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Military parents

Postby reed272003 » Wed Dec 03, 2008 10:31 am

I found that it was in the best interest of my family NOT to accept services through CPS. TriCare will refer you to mental health providers, therapy, rehab, almost anything you need. You may have to see a PCP for a referal. Always remember to have any care documented and proof of such on hand. Remember. anyone you work with that has been provided by thier "services" reports directly back to CPS. If there is a mental health or substance abuse issue, honesty is required for recovery, it defeats the purpose, if you do have a genuine issue, to have to watch what you say. Adversely, if there isn't such an issue one of these providers my exagerate or twist whatever you say to ensure job stability.
We also have issues unique to our situation, deployments, reunions, and such. Usually there is a community sevice organization on post that can better address any issues, and someone that understands better what we're going through.
On a personal note, never let anyone make you feel that being a military family makes you less of a parent. We are valid. Noone will ever have more genuine interest in the wellbeing of thier child than the parent.

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Postby Momoffor » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:19 am

Well said reed. There is a forum for military families if you would like to post military concerns, advice ect there.

As far as Tricare, that is one leg up that military families have over civilian families when it comes to CPS. Pretty much all the medical requirements from CPS are covered via Tric-care as to which, CPS cannot say they are not professionals recognized by CPS. They are professionals that have been recognized by the federal government so pfftt on CPS on that aspect.

HOWEVER, you do have to watch that often times, the same professionals that CPS uses are also professionals that tricare will send you to. The doctor that we were seeing for my sons ADHD referred to us by Tri-Care, had a whole section in the initial fill out sheet that were questions pertaining to court ordered services and social services referrals. This sent off alarms in my mind about what kind of quack we might be seeing, but he turned out a very nice guy who seeming got very frustrated at my sons behavior and called him an 'emergency for meds lol" which he was at the time so I wont argue that point lol.

Another note, my youngest son who is a 'bit' of drama queen (understatement) decided he was going to throw some drama in for effect when he was at school and another kid tattled that my son had a toy. This resulted in my son getting his toy taken away, and he told the kid "thanks a lot! Now Im going to kill myself and it will all be your fault!" (Not the wisest of things to say, which he soon found out) I got a call from the school telling me the school social worker found my son to be extremly high risk for suicide (she had interviewed him about the matter and made that determination) I was flippant and told them they had just been had by a 9 year old. He didnt want to get in trouble for the drama, so he just kept it going with their line of questioning, which I dont know what they asked him, but Im sure it was all leading. She told me that she intervened at JUST the right time, because he told her that he was thinking about it before lunch, but after lunch he wasnt going to anymore. (eyeroll)

I got him to admit to them that he made it up to get back at the other kid and he apologized, but they still insisted that he was an extreme high risk.

The school social worker kept trying to push her services as well as a traveling group of mental health professionals that come to the school and give kids 'assistance' for free. I was given 24 hours to get him 'help' or be turned into social services, with that threat, came more pushing of the 'free services'. After laughing at her, and letting her know that medical expenses are no concern for us to begin with, I turned her down and quickly pointed out to her that within the next 2 hours, my son would be under the care of a medical professional and she was not to have any involvement with my child whatsoever, or I would have her job for interferring in the medical treatment of my child.

I took him to the base hospital, got him seen, and in less than an hour, it was agreed that he was mr drama. He got yet more lectures about his drama sessions from her. (His favorite drama thing he would do before this incident was if he asked for candy or treats and was told no, he would go into this acting about how he was so weak because his blood sugar was low <insert staggering walk here with hand on forehead for more effect> (this came from him overhearing a blood sugar conversation with my father who is a diabetic, so he took that info and ran with it)

He was more pissed off at all the commotion it caused and that it bit him in the ass. He didnt want to go to the doctor, he didnt want to do any of that. The plus side, is his drama that I have been on him about for years to no avail, has finally wound itself down. That was his little wake up call that it isnt funny, or cute, and no one is impressed by it. He wanted attention and he got it. All that and a bag of chips.

I did research on that group of traveling mental health professionals after the fact. They are sponsored by guess who??! They have no 'office' that you can go into to see one. They are not doctors either. They do nothing other than going to schools and 'assisting' at risk kids for 'free'. SCARY!

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