Allegations on parents of Tony Alamo Church

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Allegations on parents of Tony Alamo Church

Postby Mema » Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:48 pm

The Arkansas Department of Human Services and the Miller County Department of Human Services have kept mum about why they took 36 children of members of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries into custody in two separate police and child protective services raids a year ago. Since Family Court judge Joe Griffin issued a gag order, the parents have not been able to talk about the charges.

However, an affidavit filed in federal court to substantiate bad faith on the part of the Arkansas Department of Human Services in the seizure of the 36 children reveals some of the allegations against the parents. The parents deny each and every allegation.

The allegations are:

1. Both parents knew of the abuse of two children in the church and did nothing about it. Both parents state that they knew nothing about any such abuse.

2. Both parents endorsed and facilitated attempted marriages between underage females and adult males. Parents deny the allegation, stating that they have no authority to marry or permit marriage between any individuals, and that their children are all too young to be married.

3. The father slapped one child on one occasion on the face with an open hand. Father denies any such slap occured.

4. Parents failed to send 7 year old child to accredited school or to properly register for homeschooling. Parents claim they sent their children to the school run by the church which meets all state requirements for schooling. Furthermore, tests done since the child has been in foster care shows that he is advanced for his age, therefore no educational neglect can be said to have taken place.

5. Parents committed medical and physical abuse by allowing children to participate in an involuntary fast. While parents believe in fasting for spiritual reasons, they deny ever forcing their children to participate in a fast.

6. Parents committed medical neglect by not vaccinating their children. Parents state that they have received exemptions on religious grounds from the State of Arkansas, therefore they are within their rights in not having their children vaccinated.

The first two charges have nothing to do with the parent's own children, and the rest are surprisingly mild considering the State's secrecy about them. The State has the burden of proving all of these charges. Because of the gag order by Judge Griffin, it is unclear as to what, if any, evidence the State has produced to substantiate their allegations.
For more info: Read more articles by Dan Weaver on the seizure of 36 children from The Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Church in Arkansas. Albany Examiner ... iner-email
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