Any way to stop?

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Any way to stop?

Postby WhiteHaven » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:28 pm

Is there any way to stop being harassed by DFCS? I mean they get 1 call from an anonymous person and all of a sudden they can tell you how you run your life and according to some of the posts I have seen order you to send your kids to school,medicate them,get rid of pets etc etc etc...Why is it that all they have to do if you refuse to let them inside is to go get a judge rubber stamp a piece of paper forcing you to go to court or face charges for not coming...what are we supposed to do live in fear of sending our kids to school or lord forbid they get dirty or hurt themselves and we have to go to the doctor. Seems like the people you are supposed to help you try and kidnap yer kids whenever they decide to. What can be done to stop this? Is there a state you can live in that they can't do this in?

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Re: Any way to stop?

Postby mamalion » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:41 pm

every county is different and then it also depends on the worker. From our lawyers although our case has sucked had we been in the surrounding counties we'd be really unhappy.

in the uk there is a site were people rate their local SS as we call them. there needs to be a US one. Cause you know shocking as it may be there are areas where CPS is pro family. One county in CT I read has extremely low removal rates, they work with families and the director says she is sad when they FAIL and have to remove, imagine that! I think she should be cloned

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