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Micheal Jackson Case with a Taser Gun

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:21 am
by Frustrated
Micheal Jackson's Kids are in the limelight with L.A. DCFS regarding a Taser Gun purchased by a Cousin Jaafar, who is about 13 years old, who happens to play with it in the bathroom lighting up a toilet paper. DCFS or some one who called in the tip to DCFS say that the taser gun was used on Blanket by Jaafar. Katherine's Lawyer said that is not true. you know how DCFS works, they make up stuff and exergerrate things. The truth is in Katherine's household. and DCFS will twist it how they want it. DCFS was in there for two days and at one time, up to 6 hours interviewing everybody and it shows alot of tension between DCFS and the Jacksons Family. you and me know how DCFS works. Most likely DCFS will make Katherine follow a "Family Service Plan" which I hope she will never sign. Best leave it to her Lawyer Streistand.
Lucky that they have a Lawyer and we do not have the luxury to fight. But we can learn from this MJ Case.
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Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:45 am
by Frustrated
this was ridiculous, L.A. DCFS investigated at Jackson's house for three days?! and stayed there at one time over 6 hours.
wow that's too much intrusity and interferance. it remain to be seen it is because the Jacksons are rich and famous. that and that they have many problems in the past which leads the DCFS to do more dissection into Jackson's business.

The Jacksons has claimed that nothing happened to MJ 3 Kids Blanket, Paris and Prince. Jaafar who is 13 years old who was piqued to his own curiousity playing with stupid taser gun on his own playing in the bathroom lighting up a toilet paper which caused some one in the household to call in to L.A. DCFS. Could be Alenjandra, Jaafar's mother who happens to live in the same household with the rest? DCFS would love to play around with this problem.

Agreed that taser gun is dangerous, Katherine already seized it and the problem has been fixed. Jaafar is being punished for purchasing it on line. Just like the other Teens looking for trouble. Katherine and the other Employees like the Guards did a superb job in containing the problem immediately. Problem fixed immediately. Let it go, let Katherine and Jermaine deal with this problem and deal with Jaafar. Trust me, it will not happen again because they will ensure protection and safety, and the welfare of the rest of the children in the household. Katherine cares too much for these children for anything stupid to happen again.

L.A. DCFS came back and try to dictate the Jacksons on what to do including the internet "usage". I usually keep the computer in front of me at all times in the living room, and never in their bedrooms. so supervision will be on at all times. Computers needs to be moved out of the kids' bedrooms and into Katherine's clutches where she can watch at all times, perferabbly in her rooms where she would sit. But that violates the Consitutution. The right to liberty to live what they want. and Privacy rights. so it's a slippery slope. I believe DCFS has no right to dicatate what the family are supposed to do, however it should be left up totally to the Jacksons on how to do about controlling and supervising their children/grandchildren. It's their parental/caregiver right. Not DCFS's right. I trust the Jacksons will do everything in their power to ensure this will not happen again. Let them do their work. They still have parental/caregiver rights.
if Katherine were to sign the Family Service Plan, she will be screwed. Her Lawyer is "handling" the case. Hopefully there will not be too much interferance into the Jacksons family's lives, especially Paris, Blanket and Prince don't need this, since their Father Micheal Jackson has passed, it's hard enough on them already. I know Jaafar would not do that to his own cousins. They have already been taught morals and values taught by Katherine and the Jacksons. The Kids knows better than that.

Teens can do stupid things once in their life, and learn from their mistakes so it does not get repeated. It's called learning. they will be punished and disciplined and will lead to the right path instead of the wrong path. The Jacksons will lead Jaafar into the right path, he will be disciplined. He will not do this again.

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:42 am
by Frustrated
This is becoming more ridiculous now, it's now onto the fourth day DCFS going back and INTERVIEW the kids AGAIN!!!
four days? I'd say wow...that's alot more than we did receive in a day. but they keep on coming back, we all know that, that's how DCFS works, by harrassing, interfering, being nosy and wants to know everything...
what a waste of tax payer's dollars to keep going back for four days, and the thing is it's not over with yet.
Yesterday, they wanted to interview the last employee who was not at work for two days, you all know that the DCFS must interview everyone involved in the household that has to do with "children". :roll:
anyhow, the DCFS can do this because the Jacksons are interesting to them, they are rich and famous, and had problems in the past and DCFS thinks that the Jacksons are riddled with problems so that gives them the right to harass the Jacksons.

Four days over a taser gun? or is it for something else? even DCFS could not find enough information so they keep on going back to look for something to "make it stick" with their allegations. They will injure something else up.

what's new? now the audience KNOWS what DCFS are like, it's about time it shed some light on what DCFS are really like, even the people nationwide are now questioning what's up with DCFS' and their way of doing things on families. They feel that four days are "excessive". We all know that, we have been there, done that. They keep on coming back until they are "satisfied" once they think it will make the most money for the DCFS organization.
It's becoming more ridiculous, but at the same time, I am glad that it's shedding some more light on DCFS and people are now watching their every move. Now they will start and believe that DCFS does actricious things on families because of this pecuilar case. It won't end sometime now, it will go forever because now the DCFS are in Jacksons' lives for the rest of the children's lives until age 18. Unfortunate, but unless some one will speak up and say stop this harrassment and something needs to be changed with CPS reform laws. It is sad indeed that the MJ3 kids Paris, Prince and Blanket has to deal with this harrassment, interviews, and so forth, just after their father's death last year. I can understand the psch. damage it may do to the kids. I hope DCFS will take it easy on the kids for their mental state sakes.
We will keep a close eye on this case. It's not over with yet until the fat lady had sung. ... l-workers/