THEY REFUSED TO EVEN LOOK AT HER DOCTORS NOTE.

I recently filed an intervention to become a party in the case since I now have the children. I am able to see all court documents and there has been a MULTITUDE of LIES. I have reported all lawyers to the bar and all case workers to the OCA. I want the judge to know every lie and to dismiss the case IMMEDIATELY. what documents do I need in order to do this?

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