Previous child removals

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Previous child removals

Postby Marina » Sat Nov 22, 2008 9:45 pm ... angry.html

Grundy Parents Angry With DCS After Abuse Case

October 29, 2008 - 7:55 PM
John Madewell

Several people in Grundy County are livid at the Department of Children's Services. The reaction comes after we broke the story of 21 year old Shannon Comeau's accused abuse of her SEVEN week old son. Deputies arrested Comeau last night at T.C. Thompson Children's hospital.

Our investigative team got the arrest warrant. In it doctors tell detectives baby Isaac certainly was abused and that it could only be shaken baby syndrome. He remains in critical condition. Doctors told investigators he has a five percent chance of living.

We also learned yesterday through Sheriff Brent Myers that Comeau gave up her other two children earlier this year. Sheriff Myers says she left them at Children's Services because she didn't want them.

Parents in Grundy says the state should have removed Comeau's baby from her at birth. We dug around red tape and confirmed the state does in fact have custody of Comeau's three year old daughter and one year old son.

She did appear in court on that matter but was NOT charged with any crime. Children's services says there is NO automatic provision for child removal, even with history.

Each child is investigated individually and there must be evidence of risk before action can be taken.

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