Child is Killed--Mom had Previous CPS Cases

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Child is Killed--Mom had Previous CPS Cases

Postby anxiousmom » Wed Feb 18, 2009 12:27 pm

This happened in Nacogdoches, TX, where I am from. (Though the child died in LA---I assume the Nac. hosp. had the child transferred to a better hops. in LA--probably a Childrens Hosp).

It is SO very sad! I do not see how any one can harm a child like that.

What surprises me is the number of CPS cases against the mom & against the mom & current boyfriend that is charged with killing the little girl......ALL those cases with SERIOUS allegations & the children were not removed.


Mine case had to do with a cluttered home (and yes, it was bad I admit....hoarding), yet my children were NEVER physically harmed, never sexually abused---those things were NEVER alleged. In fact, quite the opposite. Even the person that called in (neighbor) stated that are children were NOT physically harmed & also CPS fully knew & admitted they weren't.

The thing CPS would focus is on is that the Children COULD be harmed (due to too much stuff...could trip, etc.) They'd focus on the possibility of a fire, etc. We were in our home for 16 1/2 years & NOT ONCE was there a fire!!!!!!! Not ONCE did my children get injured from the clutter. Not once did my children get sick due to the condition of the home, etc.

Their removal was due to the pressure placed upon CPS by my neighbors, as I lived in a "nice" neighborhood & they didn't like that my house was bringing down their property values coupled with the fact that CPS was tired of getting & dealing with reports about our family. A neighbor once told us that he was going to keep calling CPS if our garage & porch were messy.

Yet, here is a very young child that CPS workers actually SAW bruises on her & yet they never removed the children?????

It doens't make sense.

I am NOT at all a prejudiced person & I hope the question I am about to ask does not come across wrong or offend anyone.

But, I have to wonder.....did the fact that this little girl was black (or so I assume) & my children were white have anything to do with the different courses of action by CPS?

At any rate, it is so very sad what happened to this little girl & my heart goes out to her.

Additionally, now, CPS here will be even harder, even more ridiculous with cases that shouldn't be continued.

Trisha G
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Postby Trisha G » Wed Feb 18, 2009 11:58 pm

It reminds me of the Tajanay Bailey case here. The poor little girl was battered for hours before she was killed, CPS was involved, but the supervisor ordered she be put back in her "home". Everybody else involved in the case reccomended against it. Why even bother with caseworkers, casemanagers, investegators, mental health and all of the others if they either can't (in Tajanays case) or won't (in this case) do their job?

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