so sad.

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so sad.

Postby clara2002 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:31 pm

sorry, for the months i was distraught, i was brought up to love my country, and everybody in it. i was sadden after finding out that cps is indeed not what they sound to be.

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Re: so sad.

Postby Daruma » Fri Feb 11, 2011 7:44 am

It's a bit of a shock, isn't it? I knew they sometimes took children without a good reason, but I thought that was just a rare, unfortunate event. Until I saw them go after my son and DIL, I had no idea how deeply corrupted the whole system is.

Crazy to think this could happen in the 21st century. It's more like reading all those really sad slave narratives from before the Civil War, when slaves' children were sold away from them, and society justified it by saying, "Slaves don't have family feelings the way we do."
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Re: so sad.

Postby angelheart83 » Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:21 pm

The reality of the system is terrifying for those unjustly caught in its grasp.

The unfortunate thing is that we are powerless to change things by ourselves. The second we're accused, it's like we cease to be human beings. Very few people will believe the things we say. When we tell our stories to the world at large, we often hear things like "there has to be more to the story" or "you have to have done something wrong".

I really wish I could snap my fingers and CPS is suddenly totally reformed, but obviously that won't happen. They'll continue to wreak havoc on innocent families, and leave children in real danger in their homes, for as long as the true victims are automatically discredited and disbelieved.
My children have never been harmed by my actions. My children both love me and trust me. Even my nonverbal son shows he trusts me by how he interacts with me. We didn't deserve what we've gone through because of CPS. We demand justice.

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Re: so sad.

Postby noroses4u2c » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:26 am

And then you have all those people who think 'well, if they took the kids, there must have been a reason' and then view the person they're talking to as child abusing scum.

Guilty without a chance to prove yourself innocent.
My child was abducted by the government. They demanded a ransom (the case plan). I paid the ransom and my child was kept anyway. It isn't much different from stranger abduction except that the government uses its power to make the abduction legal and unpunishable.

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