My 15 yr old son ran away from DCF in Vermont and is in Ga.

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My 15 yr old son ran away from DCF in Vermont and is in Ga.

Postby cbcklr » Sun Apr 12, 2009 9:38 am

My 15 yr old son has to appear in Savannah Ga. on 4-20-2009 as he is waiting in a Juvenile Detention Center on multiple charges. The other boy, despondant, came to my house to find a ride as he had run away from his foster home. I told my son the boy couldn't stay here to look for a ride and he needed to leave. My son said he would need to leave also. I had to call emergency services. Thay left and were able to go to a facility they were enrolled in for wrap around services, get the keys to a car and drive to Savannah. They broke a window and the police came, they ran, in the car, went the wrong way on Highway 80, crossed over to get on I 95 southbound but lost control and crashed into trees. Both boys were not hurt in the crash, they could have been killed. Where can I find help for my son? How will he get back to Vermont, he is not a violent person nor a drug addict, just lost in the system. Thank-you for any help.

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