Court Appointed Attorneys in L.A., Calif.

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Court Appointed Attorneys in L.A., Calif.

Postby Fair_Rulings » Tue Feb 20, 2007 1:50 am

There are four new law firms for court appointed attorneys in Los Angeles that are under the supervision of "Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc." As of February 20, 2007 they have not filed their Corporation with the STATE BAR which they need to do in order to practice law as a corporation. This means that if you have a court appointed attorney from one of the four firms then they maybe representing you illegally! Many of the attorneys working for the four firms have also worked as Children's attorneys and are now representing parents, which is a CONFLICT of law. I urge people to contact the state bar and request the bar to fax and/or mail them a copy of the certificate or information showing the status of the corporation "LOS ANGELES DEPENDENCY LAWYERS, INC." There is an ongoing LAWSUIT that has been filed in Sacramento called: Los Angeles County Dependency Attorneys, Inc., v. State of California. Soon the venue will be changing to San Francisco. Note one corp., is called Dependency Lawyers and the other is Dependency Attorneys. As of January 2, 2007 Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc. was suppose to take over and move into the 4th floor at 1000 Corporate Center Dr. in Monterey Park. As of today they still haven't moved in and they are providing an address that is nothing, but an empty room with construction debris. There are no phones, desks, files, carpet... NOTHING. If you are having problems regarding your representation, wish to file a bar complaint against your attorney, you might want to mention that Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc., are not certified with the State Bar as a corporation. Don't be a victim of the system!
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Postby Frustrated » Tue Feb 20, 2007 8:13 am

I agree. If your Lawyer does something illegal and not doing anything according to its Laws, or doing something corrupt, you can report him to the Bar Association. If he was biased and working with CPS and not FOR YOU, you can file a complaint.
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Postby my3girlyangels » Thu Mar 27, 2008 2:59 pm

I cant believe that I am not the only one who is aware of these "so called Attorneys". I actually had to fire my court appointed attorney 2 days ago!! I was trying to figure out who exactly he worked for or what law firm or whatever and I realized that on his business card he has the 1000 Corporate Center Dr. but he only has his cell phone number on the card but no office number, in addition, on the top of the biz card "Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc.". He has a terrible "professional background" which I found in the CA State Bar Website, I filed a complaint to the Bar and the "results" had nothing to do with my complaint, I also made a written request to the Referee in the Children's Court, I attached a copy of his background and a copy of my complaint form to the CA State Bar, I mailed it "certified" and all I got in return was a message left on my machine from my Attorney, laughing and telling me "I must have had a Bad Christmas and that I shouldn't be writing letters like that to anyone". He failed really bad which resulted in my children being taken from me, he literally plead me "Guilty" and since I was "new" to this situation, he told me that "I could not argue the language, which were the allegations against me". I'm very stressed out because I have trial on April 4, 2008 and I already put in the second request to have him replaced but I don't know if the Referee will actually consider my request this time around.

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Re: Court Appointed Attorneys in L.A., Calif.

Postby imsik328 » Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:02 pm

My husband and I BOTH have Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc attorneys - can anyone tell me if they're legally representing us? the address on teir cards are 1000 Corporate ctr dr suite 400, and i left 2 messages in the last 6 weeks and never recd a reply. i also sent 2 emails, which she told me she never received. PLEASE HELP! My case is already all lies and if the state appointed us attorneys that arent even practicing legally, Im going to be coming into some pretty green stuff...

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Re: Court Appointed Attorneys in L.A., Calif.

Postby LindaJM » Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:54 pm

imsik328 - rather than leave phone messages or send emails, write a typed letter, make copies, take your letter to the office secretary/receptionist and have Your copy date stamped to prove you were there with the letter. That's one way to get verification that you delivered something. Another way (more expensive) is to send a certified letter.

Yes, the attorneys are legal and "yours" but if the county pays them, who do you think they're really working for?
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