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CPS allows child who made international headlines to return to parents

December 23, 2008 - 7:05 PM
Scott Lawrence

A four year old boy who was playing with toys alone inside a store in the middle of the night will be back home with his parents by Christmas.

That's according to Child Protective Services.

The agency had allowed the youngster to stay with relatives while it looked into the case.

A spokeswoman says there is no evidence the parents did anything wrong.

The spokeswoman says the youngster unlocked a door and left home at about three in the morning on December 15.

He walked one block and crossed College Street to get to the nearby Family Dollar Store.

A surveillance camera shows the child checking one locked door and finding a second door unlocked.

He walks inside and begins playing with toys.

Two police officers showed up when the child triggered a silent burglar alarm.

The child's family began looking for him when they realized he wasn't home.

"Safety precautions have been put in place with the family to ensure the safety of the child," CPS spokeswoman Shari Pulliam told KFDM News.

The case made headlines across the nation. Beaumont police say they received calls from reporters as far away as Brazil.

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Dec 29, 2008 9:18 pm US/Eastern

Wandering Toddler Returned To Family


Tavaris Mack was found wandering a Miami street at 4:00 a.m. Friday.

A toddler who was found wandering the streets of Miami early Friday morning has been returned to his family after an investigation by the Department of Children and Families.

Miami police spokesman Delrish Moss says two and a half year old Tavaris Mack was spending the night at his uncle's home when he wandered out of the house around 4:00 a.m. Police learned that the boy is a sleepwalker, and he simply walked out of his uncle's apartment while several adult and child relatives were asleep.

Mack wandered nearly a block in the unfamiliar neighborhood before a neighbor, Hazel Woods, spotted the confused and barefoot child near Northwest 16th Terrace and 62nd Street and called police.

Ms. Woods took the boy home and called Miami Police who took the child to the North District Police Station before he was taken into DCF custody.

Family members at the uncle's home say when they woke up and discovered Mack was missing, they went door-to-door in a desperate search. When they reached Ms. Woods, she told them she had turned the child over to police.

The boy's mother, father and grandmother went to Miami Police Headquarters to be reunited with Tavaris. However, the child was kept for the weekend as DCF officials conducted an investigation. Officials deemed the situation an "accident."

No charges were filed against the family.

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