CPS is a facade to 'protect', functions to human traffic....

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CPS is a facade to 'protect', functions to human traffic....

Postby kelz03103 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:11 pm


The inquiring child sat quietly, and then tearfully responded, "You're right. Do you know Hoos ier mommy?"

The other child sadly replied, "No, but I am given an anti-depressant to help me not think about it too much. But, I was told my sister was in 11 foster homes, and now, she is homeless."

This is a reality of suffering and devastation endured by Indiana children, while many parents are defamed and falsely accused by biased and subjective hearsay, as Indiana government officials enjoy the federal incentive bonus packages, re-imbursements, and grant funds, of financial profit into the state’s bank.

May the Hand of God move swiftly, in order to save the innocent and place judgment on those who condone the suffering.

Pray for our leaders, they need both guidance and mercy.

What can be done to stop the madness of our children being harmed and families being destroyed, by a government agency, Child Protection Service, which claims to “PROTECT CHILDREN” and “PRESERVE FAMILIES? Our government will not acknowledge, listen, or act, upon the tragic harm they cause. With black and white evidence of what harm and destruction they are causing, they are not concerned. The lives and voices of children go unheard.

To those who need the truth to explain why so many children die each year in the nation of The United States, especially the state of Indiana. This letter does not even begin to mention the concern of the untold numbers of “to be children” abortions done in secrecy in this state and nation, but also of a lack of Indiana’s ability to accurately perform autopsies for the children murdered under the care of the state, in order to, prosecute the perpetrator, which is not mandated. This would allow the citizens to be aware of how many children die under the state care, (direct lack of care), for the children they are supposed to be “protecting’!!

Department of Children, known as Child Protection Services, CPS for short, is a government agency for a child trafficking business, a BIG money business, NOT a “protection” agency.

Our children are being abused and killed at the hands of strangers and parents are loosing their entire hope for a piece of themselves to carry on in this world after they pass. Cultures and family heritages are being demolished by those that are to "protect". Until I was forced to witness how CPS truly functions within a secret circle of deception, I never knew the depths of sorrow that could be felt, after witnessing first hand, the crimes CPS has done to so many, and continues to do the same, today. Crimes committed by Child Protection Services and their affiliates, judges who are comfortable being passive and willing to allow both parents and children to be victimized, and is the utter and complete destruction of many lives.

The truth is that the government agency, CPS, which is to protect children, fails to do so. The tendency of CPS is to ignore the children who really are in danger, and removed children from safe homes to place them into danger. Either way, the involvement of CPS places children into danger, as these state workers do not know the difference of safety vs. danger, truth vs. fiction, or how to investigate vs. bogus documentation.

The belief that the elected officials will respond to their own constituents when the constituents plead and cry many letters out, phone calls, and walk-ins to the offices, for the help to save a child's life, is only a belief, without any truth or action upon the elected officials to note otherwise.

Child Protection Services is allowed to walk about as a god. They refuse to follow any law, act carelessly with the well-being and well-fare of the family unity, the parent’s character, and safety of the child.

Child Protection Services have no one to answer to, they investigate themselves, their freedom to use falsification and deception in the judicial courts, is their greatest power, second, to the strongest force of using fear, to make parents sign papers of CHINS and whatever else, as parents are told they will never see their children again if they refuse to sign the CPS paperwork. CASA and Guardian et Litem, and all other CPS affiliates will do the same. CPS is a breed of government that would make Hitler rise from his grave and smile.

Sadness, great sadness, is all that can be said, when one awakens to the facts that surround the numbers of children removed from their homes, alienation from their parents, and siblings scattered into different foster homes. In Indiana, grandparents are ignored and disrespected of the right to participate to provide safe homes for their own grandchildren. Legislation is too busy with their own agenda to be concerned for the citizens of Indiana, of which our representatives are to serve. As money, power, and status-quo, is of utmost importance, citizens are second class, unless they are large financial contributors to the political party. Unfortunately for many innocent and law abiding citizens of Indiana, the definition of “Serve” is not understood by Indiana’ governmental officials.

Families are devastated by mere hearsay and biased subjective emotions of a social worker or case manager, and a judges’ disregard for the oath taken. The Constitution is disregarded.

Child Services, Juvenile Judges will force a woman to sign an affidavit that a man is the father of the child, because the man who was request by the judge to take a paternity test simply refused to do so. This is not surprising, as the judge requested the man to take a paternity test, the man refused due to his heavy illicit drug use; so therefore, the judge forced the woman, who was defamed by the abusing drug user, to sign an affidavit that the man was the father. Again, hearsay vs. fact is how Indiana Juvenile Courts operate regarding the governmental agency, CPS, now called The Dept. of Children, in Indiana, which continues to fail to protect both innocent children and parents, by the state’ negligence and willingness to function on hearsay rather than medical valid evidence.

The truth is that many parents, who love and care for their children, are defamed without the ability to protect themselves or their children from the perjury and falsification of court documents done by the state workers. Children who are abused by foster parents are afraid to speak up, for fear of not being listened to.

The truth is that CPS, Juvenile judges, do not honor the taken oath, "For liberty and justice for all”, as hearsay, mere hearsay, is judged upon. No truth, no evidence, no facts, and no objective black and white clinical evidence, just hearsay.

The truth is that parents, who are falsely accused and loose their children, are never allowed a fair trial in criminal court. The Juvenile Judge makes un-founded judgments against the parents, who are again ‘forced’, to sign documentation to terminate parental rights. Where was the option for a jury? Juvenile Court is for minor children, not adults. If the parent committed a valid crime against their children, the parent must be arrested and prosecuted before their peers. This is not confidential information, as CPS wants the citizens to believe. Confidentiality is regarding the children under age, not the adult parents. Adults committing crimes or charged of crimes, is in fact, public notice. If a child is removed from a home, one would think a crime has been committed and the adult would be arrested, right? Not in Indiana, where children are removed with a phone call, as the social workers sits at her desk to write bogus lies.

The truth is that many children are in foster care due to the lack of the government agency, Child Protection Services, to assess, identify if an allegation has any validity, promote family relationships, intervene with careful planning to maintain family well-being, ability to evaluate all situations, and most importantly, CPS workers, fail to report factual truth. CPS workers function on hearsay, lies, deceptions, falsification of court records, and are willing to ignore the harm a child is in by the person CPS places the child into their care. CPS workers have no concern or fear to be held accountable or responsible for the accuracy of their actions.

If anyone thinks this agency has oversight to protect the citizens, that person is very wrong. This agency’s actions and functions are Criminality and extremely un-Constitutional!! Their ability to use coercion, threats, and conspire to commit perjury and falsification of court documentations is never questioned. The terrorist group this nation best be looking out for is not from overseas, but from our own governmental agency, Dept. of Children, Child Protection Services, as they walk as a god, no one has jurisdiction of this agency, and their ability to cover-up the deaths of children under the state care and remove children from parents without cause is enormous. The agency is largest agency of this nation, so out of control, but no one is accountable. Your tax dollars fund this agency, so you too have a hand in it if you just sit back and believe the verbal garbage this agency writes, states, or publicizes. They have more to gain by gathering up more and more children into foster and institutional care with intent for adoptions; and forcing more and more parents into the federal grant programs for services and classes of all sorts, whether the parent is in need of the services and classes or not!

Just what do any government workers do for the people in Indiana? We pay for what? Victimization, ignored, lied to, terrorized, and oppressed.
Why do we even have an election? Campaign promises are lies.

Perpetrators of Maltreatment is: Child Protection "Predator" Services
CPS commits un-punished crimes against innocent parents and children and destroy families for Federal $$$Funds

Physical Abuse – 59 by parents 160 by CPS

Sexual Abuse – 13 by parents 112 by CPS

Neglect – 241 by parents 410 by CPS

Medical Neglect – 12 by parents 14 by CPS

Fatalities – 1.5 by parents 6.4 by CPS

FACT: Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States. These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.

One in four children, under state care WILL die.

Why is Indiana the number one state for the deaths of children? Lack of accountability, responsibility, & oversight.

Why do foster parents and institutions get by with abuse and murder? Lack of accountability, responsibility, & oversight.

When there is a complaint against the Dept. of Children, CPS, who does the investigation? They do, as the fox watches over the hen house, so does CPS cover-up, shred up, lie, make false documentation, and conspire to obstruct justice, of their own crimes.

Just where is our federal government that is giving the bonuses, incentives, and grant funds, that is allowing this terrorist governmental agency to function to harm so many? Don’t know where they are but do know they are aware of this abusing, deadly, and terrorist governmental agency, called, Child Protection Services.

Homeland Security is to protect the US citizens from those on the outside of our nation, but who is protecting the US citizen families and children, from attacks from their own government from within?

Indiana is number one for deaths of children within the entire nation. Indiana pays the highest taxes for total of needs of children. Government is paid, citizens are ignored. What is wrong with this state?

Please go to website: www.honkforkids.com or www.honkforkids.com/videoindex.htm

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